Myan knew that crying was pointless but she couldn't help herself, although it was especially uncomfortable to see through glossy eyes and being unable to wipe her tears, she let it fall down her cheeks.

The royal entourage were dressed in a fancy attire and even though they couldn't see her face through the beaded facial fence, she could easily read the discomfort in their eyes, 

seeing through those fake smiles and pretense.

As was tradition, four guards bowed beside each corner of a mat that was sewn onto a square shaped wood. It resembled a carriage, except it had no roof,  they referred to it as a Typh.

Her servants helped her on to it. Myan wasn't used to having things done for her and found it extremely foreign. The guards lifted the carriage onto their shoulders and began to move to the event while drummers and dancers escorted them to the courtyard. There was so much merriment and it accompanied di

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