The Writer's Path

The Writer's Path

By:  Inker  Ongoing
Language: English
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Here is your full guidance on walking on the path of writing~ If you are a new writers, check here! If you are a well developed writer...check anyway!

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Dear all I'm Inker, an editor with GoodNovel. It's a pleasure to meet you here, and I'm sure you are reading this because you want to be a writer. Maybe you want to make money over words, maybe you just have a great idea for a story that you want to share. No matter what brings you here, we offer you the same destination: Making your own name as a writer, and making good money~ For both of those goals, you will need to polish your skills and put in work and time and effort, not for me nor for the platform, but for your readers. They are the ones you are responsible for, and the are the ones you have to satisfy with quality content, and great care. Please read on if you are ready for this journey. Inker Reach me here if you are looking for a way to get on this journey Catalogue In this book, I want to answer some of the most asked questions, and share some thoughts on writing while I'm at it, so... The Million Dollar QuestionS That Writing Term You Don't
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The Million Dollar QuestionS
Q1 How to make money with my fiction?There are only a few things you CAN do in this career: to write, to modify, to publish.When you have an idea but your editor doesn’t like it, your chance of making money off your work is:Not write …You guessed it: prove the editor wrong with good workIn short, you won't get paid if you don't write, but if you can get to high quality eventually, not even a non-exclusive offer can stop you from making a real profit.We are building a platform for all writers and readers for the exact same reason: we want everyone to have a chance of giving their writing dream a try, and even if you think your editor is on your way, the readers are there to
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