When Lightening Strikes

When Lightening Strikes

By:  Kataya Moon  Ongoing
Language: English
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Demi Lockheart doesn't believe in love. Her whole life the one man she ever had contact with was her father. A man that treated her as if she was only a hinderance. Abused and feeling useless she would rather never fall in love. Scorned by love she doesn't give her heart to just one person. or any person truthfully. Shaped by her youth she grows up to be a in the entertainment industry, where she meets Porter. A man that was just enough to hide her wild ways, possibly taming her to be a respectable woman. Zaine was the only one that loved and accepted Demi as herself. By her side through it all. It hurt him when she left. He made decisions that weren't for the best, hindering his talent. Fast forward to her birthday party, surrounded by industry friends and her best friend, a gift that brings her past back to her present. Will the past finally win her heart? Will she go back to her wild ways and want it all? Or will she stick with the safe and unhappy path? Only time will tell. "How did it come to this? She looked in the mirror, seeing the grimace on her reflection. Her heart torn in pieces because of what happened. Victoria, her long-time friend came to pat her on the shoulders. There were no words that needed to be exchanged. The two of them had been friends since their elementary school days. They knew what the other was thinking without having to say it. Demi leaned her head against her shoulder staring at their reflection. A decision needed to be made. It had to be made but why was it so hard when all she really wanted to do was love and be loved in return."

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35 Chapters
How did it come to this? She looked in the mirror, seeing the grimace on her reflection. Her heart torn in pieces because of what happened. Victoria, her long-time friend came to pat her own the shoulders. There were no words that needed to be exchanged. The two of them had been friends since their elementary school days. They knew what the other was thinking without having to say it. Demi leaned her head against her shoulder staring at their reflection. A decision needed to be made. It had to be made but why was it so hard when all she really wanted to do was love and be loved in return.She thought about the two men in question, Zaine her first love. A guy that she was inherently horrible to. Even as a young teen she couldn’t recognize the signs at the time but now that she was older. She knew her way to self-love was harmful to those around her. Yet he continued to love her for all that she was. At the time she thought that made him weak. Told him as much to hurt him
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Red Hat
It was summertime, the start of eight grade was on the horizon. Victoria came over to check on her best friend Demi. The two girls had been best friends since the third grade. Victoria knocked on the door to see Michelle open the door. “Heyo big sis, is my bestie here?”Michelle stood in the doorway with her arms folded across her chest. She was the more beautiful sibling between the four of them. Demi’s older sister, the one that received majority of the attention from her mom. Michelle rolled her eyes at Victoria before moving to the side. “She’s in her room. Don’t stay too long, we have places to go in an hour or so.”Victoria ignored her, they always had to go places when it came to Michelle needing things. She was just a couple years older than demi. Victoria headed straight to the back of the house and turned right. There Demi was in her room looking out the window with a dazed look in her eyes. Victoria went to sit next
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Kieran knew she would be hard to placate when she was upset like this. He still went in to hug her. She was stiff in his arms. When he released her from his grasp he got on his knees. “Can you ever forgive me? I’m trying to keep my jealousy in check but how can I when you’re so gorgeous and precious?” Demi followed her family into their Volvo. It was the latest model but she hated it. Mostly because she had to be the one to sit in the very back, aka the trunk. Michelle always sat in the seat right behind their father. Her little sister Miami would sit behind their mother. Her twin sisters Madison and Melanie were too young to be in the middle seats they always had the back. Her parents could afford a better car, they just choose not to. Demi climbed in the trunk to take her seat. She knew it was going to be an uncomfortable ride. When Michelle wanted to go out, they indulged her. She always wanted to go shopping. The rule always applied to her; the middle child is the forgot
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They ended up spending several hours in the mall. They didn’t leave until nearly closing time. Michelle managed to bilk her parents for hundreds of dollars. The twins even managed to get in a couple hundred dollars each. Demi wanted to be upset by how her parents don’t bat an eyelash when spending so much money on her siblings but would him and haw over her wanting things she needed, such as feminine hygiene products or things that were necessary, like bras and underwear. By the time they had gotten all the bags in the car Demi, barely had room in the cramped trunk. They pulled off and headed home until Michelle spoke up. “Daddy, we haven’t had anything to eat. Stop at McDonald’s or Burger King. Please?” “Sure thing Pumpkin. I’ll get you all something to eat.” Hearing that made Demi feel as if they wouldn’t forget her this time. That gave her reason to smile. They pulled into the drive-thru and he placed their order. Unfortunately, they did it again. Instead
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The two girls kept chatting away when a started to walk past. He had a red baseball cap on, denim shorts that went past his knees, a long blue shirt, and earrings in his ears. He was tall. Instantly Demi felt as if she was struck by lightning. Her heart started to beat faster. Victoria saw the way Demi looked at him. Her mouth was slightly ajar. Demi slowly licked her lips. The guy seen from his peripheral how she reacted to him. He wanted to say something to her but just raised his hand in a small wave. Demi’s brain started running with thoughts. She knew him, knew his name. He was just outside the edge of her fence when his name came to her, she called out to him. “Zaine?” He stopped right there, taking off his hat to reveal his dark brown eyes, thick hair, and a smile that went on for days. “Hey, Demi. You’re up early.” “I’m an early bird what can I say. You look um really cute today.” “Thank you. Thank you. You look beautiful too.” She qui
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The two girls walked over to the field as they got closer, they could see it was the same group of guys that passed by her house the day before. They looked at each other and wanted to turn around until Demi looked and noticed Zaine was up to bat next. Victoria noticed the longing look in her eyes. She sighed. Her voice was low when spoke. “Just five minutes alright?”Demi tried to play off as if she didn’t know what Victoria was talking about. “What?”“You know what I mean. Just a few minutes.”“Well, if you insist.”“I don’t we can leave. It’s too hot to be outside like this. I would much rather be sitting somewhere eating ice cream.”“Oh.” She looked back at the field waiting for Zaine to go up to the plate.“We can stay.”“Mmm.”Victoria shook her head while rolling her eyes. She watched the guys play baseball a
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New house
The twins sat there in shock. Demi waited, maybe it wasn’t as bad as she was letting her mind think. Michelle she was the first one to explode. She stood up irate. Yelling at her parents. “What do you mean we’re moving? Moving where?”Their mother refused to answer the questions, leaving it for their dad to explain. “We’re still going to be staying in the same city. We just need to downsize. That’s all.”“OK, so I don’t lose my friends but what about school? Do we have to transfer?”He reached out placing a hand on the top of her head and shoulder. “No, we’ll still be in the district.”That calmed Michelle down long enough to agree to it. Demi had questions but wasn’t sure if they would listen to her. “Dad? When do we move?”“We need you to pack everything up that you can. We’re moving soon.”She was afraid he would say that. He was always hardest on her. She made it a point to tell Victoria when she has the chance. “OK then.”Her parents left the living room to
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With Victoria helping her out with the packing she managed to get not only the twins room packed up but hers and their parents. There were things in her parents room she never ever wanted to see again. She naturally assumed adults were weird. The only rooms left to take care of were the living room and kitchen. The sun was still out, it was only about five when they took to the streets.Demi couldn’t help but hug her best friend as they walked over to her house. “Vic I don’t know what I would do without you.”“Luckily, you will never have to find out. Stay the night at my house tonight.”“Are you saying what I think you mean?”“You goddamn right I am. Sleepover.”“Home cooked meal or junk on top of junk?”“Let’s ask mom first. You should call your parents and ask them too. OK?”“You know they may say no but I’ll try.”It
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Demi followed Victoria out of her bedroom. The girls walked in on her mom while on a phone call. Demi could tell just by the way she looked, who she was talking to. The shrill sound of her mother’s voice came through the speaker. She just knew that they would tell her to come back home. Victoria could see the worry forming on her brow. She hugged her close.Maxine hated talking to this woman, she knew they treated Demi as if she was the unwanted stepchild but couldn’t prove anything. “Mrs. Lockhart, Demi explained to me that you will be moving soon. I figured it would be best for them if they had a sleepover this weekend. Victoria and I will truly miss having her around.”“Whatever. I’ll be glad when we don’t have to live so close to you anymore.” She ended the call.Maxine rolled her eyes while she placed her phone face down on the counter. She seen the girls standing there with hopeful gazes. She clapped her hand
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Just as she was about to make breakfast her parents came out of their room. She knew it wasn’t going to be good. Her father clapped his hand to get all of his girls attention. “Listen up, no making food for a bit. We’re going to get takeout. Less mess.”Demi sighed in relieve, she wouldn’t have to cook but there was another problem that came to mind. She may not get fed either. She wanted to slump down against the wall but thought better of it. Her father jingled his keys to get them all in the car. Reluctantly, she followed suit. Stuffed inside the trunk yet again She looked out the rear window. Demi tried to keep herself from feeling down but the more she thought about this new move the more she realized her life was only going to get worse. Instead of going to a drive thru restaurant, they pulled into IHOP. Demi's eyes light up. There was no way they wouldn’t allow her to eat especially with so many people around. Eve
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