~ Kevin ~

~ After Ellie’s Capture ~

My vision was blurry as I opened my eyes. I viewed the area. I didn’t know where I was, so I began to move around. A rattling sound was heard, and my movement felt constricted. “You’re awake! I thought you would never open your eyes. Hello,” a strange voice said.


“Ding ding, you are right! Now come on down and get a prize.” The guy said as he walked up to me. He started playing in my hair. “So nice and soft,” he stated while sniffing it. The person backed up and stared at me. The room was tense as he kept his eyes still. The guy introduced himself as Minho.

“What happened to me?? Where am I?!?!” I squirmed around to get the chains loose, but it was useless. Minho chuckled; he thought I was cute for trying. He got a chair and sat in front of me. My body shakes in fear as he tells me about this place.

“This is my area to relax. I monitor things here while Brad is away. Like my own little office, nice, isn’t it.” He licked his lips and smiled. W
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