Three Faces of Rea: Epiphany

Three Faces of Rea: Epiphany

This is a 《kpop idol》 fanfiction

By:  Sartika Primastidya  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jin was so surprised when the CEO at his company worked, Mr. Pangestu suddenly held a series of tests to replace him in the CEO position as well as being the husband of Rea's only daughter. Not alone, Jin and three other people fought for the same position. But that's not the case, what happened was that after being successfully elected as CEO and married to Rea, Jin had to compromise with Rea's two other personalities, Gia and Uri. Yes, Rea suffers from dissociative personality disorder or common people call it multiple personality. Will Jin be able to live his life as a husband? Will Rea be able to unite her two personalities and start a normal life again?

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5 Chapters
The fast footsteps were heard in the hallway of a well-known ceramics company in Indonesia, PT. Glomic. Black loafers that look very clean and shiny. Black suit with white shirt and tie. Glancing briefly at his watch, it was already five minutes more than the supposed invitation time."Shit!" The footsteps grew stronger and immediately opened the meeting room door in front of him.Sure enough, the CEO of the company, Mr. Pangestu had arrived and stared intently at the entrance where the man was standing. Beside him sat the trusted secretary of Mr. Estu, Mrs. Ifa."I'm sorry Mr. Estu, I'm late, I was ad-""I don't need to hear your excuses. You know there's no reason for them to be late." The boss, who prefers to be called Mr. Estu, interrupted the conversation."Sorry sir." said the voice. Only with the big boss's hand instructions asked him to sit down and he just obeyed. Immediately he sat in the chair at the end of the meeting with the oval tabl
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Wedding Plan
"Dad has arranged everything. You can meet them in the near future. Dad hopes you can meet one of your soul mates among them, okay?" Mr. Estu put his spoon and fork on the plate after taking the last spoonful. Smiling sweetly at the princess who was still busy chewing her food."I-I'm not sure. What if they don't like me? What if they run away when they find out about Gia and Uri?” Rea spoke again with her pale white face that couldn't hide her big eyes, tiny pointed nose, and thin lips."You don't have to worry kid. You are dad's beautiful daughter, very kind and talented too. Dad is sure that one of them will be sincere and like you." said the father."That's right. The most important thing is that we focus on your treatment. After all, your treatment must continue even though mom and dad are not here. "The mother also spoke up."Yeah, why don't you just find a nurse? They can accompany me for treatment?” Rea was actually very doubtful about
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Jin was sitting on the terrace like any other night. Sipping the mother's milk coffee. Sitting across from his father who was busy assembling fishing rods. Several times greeting neighbors who passed by, whether men, women, even small children, almost one housing area there knew Jin because of his friendly personality, of course he was also handsome. Luckily, although not a wealthy family, Jin who still has a little Korean blood from his grandmother, has clean skin as white as milk. His face is also handsome with a tall body although thin but broad shoulders just like his father."Are you serious, dad? Want to fish again?” Jin asked his father who is a retired private employee who is now busy filling his old days with fishing."Yes, tomorrow morning I want to go with my friends to the sea." Answered the father who nodded in response to the son.Paying attention to the son who looks restless and daydreaming a lot that night."Why do you have so much
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Gia and Uri
“Mommyyyy..” A deafening voice came from outside.Who else will call herself mommy if not Uri. Yes or what everyone knows of course is Rea's third personality."Why Ri? Why did you come and scream?" Asked Mrs Wulan who was reading tabloids in the living room of their house with her husband, Mr. Estu.Uri plopped down on the sofa next to her mother. Opening the leather jacket that made him sultry."How can mommy let Uri go out wearing clothes like this? Bring a really big motorbike again. Mommy knows I can't ride a motorbike. Ihh.." Uri grumbled spoiled.Mr. Estu, who was reading his company documents, was surprised."So where's the motorbike, Ri?" Ask Mr. Estu."That's Uri put in front of the fence. People might have already taken it. The key is there I can't take it." So relaxed Uri talk."What?" Mr. Estu immediately ran to the outside of the yard."I've called hin several times but he's not picking up. I'm
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Test Day
The next morning, Rea woke up. She had forgotten everything that happened yesterday. She went to the tattoo studio and got three tattoos for three customers as Gia. Or the action of dropping the motorbike and leaving it lying in front of the house fence as Uri. Immediately opened her laptop to read the other personality's diary. Smiling to herself seeing Uri's annoyance there. Of course she already knew about the tiger tattoo and had threatened Gia not to get another tattoo. Not too surprised anyway it's not the first time because Gia has made several tattoos before. Image of a girl wearing a mask that is on her right chest. Also the name of Rea's parents on his left arm, Wulanestu. Rey could only shake her head. Those who don't know may think they are drug dealer or something."Ah. Almost forgot about that one. I haven't told them about," Rea started typing.The matchmaking plan. Yes Gia and Uri don't know it yet and will definitely respond to this news in a different
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