“Can you take that hand of yours so I can leave? If you don’t, I step into your adulthood.”

“Oh! I’m not afraid. I can kiss us again.” Gio’s teasing smile.

Kay was about to enter the bar and she was going to the bathroom when she saw Gio talking to a woman. She couldn’t see it very well because the place was dark. She had a different interpretation because she thought they were kissing.

She quickly went to Dominic and Mira.

“Yes! Will you take your hand away or will I shout? ”

“Relax Naneth! I have nothing bad to do with you. I just want to know the real reason you are here? You are still alone. Why aren’t you with Kyla?” Gio asked.

Naneth could no longer answer. She could think of no excuse for what she would answer to Gio. As they hear Dominic calling Gio.

The place next to the bathroom was dark, so what Gio did was he touched Naneth. He put her in the toilet so tha
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