~ Ellie ~

The moon sets, and the sun rises. I woke up in an uncomfortable bed. I wanted to cry as I glanced around my cell. It felt like a dream yesterday. When I looked down, I noticed I was only in my undergarments. When did this happen? Screams were heard from outside my door.


Aria!! That was Aria!! I hopped out of bed but fell straight to the ground. My ankles were chained up. I dragged myself to the door and peeked out. Aria was lying on a metal bed in the middle of the room, with Brad sitting beside her with tools.

“Stay still; this will be over in a minute.”

I couldn’t see clearly. But I knew I had to do something. “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!!” I yelled out. My words caught his attention. My eyes blinked once, and he was standing at my cell door. His look had changed; his eyes were cloudy. It had a hint of red in them. He pushed the bars to shut me up.

“Surprised that you are awake. Not sore, Ells? I see why Kevin stays with you— your body feels so good. Being
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