~ Evan ~

“What are we looking for?” Kaylee said as he hid behind a wall.

“Anything suspicious? If this is not the place, we are screwed, honestly.”

We slowly enter the area, looking around to see if anyone is there. The junkyard did have that rust smell like Aria described. My boss paused her movements and ducked down; she pointed to a lit area and a person.

“The hell? Where did he come from?” I said.

Kaylee quickly moved my mouth to shut me up. I gave her a dirty look, and she removed her hand. We didn’t see him stroll in– so how did he appear like that?? A second later, he is talking to someone, but who?? We wanted to get close, but we kept our distance for now. Brad began to walk towards this large metal container. You wouldn’t notice it at first until you see it from a different angle. “It’s probably where they keep old parts; let’s wait until he returns,” Kaylee mentioned.

Brad exited the container and came out empty-handed. We should take a look because that is where they are hi
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