~ A year later ~

The sound of an alarm woke me up. I sat up, stretched my sore body, and looked around the room. I saw Kevin clinging to me. "Don't go, babe, please," he pouted and whined.

"I have to work, Kev. I wish I could stay and give you the attention you need, but I must go."

"Why do I always have days off when you work? Not fair." He pouted. With his cute reaction, I kissed him on the forehead and got up for work. While I was in the bathroom, there was something in the mirror. "Something bothering you, my dear sister?" Evan's voice rang out. I spit my water out and stared at my brother's reflection in the glass.

"Yeah. I'm alright."

He walked forward and gave me a "Are you sure" look as he placed his hand on my shoulders. I nodded my head. I wiped extra toothpaste from my mouth and explained it had been a year, and things still felt uneasy. With his warming smile, he ensured everything would be alright. There was nothing to worry about as Brad is dead. I don't need to be afraid
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