Chapter 11 - A glimpse

“Look at these pictures, unnie! This was Oppa when he was my age.” Nauen giggled as they browsed through old albums in the living room.

“Oh! This is in Luneta Park, I’ve been there multiple times.”

“Really?” Mrs. Lee asked. “Suho liked going to that park.”

“Look, imo! This is me!” showing the picture of a small behind their family picture, holding a toy plane.

“So, you’re the little girl Suho was talking about when he was younger. He kept looking for you whenever we went there.”

“Me too. Cause I wanted to give him back his toy. It seems precious to him.”

“It is. His father gave that to him.”

“What a small world.”

Hana left around 10 in the evening, carrying several Tupperware of food that Mrs. Lee packed for her.

Suho watched the window across his room lit up.

That’s when he knew she was home safe and sound.

Filled with inspiration, he took out his sketchbook and began drawing what transpired that evening. Sketching Hana in full details as she smiled, played with Naeun
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