~ Evan ~

I coughed up a black mucus as I got back to my feet. “You girls okay?” I asked. They nodded and dusted themselves off. When everything cleared enough, we saw the stairs engulfed in flames. Panic mode began to corrupt me as I tried to devise a plan.

Jennie told me about a back door as he took Ellie and Aria through. She needs to lead the way then. Our lungs were filled with smoke; if we didn’t leave soon, we would die from inhalation. We moved objects out of our way. Once we found light, we rushed out.

The black smoke entered the skies, making them cloudy. Another explosion occurred, causing us to lose our balance. Metal and car parts went flying in the air. I covered the girls as they came down. I hope the others made it out in time.

“EVAN!!” Brandon ran to me with a hug. He cried in my arms as I hugged him back. John and Kaylee went to help the injured.

“Is everyone okay?” Kaylee asked.

We all shook our heads at the question. Kaylee searches around to see Ellie, and Aria is
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