When the elevator door suddenly opened. They did not realize that the elevator was working. Fortunately, they are heading to the basement. No one saw them. Naneth stood up. She returned her uniform as if nothing had happened. She fixed her hair and her clothes. Gio walked out first to go straight to his car.

“Naneth!” she stopped at Gio’s call.

“Thank you! That’s what she heard from Gio. She never looked back. She just smiled.

She was in the car when she remembered what happened to them and Gio again. She is annoyed with herself because she can’t control herself every time she is with Gio. She was just stunned when her phone rang.

“Hello, Naneth! This is your auntie Lora. How are you? Naneth, I wish I had a favor for you. Can you send me money, because Lira won’t send it anymore? She told me she was saved because she was about to get married. She also mentioned that she could marry a rich man. Why should she sav

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