The Silent Scream
The Silent Scream
Author: Welch Phyxion


“Good morning Mom!” I heard my sweet charming prince greeted me as he headed down from the 2nd floor of our mansion still wearing his favorite pajamas designed with marvel heroes.

I am currently cooking our breakfast and preparing the table at the same time. Now you might’ve ask, why do the international and expensive model and a wife of a multi-billionaire cooks? Well, it’s Friday. My husband used to give our 10 maids, 3 chief cook, 15 guards, 3 drivers and 6 gardeners a 24 hours free time to spend. They can go out, hangout, meet their friends or go to the place they wanted to visit without worrying about us. Hadrian used to have that attitude as an American-Emeratis guy. And beside this is the first time I had cooked again for my family since we mostly likes to order foods and have it delivered to us in just a couple of minutes. Rich thing, right?

“How’s your Baba?” I inquired as he pull out his chair and of course my chair and for his Dad. He had been this sweet almost every single seconds in his life. I don't even know what we did in our past life to deserve such a charming and respectful handsome cutie boy like my son.

“Baba’s still sleeping and snoaring like a fat bear." He replied in a sweet tone then reach for a spoon and plate. He is a bit funny I guess, but he never remember to overdue or cross the line. He jokes in a nice and still respectful way.

I flip my sight to the wall clock near the television and saw it’s already pass 7:00 in the morning so I need to wake Hadyy to get ready as we had an important meeting with the CEO of the Treasured Jewel Company for our brand collaboration this coming November.

“Here’s your milk, sweetie guy” He smiled back at me and seems to be blushing a bit to hear me complemented him.

“Thank you Ummi” He replied and take a first sip of his warm milk. Then continue to eat. He has been this silent is as far as I can remember. That's why sometimes I also worried about him whenever I'm abroad for a fashion show then Hadyy is busy with his work that only leaves him to our maids. I wish he had a friend or playmates here. 

“Good morning my gorgeous lazy billionaire” I whispered near his ear and he surprised me as he rounded his arms across my torso and pulled me closer to him. “Oh! naughty billionaire!” He kissed my forehead.

I lift my head and relax my chin on his chest looking at his ever handsome face even in as early as this moment. "I thought you were snoaring like a fat bear."

He sternly hugged me and kissed my cheeks again. "Said who?"

"Our Prince." I felt thrilled the way he whispered something on my ear.

He smiled a little and folded me with the blanket. “Noisy expensive model” He uttered and I just smiled at him. We are like this almost everyday, we like to call each other with different, twisted, and funny names.

“The food is ready. Quick! quick! get up and take a shower then head down, remember that we had an appointment today, Mr. Lazy turtle.” I moved up but he pulled me down again.

Ever since we got married he had always been like this almost every single morning that's why sometimes I just asked our Son, Skye to wake him up cause if it is me, then this always happens.

“I need a cuddle.” He murmured. I just rolled out my eyes with disbelief. Why do he’s becoming lazy like this? He’s never been like this before back when we aren't married yet.

I breathe out heavily “Okay 5 minutes.” I retorted and hugged him tightly. He moved more closer to me and kiss my cheeks again and again.

“15 minutes." He mumbled.

“15 minutes?” I repeated. He hummed as a sign of response. I know that this is again going to be a freaking bad day. I hate rushing things like we are moving in as fast as how the clock tickled. This is not a good idea.

It wakes the resting soul inside me as I hear Skye's voice thunderously echoed all over the mansion. Adrenaline rush spread all over inside me lile a wild fire in the jungle. “Ahhhh!” We swiftly moved out from bed and headed down as we heard our Prince screamed for the second time loudly like he had never did before.

I’d almost fall down from the stairs as I saw my innocent son wiping the blood on his forehead. I also saw the broken glass window next to where he is sitting covering his ear with his hands. It is as if the window was hit by a bullet but I didn't hear any firing thing, even my husband I supposed.

“What happened, baby?” I swiftly ran towards him and hug him tightly while my hands are busy grabbing some tissue on the table and opening some cabinets to look for the first aid kit.

“Ahh!” My baby Skye screamed again as we heard another stoning things which I think broke the large mirror in the living room.

I tried my best to calm my Son. “Just stay right here sweetie. Please take cover okay?” Hadrian ran to the living room to see what’s going on there. It’s only the three of us inside this mansion as of this moment so basically no one can come to rescue me. And it was my bad that calling the police didn't came into my head and instead continue to look for the first aid kit. I hardly panicking the way I see my Son continue to bleed.

I’d finally found the first aid kit and grab the tissue blotting the blood on his forehead.

"Ummi, what's going on?" He inquired in an almost whispered tone. I pity my poor innocent Son for experiencing this in his early age. I don't know what's going around and who are these people behind these heinous trespassing things. I also can't remember insulting or having a bad blood with anyone as far as I can remember.

I really can’t remember having an issue with anyone. I couldn't calm myself but asked, why this is happening? I suddenly heard a loud exclaimed. I covered Skye’s ear and pulled his head gently to my chest.

“Just relax sweetie, Baba’s only playing with our guards” I lied in order to calm my shaking scared Son. Then suddenly I heard again a thunderous growled followed by a single fire of bullet. My body started to shake not knowing what’s going on but I need to go check out what's going on. I need to help my husband. They had gun, and I’m pretty sure that they’re only after our property.

I looked at my Son’s eyes holding his tears not to fall and cry silently that I didn’t even notice. It hurts my feeling as his Mom for failing to protect our baby.

“Please my sweetie boy, do follow what Ummi’s going to say okay?” I whispered while holding his cheeks side by side. He slowly nodded and tears continued to flow from his innocent eyes.

“Go upstairs and locked your room, don’t open your room not unless it’s me or your Baba calling you, okay?” He nodded for the second time. We slowly stand and he sneaked upstairs while I’m watching him get inside. I just removed my sight the moment I finally saw him closed his door.

“Bang!” Another shot of gun coming from the living room. I’d rushed to help my husband bringing a baseball bat on my right hand.

I saw a guy pointing his gun at my husband and without hesitation I straught him on his back resulting for him to lost conscious.

“What are you doing here, honey?” He inquired. I grab his right arm to help him stand when I saw that he got hit on his left ankle.

“How many of them are here? And who are they?” I asked in a very fast way of talking then grab a gun owned by the guy I hit and hand it to Hadyy.

“Baba!” We heard again a loud screamed of Skye coming from his room. We looked at each other and ran swiftly upstairs without uttering a words. I don't know what's going around? Why are they all around the mansion? It's driving me crazy that I can't find the answer for all the questions popping on my brain.

“Stay away from us!” I shouted to a two guy trying to destroy the door knob of my Son. As soon as they saw us they rushes to attack me while the other one goes to Hadrian.

“Ahh!’ I groaned to pain as this strange guy pushes me hardly to our round glass table. My body were completely full of scratches and blood. I can even feel a piece of glass inside my stomach, but I stand again and grab him away as they’re both punching my poor husband.

“You don’t really know when to hide you useless woman!” His voice seems to be familiar to me. I started to look at his eyes as it is the only part of his face that is uncovered with his black head mask. I can’t go wrong he’s really familiar.

“Kill her dude! I think she recognized you already.” Said by the other guy who’s continuously kicking my husband on his back. The familiar guy gradually pointed his gun at me. They say that our body reacts in a three different way on how we felt our environment specially when it smells something dangerous is going to happened. We think of fighting even if we really can't, but sometimes we allso felt to flight the moment when we saw that we are outnumbered. And the last one but not very common is freezing.

And right now I think I am as I stand like a statue just next to him not knowing what to do. His voice is stuck in my head trying to remember his familiar voice.

“Honey!” Hadyy screamed over trying to warn me as this strange guy slowly pulled the trigger of his pistol.


Everything came to an end.

My happy like a fantasy world that's envied by most people ended as I saw my husband prone on the floor... on his blood, looking at me with a tears on his eyes yet still drawing a sweet goodbye smile on his lips it's saying that he is happy to do that.

His blood started to flow from his head ‘till it reaches the bare feet of mine. A single drop of tear fall from my eyes mixed with his blood.

My happiness, my world, the half part of me, just like that they take him away from me for granted and killed him without any further reason. 

Still standing quietly on my foot with my teary eyes looking at the bloody body of my husband when I heard a sound of the door opening slowly. My brain started to work again and my heart started to beats more faster as I saw them turned their head to my Son. Not my prince! I can kill, and I am willing to die for him. Especially now that Hadrian are already lying on his blood, I don't think I still had reasons to live.

I swiflty ran to their direction and forcefully tried to snatched the gun from the familiar guy, who is that moment is the only one who had gun witb him.

He’s strong that I failed to take away the gun off his hand.


A thunderous strong slap landed on my face but it didn't hurt me even a bit. I feel injected with anesthesia all over my face that I can't even feel it.

“Run! run as further as you can, sweetie!” I shouted to my Son and he followed what I said then headed down swiftly.

The other guy tried to follow him. For the second time I attempted to take the gun out from the strange guy who slapped me, and this time I succeed as I was able to snatched the gun from him and shot the other guy who tried to follow my son. A breathe of relief as I saw him fall down after I hit him on his right thigh resulting for him to fall down from the stairs, from one step until he reaches the ground floor that results him to die-maybe.

“Ugh!" I groaned to pain as a strong punch landed on me that almost ruined my face and broke my teeth coming from the familiar guy. My sight started to get dizzy and unclear but I’m fighting and grab the familiar guy’s left leg to stop him from moving away. I need to save my Son, he should stay alive and be free. 

As I continued to hold his thigh while he continued to pull up his pants, a dragon tattoo on his left ankle appeared. I widen my eyes to really look at it to remember. This is a strong evidence and mark that could help me find him if ever I can make it and survive. But everything come to an end when a strong kicked landed right on my face making me totally lost conscious and everything turned black. The saddest part of my life started.

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