True Mate

True Mate

By:  Amber Rawlings  Ongoing
Language: English
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Austin is the Beta of a thriving pack currently in a growth phase. He is about to turn 26 years old and still hasn't found his second chance mate so he will soon start looking for a love match. After being crushed on his 18th birthday by the rejection of his first mate he has continued to save himself in hopes that he will be one of the lucky few to get a second chance. Andrew is lower then an Omega. He is the lowest ranking wolf in a pack that they don't even have a term for them. All pack members are important but as his rank never moves up he never expected to have a mate nor aim for anything more then what he was. He knew young he was gay and after his stupid cousin rejected Beta Austin as his mate 8 years ago, killing Xavier instantly, his parents aren't as homophobic but he can't wait to know for sure he doesn't have a mate so he can get away from here. He just wants to find a nice man to settle down with away from his crazy family and pretend he isn't even a werewolf. No wolf would want a useless runt like him anyways.

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38 Chapters
Time to Give Up
AustinToday is my 26th birthday and I will now start dating with the thought of finding a love match. I was not lucky enough to have a second chance mate so now I will try to find someone on my own and mark them as mine. It is not as strong as a mated bond but I will love them with all my heart. I am the Beta of my pack and I need to show that the hand I have been given does not have to mean I can't lead our warriors well. I want a family and a love so much and I am ready for this. I did have a mate but that was a blight on my life. I was about to turn 18 and take over as Beta. On our 18th birthdays Betas and Alphas are given a mate by the Moon Goddess. Other pack members have mates but they can come a little later as mates are within a few years of age of each other. Our mates are specifically picked by the Goddess for us based on our strengths and weaknesses and are usually within a certain physical proximity to each other, hence why most families do not move around much once they
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AndrewIt is interesting to be me. After cousin Xavier died my parents didn't tell me much but I did ask around. My parents used to think like my aunt and uncle but after the investigation they have given in a bit and realize that same sex mates are real. They still are homophobic bastards but they are not as enraged by the concept as they used to be. The interesting part is that they seem to be willing to accept that I like men if the Moon Goddess says it is okay but not if I say so. I have had one boyfriend, Trent, in my life and Judith, my best friend, knew about him. She even encouraged me to go out with him as long as I gave her all of the details. I really liked him and Judith was shocked when I broke up with him. I never told her the real reason we broke it off. We got along really well. He was my first kiss. He was my first hand job and my first attempt at giving a very crappy blowjob too. He was not very large in that area but he kept trying to control my head and pus
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Tread Lightly
AustinHe looks so much like Xavier that I can't stop staring. He also looks very young. To young to have already have lost a mate. He is very small. Smaller then any adult male pack member I have ever seen. He is beautiful, just like Xavier was. Now that my wolf has recognized him his scent is overwhelming me and he smells delicious. Like apples and cinnamon. Why didn't I smell him before?He looks almost scared and my heart starts beating fast. I don't think I can survive another rejection. This cannot happen again. I reached out for him and he flinched at first but let me touch his cheek gently. I could see that his wolf was right at the surface trying to take over. He must have been looking for me. I find myself wondering how long ago he lost his mate and why I don't seem to know him. "What is your name?""An..Andrew Beta Austin." He tilted his head down in a sign of respect and submission, his brown hair falling into his face. "How long has it been since you lost your mate?" H
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Andrew"Don't get mad and hear me out." That is how Judith started our conversation this morning after I got to school. I really wanted to talk to her about what happened last night with Beta Austin because I was literally reeling right now but with a start like that I don't know where to go from here. I haven't mentioned to anyone yet that he is my mate. "Okay..." She looks nervous but dives right in, speaking so fast I have a hard time concentrating."So I know you have asked me before why I would have ever approached you on that first day of high school and why I would stick with you all these years. First let me tell you that you are my best friend and nothing that made me approach you that first day changes how much I love you and never want to not be your best friend. So Alpha Elijah asked me to approach you and befriend you so I could protect you and take care of you all those years ago. Now I can see your face right now and I just need you to let me talk and get this al
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Date Night
AustinMy wolf has been antsy since we left Andrew last night; worrying that he might harm himself or reject us, I imagine. I have been trying to concentrate on the border shuffle updates on my desk but I don't think I have made any headway. Elijah enters my small office just off of his to see what I am up to and he immediately notices that I look tired and withdrawn."What is wrong, Austin?""Well I didn't want to say anything because I want to give him time but I found my second chance mate last night." I note that Elijah does not look shocked at all, which seems odd."Oh, and who is he, you did say 'him', correct?""Why don't you look surprised at all? What aren't you telling me, Elijah?""Okay, so I am going to assume that your mate is Andrew Phillips, correct? I suspected it might be him years ago and have had a guard protecting him for me, and you, in hopes that it was him. Remember that theory we found about the Moon Goddess assigning a relative in error as a mate and you dismi
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Proving a Bond
AustinI don't know how I made it through that dinner of small talk without marking him right there in front of everyone. Everything about Andrew had my wolf screaming for him. But as I was realizing my human side was so aroused by him it was intoxicating. I have next to no experience and all I want to do is kiss him and do all kinds of unmentionable things to him. I have had a few kisses in my life since that first chaste kiss with Xavier all those years ago. None were initiated by me as I wanted to wait for my mate and only one could be considered enjoyable as it was a woman that I actually found very attractive that I was hoping to date as a potential love match if I didn't find my second chance mate. As we left the restaurant Andrew walked close to me without touching me and I found myself swinging my arms in such a way to try and brush it against his. I felt like a teenager with a crush. I had butterflies in my stomach as I kept stealing glances at the top of his head. He never
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Meeting the Parents
AndrewI was so nervous when Anastasia placed her fingers on our temples but holding Beta Austin's hands seemed to calm me down. The tingling from her test, or whatever it is called, was uncomfortable but not terrible. When I heard her gasp I was expecting the worst. I was confused for a second by what I was seeing and as she spoke I started to understand that our bond was unique and special not just because it was bright without the mark but because it was white. I have no idea what that means but she seemed very excited about it. Alpha Elijah immediately called my parents to join us in his office. I was so nervous because I had no idea what to expect. I didn't even tell them I had a mate. They knew nothing of what they were walking into. I asked Alpha Elijah if we could start with just him and I talking to my parents and Beta Austin looked hurt but they both nodded and Beta Austin said he understood. He left with Anastasia to wait in his office attached to the Alpha's office. When
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Moving in Together
AustinI could tell that Andrew was upset by what happened but also very nervous. I have two spare rooms in my area in the pack house and one has an ensuite so I will give him that space as his. I'm sure as we get to know each other we will share a room but with our situation I don't want to make him uncomfortable. To be honest I am also doing this for myself. Most mates mark and mate within the first few days of realizing they are bonded but I have been saving myself for so long and never thought I would find my mate so arousing on a human level that I am a bit scared to mess this all up. He is so small and fragile looking but also feisty that I am not sure where to even start. My wolf keeps trying to push forward and take over but I don't just want to dominate my mate, I want to love him. I explained to Andrew that the building teams would close off our space over the next few days leaving us with three bedrooms, a full kitchen, living room, den, office, and eating nook. I gave him
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AndrewJudith arrived first thing in the morning with all of my things. I don't think she forgot a single thing. She even took the food from the kitchen that my parents had bought for me because I liked it. She had two helpers with her so everything was brought up quickly. She laughed when she saw what I was wearing and directed me to shower and change while she started putting my things away in my room so I picked out one of my favourite outfits and did as I was told. I really wanted to talk to her about what Austin told me last night because it confused me. When I was done I came out to find just a few boxes sitting at the foot of the bed for me to go through and all of my clothes were tucked away. Today was Saturday so we had some time to chat. "I need to ask you some things about Austin because I clearly do not know as much about him as I thought." She raised an eyebrow at me and nodded for me to continue. "Uhhh... he mentioned something that made me a bit nervous. I don't know
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This is My Mate
AustinIt felt so good to be so close to Andrew with our skin touching but I really had no idea what I was going to do from here. Andrew clasped my hands that were on his stomach in his hands and moved them to his hips as he slowly turned around. His hair was already wet from standing in the water so his brown hair with red highlights appeared darker and longer, slicked back from his face. He looked up at me and used his hands to pull my head to his face and began kissing me softly. My member instantly jumped to life at the intimate contact. Andrew's left hand stayed on the back of my head, him on his tip toes and me arched down to reach him while his right hand trailed down my pecks. He stopped at my nipples and tweaked them until they raised to attention while deepening our kiss. He removed his mouth from mine and kissed his way down my jaw to my neck where he will place his mark. He licked the area a few times, sending electricity through my body straight to my member. He released
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