The Player Who Gets Played

The Player Who Gets Played

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
47 ratings
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"Arms up baby, let me play with you. Have you ever been played, Allen?" Her voice was raspy, her breath fanned my ear. Her tits were flat to my chest making me groan. I had never wanted to be fuck so bad in my thirty-five years of living. She took my wrists and wrapped my silk tie on it, she was straddling me. Her pink perky nipples teased my face, making me let out another moan. "Lou baby, just do me alre..." she shut me up by kissing me hard. ***** Nothing prepared him for the one forsaken night he decide to go out clubbing with his buddies. It was the night that he met her, he didn't realize that he had fallen for her right then and there. Allen is a young, successful, filthy rich world champion surfer with a face to match. Louise is smart young business owner, with a group of sassy sidekicks. Can opposites attract? Can their best friends strengthen their feelings?

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Haze Mont
Author is there a soin off story of the other characters in the player who gets played?
2023-02-04 18:13:10
user avatar
it's a very interesting story
2021-11-16 15:25:22
user avatar
J F.
nice story. Check out my new book 'Baby, You Are Mine.' Thank you and much love!!
2021-07-04 07:44:27
user avatar
I loved this story of Louise and Allen! Well done chronicling their falling in love. Liked how you focused on their emotional life and how Allen was such a good man and altogether kind human being. You're writing about their physical connection was tres caliente!!! 😍😊❤💞🔥🔥🔥👏👍
2021-07-03 09:24:50
default avatar
Loved the story!!!
2021-06-17 12:23:16
user avatar
Debra Oka
loved this story very much.
2021-04-14 19:09:56
user avatar
Ro Se
Thumbs up!
2021-03-29 12:42:53
user avatar
Maricar Andura Duran
good....i love the guy the way he xpress his feelings to luo
2021-03-25 05:49:42
user avatar
I loved this book. Keeps you intrigued, laughing, cried, etc.
2021-03-10 03:51:09
user avatar
This is very good. As expected from our fav author. Also anxiety, eating disorder and all is not a small matter guys.
2021-02-26 16:59:38
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Mary Beth Yatsky
I love that all her books have reacuring characters and places
2021-01-10 09:29:00
user avatar
a b
nice story
2021-01-09 07:08:41
user avatar
Alyssa Jarvis
nice story!!
2020-12-27 22:16:48
user avatar
Sonya Scott
Awesome book with awesome characters.
2020-12-22 04:01:10
user avatar
Lilian Mizsei
Great book.
2020-12-20 09:49:44
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38 Chapters
1. A Night Out
"Come on dude, we should celebrate and you should forget about that fancy debutante of yours. You know I smell trouble the first time mom tried to introduce you to her. She looked too happy." My younger brother Winston kept on nagging me, to come to Players tonight. I was actually looking forward to relaxing and drown myself in pity. "Okay...Winnie, but just for a couple of hours okay? I got to go to the beach house tomorrow and air out the house. I need to start my training for my next championship." I said as I start getting my fresh shirt from the walk-in closet. " work too hard. Being an athlete is hard work. I don't get why you're not retiring already? You got your houses and modeling thing already. Why are you so money hungry bro?"
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2. After Player
We were slow dancing to the rave beats for the longest time. Her body was glued to mine and I didn't want to peel myself off of her. "You know that people might think we're crazy slow dancing to this kind of music." "Yeah, we should probably go. You want to get out of here?" she asked smiling sweetly at me. Yeah...obviously anywhere but here... My friends and brother were long gone with her friends and both of our rides. The cool night air greeted us when we reached outside the club. She was still putting on her coat. "Ms. Dixon, please allow me...Mr. Shane Gregory our owner, would like to provide you with our complim
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3. Beachy Feels
We arrived at the beach house just before dawn. I told Sam to get back to the city and rest."I won't be needing you here Sam, but I think mom needs to check on the Vineyard Villa for her charity thing, so she would probably ask for you.""Very well." He said as a goodbye speech for me.Thinking I could never change his behaviour, so I just let him be. He had been working for me, for almost a year now. Myra was the one that suggested the idea, she was all about the socialite lifestyle. Sam was actually the only good thing that comes out of my failed relationship with her.I took my bag inside, and leave everything on the kitchen floor and headed to the master bedroom. Stripping off my clothes, I sighed when my naked back touched the c
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4. The Model
Louise's POVIt had been almost a week since he texted me, and I couldn't bring myself to reply to him. That night was really unexpected for me, I was truly afraid that I had open myself too much. But his demeanour was really easy going, and he didn't leave when there was no sex on the table. Instead he stayed and we talk and kiss until dawn. The model scares me."Louise? are you with us?" Jeff Rowland, one of our board member was calling me out of my thought."Yes, sorry I was thinking that we should hold a charity event. Obviously we need The Technet to raise from the ashes. We'll call it the Phoenix project, or charity. I'm still not sure...what do you think?...."
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5. Photo Shoot
My alarm woke me up at five the next morning. I should've slept earlier but I couldn't resist myself when I saw her text.After almost one week, Goddamn. I start my day with a short morning run, before my photo shoot for the new ad campaign my agent booked me with weeks ago."Allen, you are one good looking stud. I don't know how you keep women away from you." Clara, my trustee manager cheerfully said when she arrived at the scene."Francois darling, do make his bum visible. We want to sell these swim briefs to women and men who would appreciate his beauty."I laughed to her comments. She would have me do this skimpy shoots couple of times a year nearing my championship dat
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6. Coastal Intimacy
"Where's Cherise?" I asked, when I find her alone waiting for me while drinking her coffee. "She thinks she's being cheeky by playing matchmaker and let me spend some alone time with you." She said getting up, and taking her purse with her. I saw the table was clean, her laptop was gone. The black settlement tray was also visible, she had been waiting for me for awhile. "Sorry to keep you waiting." I took her hand to the crook of my arm."'m sure you will repay me in other ways." She was making me laugh again, and we haven't even take a single step forward."Okay, so...we have cinema, bookstore, vintage shops, cake shop, sea shore, and my place. Wh
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7. One time thing
Louise's POVI woke up to an empty bed. My brain was slowly remembering about why he had to leave me before, something about his neighbour.Picking up my phone, I saw the miscalls and finally his text message.Lou, I'm still at the hospital. One of my oldest friend got a heart attack, I'm supporting his wife. She's still in shock. (Allen)Then another text.Hey, so he's in surgery. Still here for his wife. Just make yourself comfortable. Stay the night. (Allen)That was over an hour ago. Wow...he really exhaust me. But I need to get back home and have a spa day with the girls tomorr
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8. After the Sexy
The next day I woke up smelling her on my pillow. Her last text should be an indication, I should feel relieved reading within the fine lines.It was sexy, stating that only. No commitment, nothing more. No future meet.But my hands were itching to reply to her text and last night I finally texted her again, after several corrections and hit send to get it over with.I cursed myself for being such a needy man. Fuck! I should really move on with my life. Alice was at the hospital, I was going to visit them again and make sure she rests. Though I didn't think she would want to go home, luckily I managed to flirt my way to one of the nurses to speed up the process in providing them with the VIP room last night.
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9. Coastal Event
Louise's POVOne week had passed since my sexy encounter with Allen. I didn't reply to his last text message, and he didn't push it as there was no text after his last one.He had probably find a new woman, I doubt that with his good looks he was lacking in that department.Last weekend, me and the girls went out to Players. Each went home with their choice of men, while I was making up a lame excuse saying I was getting back to my parents. Though Sherry saw right through me, but she didn't say anything and just let me be.Today I was at the planned sea side event for Technet. The luxurious bed and breakfast reminded me of my last encounter with Allen.
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10. Possessive Feels
That afternoon, I was already on my routine run along the coast line. I was back to conditioning my body to hit the waves. And I would be starting on my yoga routine again today to strengthen my breathing.I should've start earlier but my mind was not in the game, and it took longer time for me to get my lazy ass off the bed.But I was definitely not expecting to hear a cry for help on my way back home. It was coming from near the pier, just by the bed and breakfast where Randall works at. I could see a man in a suit, he was cornering a woman to the wall. Damn city folks! I can't even have a decent run! It's not even dark yet, people are still walking by and he can't keep his dick in his pants. I started to pick up my
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