Myan shook her head and went on her knees. "My lord!"

For a second, he was startled by the unexpected move and stared blankly at her.

"I..I can't." She shook her head, deciding that she was not going to hold back anymore. She wasnt going to allow him have his way especially when she was only a virgin.

Ash did not care about her words, leaned closer and pulled her up by the wrist, "what are you talking about?" He asked her in a low voice, wondering if her shyness was the reason behind her sudden act.

"I've never had a man down there, you look like your member would be damaging, I'm weak enough as it is." She had no idea how she was finding the grace to talk without fearing any possible consequences, but she was doing it anyway.

"Hm." He let go of her, staring at her scornfully. Why did he even want to have his way with a servant anyways?

He turned around to leave the room, his hands be

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