“Hello Dominic, how is your work there in Gio’s company?”

“So far, it is ok mom. Are you and dad okay there? ”

“Yes, we are okay. Don’t worry about us first because we don’t have a problem here. ” His mother Aurora answered.

Dominic went down to the basement to get to his car. He heard a woman talking on the phone.

“Can you tempt me first, you know we can’t. I set you free, didn’t I! And now you want to get back with me, are you crazy? ” said the woman.

Dominic wondered who the woman was talking to. Why is she so angry with her interlocutor. He saw the woman leave quickly with her back turned to take the elevator. Such was his curiosity as to who that woman was. But the woman’s voice was familiar to him but he could not remember where he heard it.

Her phone rang. He saw Robin call.

“Oh! Bro, why were you called? ”<

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