The following day, I woke up to Aria cuddling me. I did my morning stretches and got ready for work. I showered, washed my hair, brushed my teeth, and dressed without waking her. I quietly went out the door. Posters were hung everywhere outside; what was going on?

Missing Person:

Was last seen yesterday evening. If you know about this, don't hesitate to get in touch with the police right away.

Three, that's three people taken. This is getting out of hand. I wiped my ID when I entered the building and headed up to the top floor. Once those doors opened, chaos brewed.

"Ellie, good morning. Kaylee is waiting for you in the office. She is having a meeting for everyone." The secretary said as she gestured to the tinted glass door. Not knowing what I would walk into, my eyes widened when I saw every staff member on this floor.

"What's going on? Did I miss something?" I asked.

"Staff meeting; you can take a seat at your desk Ells," Kaylee said as she sat at the desk. "As you guys can see tha
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