~ Ellie ~

We heard a loud snap from above us. The wire splits in half, sending Evan to his demise. I saw my brother’s body flying straight up with the object. The impact is going to be deadly; I know it.

“EVAN!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Aria told me not to move as this rope could end like that. Controlling my movements, tears rolled down my face. I shut my eyes.

The elevator smashed into pieces. How did I know? Brawling my eyes out, my body went limp. My only sibling is gone. “Oops, wrong rope,” Brad chuckles. My hands balled into a fist as I started to shake. The laugh needs to shut the fuck up!!!

Rapid footsteps were heard, and Minho’s body went flying next to Brad. Where did this officer come from, Brad thought to himself. With his cameras around, he can pinpoint where everyone is at. Good.

“Drop your weapon now!!” he yelled.

Even though I could see a little, Brad placed his rifle down; then his hands went up in the air. While doing so, he lifts a lever which releases Ari
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