You're Mine

You're Mine

By:  Bella  Completed
Language: English
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A ruthless man, an unyielding soul, and a wrongful entanglement… Four years ago, she had sent him to prison. It was only after he was executed that a look of obvious relief spread across her face. Four years later, he pulled her into hell. She was humiliated before his eyes, yet his hatred still burned high. As part of his cunningly-devised retribution, he was going to overwhelm her bit by bit, prudently and slowly luring her into his web of vengeance. To Edward Levin, Vivian Carraway would always be his possession, but it seemed like things would not go as he wished...

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141 Chapters
Chapter 1 A Surprise
“What’s taking you guys so long to get a car? Huh? It’s a woman’s?”Thanks to the heavy cover of the night, Sean Jackson only managed to get a closer look by moving closer. He frowned.“We’ve got no choice. We ran into her. What do we do with the chick, Sean?” Tiger Holt asked. Sean Jackson lowered his head and wrapped his bleeding hand with a bandage, then quietly glanced at the trembling woman who was cowering next to the car tire. After a moment of silence, he replied, “Make it clean. Don’t leave any room for future trouble.”His purposefully lowered voice was melodious as he had a distinct and slightly deep tone. However, it held a faintly discernible chill.“Then, watch carefully!” Tiger replied, picking up a metal rod that was more than a foot long before he approached the woman.The metal rod was a rebar that was about as thick as a thumb. Vivian Carraway had picked it up from a construction site and put it in a toolbox in front of her co-driver’s seat. She had intended t
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Chapter 2 Hello, Miss Carraway
Liam Fairdew arrived very quickly, even faster than the police. He carried Vivian out from the car and wrapped her with his trench coat. Then, he carefully carried her into his car. Vivian was still trembling, so he could only hold her tightly in his arms, soothing her ears with whispers, “It’s alright, Viv, it’s alright. I’m here. The police will be arriving soon. I’ll take you to the hospital when they arrive.”The police cars arrived swiftly with flashlights blinking continuously. Then, they carried the skinny man’s body out of Vivian’s car and put it into a body bag. A policewoman approached Vivian to check on her condition, and tried to question her about the details of the case. Liam held his anger back as he spoke in a restrained tone, “My girlfriend has been severely injured. She needs to go to a hospital.”Fortunately, the policewoman was fair and reasonable, so she immediately asked someone to send Vivian to a hospital. Liam was allowed to stay by her side. Vivian’s vit
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Chapter 3 May I Have Your Phone Number?
Noelle was a student in Vivian’s class. This girl was constantly sick and would always go on sick leave every two to three days. The longest was that one time just before summer vacation. She could not even take the end of term exams. Vivian was not surprised that she was dropping out, but she was cautious. “I need to call Noelle for confirmation.”She pulled the class address book out from her drawer and flipped through it. However, Edwin beat her to it and found a number on his phone. Then, standing a table away, he handed the phone over to her. “Miss Vivian, I have her number right here. Use this.”After a moment of hesitation, Vivian extended her arm to accept the phone. Her eyes lingered on his hand—clean, slender fingers like the fingers of an educated man. Her misgivings diminished a little as she took the phone from his hand and dialed the number on the screen.She listened to the caller ringtone from the other end and did not have to wait too long before Noelle answered the
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Chapter 4 Doppelganger
After emerging from the school, Vivian barrelled through when saying goodbye to Edward. She did not shake his hand or even bother to look at his reaction before turning around and rushing to her own car at the side of the road. Suddenly, just as she unlocked the car, she realized that her front left tire was deflated. She could not recall when she had punctured her tire.The tire was extremely deflated. From the looks of it, there was nothing she could do except change it with the spare tire. It had been perfectly fine when she had driven over, so how could it have deflated so quickly? Enraged, she lifted her leg and kicked the rim—hard. Edward’s car drove towards her from a distance, stopping right behind her. “What happened, Miss Carraway?” he asked, lowering his car window.She instinctively jumped in fright, then turned around. “Nothing,” she replied, putting on a pleasant expression.He cocked his head, and looked past her to focus his gaze on the deflated tire. Then, he sh
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Chapter 5 Dinner with the CEO
The student who got into trouble came from a humble background. He performed well in his studies and was a well-behaved person. He even took on several part-time jobs to help reduce his parents’ burden. Sadly, he never expected to be apprehended under charges of theft.Vivian could hardly believe her ears when she got the phone call. She rushed to the company’s security department where the boy sat in the corner with his head hung low. When he saw her enter, his eyes immediately reddened. “Miss Carraway, I didn’t steal the phone. I don’t know how it got into my backpack.”She nodded and tried to console him, “Calm down. I’ll talk to these people.”The series of events was simple enough. The boy was working part-time at a nearby restaurant, delivering take-outs. Apparently, he was here on a delivery run and had stolen the customer’s new phone when the customer was not looking. He was caught red-handed. Vivian immediately caught the flaw in this version. “The other person just lost his p
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Chapter 6 Don’t Go to the Police
Gripping fear made Vivian lose her voice. Her teeth chattered and she had to support herself with her arms on the table. She wanted to make a noise that would catch someone else’s attention, and she wanted to storm out of the door as well. However, everything was futile. Her body was limp as she sat on the chair. She could not even swipe the plates off the table with her current strength.She started to see patches of black. While she was teetering on the edge of consciousness, she saw the man sitting there, observing her silently. There was half a sneer on his face while his eyes showed no emotions.Vivian awoke from the darkness after some time. The first thing she saw was an outrageously huge chandelier. The crystal pendants reflected and refracted the light in dazzling rays.“Awake already?” he asked.She struggled to get up, instinctively shrinking away from the voice. The room was spacious. Edward was looking at her while sitting on a nearby couch. His lips were slightly curled u
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Chapter 7 Our Little Game
“Don’t go to the police,” he had said with such confidence. Was that a threat? Was it because he had someone backing him up?He was not afraid of her reporting this to the police…Was it simply because he had that video? However, she was not afraid of this form of blackmail. She was a victim. The person who should be feeling humiliated was the people who had done this to her, not her! She refused to give in to this form of blackmail and let herself rot in this filth. She absolutely refused to!However, was it possible that he was not aware of her personality after plotting his revenge for such a long time?“Miss Carraway? Miss Carraway, are you alright?” the young police officer asked in concern.Nevertheless, Vivian jumped to her feet and walked out.The weather outside was bright and beautiful. The sun shone particularly brightly above her for a late autumn day like this. She enjoyed this last bit of warmth. The sunny part of the ground and the shade were only separated by a thin
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Chapter 8 How Did It Taste?
Edward’s smile froze in place. His gaze lingered on her before he smiled again. “Of course, you can,” he said, then he looked at Mr. Fette. “Miss Carraway’s fiancé will be coming home tomorrow. Have some decorum, Mr. Fette. Please don’t create conflict between lovers.”He knew everything. He knew that Liam would be back tomorrow, so he had purposely chosen this day to cheapen her. He left her a loophole on purpose to lure her into going all in, then watched her as she struggled and fought helplessly like a cat toying with a mouse before killing it!‘I’ll never give him what he wants. Never!’Humans would usually explode with exceptional heroism when forced into desperation. They would take all of their fears and cowardice, and stuff them all into a corner to face all the painful torture head-on. She turned away and focused her gaze back on the plump man. She blushed slightly as if she were restraining her modesty as she pleaded softly, “Mr. Fette, how about we move to another plac
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Chapter 9 Vivian’s Game
Vivian barrelled home straight away. The first thing she did when she arrived at her house was to go into the bathroom, fill the bathtub with hot water, and immerse herself in it. She had already bathed herself in the villa, yet she was not satisfied. She scrubbed herself forcefully with a towel until her skin became red and raw, but she felt like it was still not enough.She brushed her teeth countless times like mad, meticulously scouring through every spot her toothbrush could reach in her oral cavity. As a result, she injured her gums and she could taste the coppery blood when she was rinsing her mouth. Just a little more...Just a little more and she could kill him. She would kill him, and his men would kill her in return. Then, with both of them dead, all her woes would end. Alternatively, if she was lucky enough to survive, she would be given a chance to expose Edward Levin to the police. The police might open a case about him and start investigating him. If they managed to
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Chapter 10 She’s Not Her
Vivian honestly did not mind Edward’s mocking comments. After being hurt that way, these words had no effect on her anymore. It was akin to being dragged away by the enemy every now and then to be brutally beaten and tortured. After an experience like that, you would not mind being bitten by a mosquito or two.She had one hand on the door as she regarded him with a cold look in her eyes. She had no intention of letting him in.Edward laughed. He pushed her away rudely and walked right into the room. When he saw that she did not follow him, he chuckled and asked, “Miss Carraway, I think that it’s better for us to talk with the door closed, don’t you?”She said nothing. However, she visibly took a deep breath before pursing her lips and closing the door.He enjoyed seeing her left with no choice but to endure and suppress her anger and resentment. With a curl on his lips, he gave her an appraising look. His gaze moved slowly and unscrupulously across her face, her neckline, and her waist
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