You're a Werewolf

You're a Werewolf

By:  Mme Laika  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nicole Summers has been kept in the dark her whole life, that is until she meets Leandre — the transfer student and the heir to the Midnight Moon Pack. As her seventeenth birthday approaches, her siblings reveal that she's a werewolf, just like them. Animal attacks and abductions happen, entangling her life into the deep web of werewolves, vampires, and witches. More secrets unravel themselves right in front of her, entangling her in a world full of surprises, new abilities, and danger. A story of family and mysteries. "You're a Werewolf"

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The novel is a story about Fantasy and Superpowers of a life of a teenage girl. This is written by Mme Laika. Nicole is a daughter of an Alpha. Her life has been a misery. She was deceived by everything and mistreated even with her high-born background. Even her true identity has been hidden and she was only told about being a powerful werewolf on her 17th birthday. This is only to protect her from being the target for abduction by their enemies. But the worse secret is yet for her knowing as Valerie, her friend, is a secret enemy.

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34 Chapters
The moon was full that night — when blood from the once allied packs spilled the ground. Men and women killed for the sake of following their Alpha's commands. The Blood Moon Pack’s territory was painted the darkest shade of red. A sea of corpses scattered everywhere — including the bodies of the werewolves from both packs, as well as the decapitated limbs of vampires who fought alongside the Dark Crescent Pack. The Beta Female wailed at the bright moon, her somber heart beating erratically.  One of the pack warriors frantically ran toward the woman, saying, "Beta! Please remain hidden with the children and other women." The woman nodded as she scanned the bodies in their packhouse lobby. 'I'll never forgive him and their pack for doing this. It was the right thing for our pack to end theirs,' she thought while gnashing her teeth together, welcoming the hatred rising in her heart. "Love," a
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Chapter 1: The Transfer Students Part 1
Nicole Summers 'Her eyes doth shine like the moonlightA sad grin was placed on her pink plump lipsForever watching you day and nightShe sings, "My darling child, it is you I'll forever miss."' I have always cherished the locket my mother gave me on my twelfth birthday. Ever since then, I always wear it, thinking of it as a lucky charm to protect me from harm or to get me through situations that make my heart race. Sometimes, I just open it up to read this four-lined poem inside it.   “Earth to Nicole!” A hand waves in front of my face, bringing me back to reality. Jace crouches down in front of me and gives me a worried expression. “Are you that nervous to meet the transfer students?” Transfer students? What is he talking about? And why am I so out of it today? This is the third time I zoned out every since I woke up and classes haven’t even starte
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Chapter 2: The Transfer Students Part 2
"I thought you were going to be late," I whisper to Jace as he takes his assigned seat right next to me. "Did you two have a heart-to-heart talk? Am I expecting you to have a boyfriend by next month?"He rolls his eyes before giving me a grin. "Leandre being the new guy saved me from the wrath of Mrs. Dane. She was looking forward to meeting him," He ends his statement with furrowed eyebrows. "And I'm waiting for my soulmate, Nikki. I'm relieved to know that person isn't him." He shivers at the thought of him and Leandre being soulmates."Lucky you, then. You should take him out for a date. You'll never know he might be your soulmate," I joke and wink at him before opening my textbook. "Did you bring your book?" I turn my head to face him, wondering if he was listening to what I was saying at all.Jace gazes directly at the desk in front of him. Both of his arms are on the desk as he fidgets his fingers and purses his lips."Jace? Are
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Chapter 3: Alpha Summers and Moonlight
Alpha Christopher Summers sits behind his wooden desk filled with paperwork. He summoned his mother, father, and the five warriors he assigned to protect Nicole—whom Nicole has been friends with since her childhood. His parents remain seated on the couch while the warriors stand in attention. The Alpha's office became eerily silent after Jeremiah's report. "No one expected this to happen," Yvette, the former Luna and Christopher's mother, comments. Like her husband and son, she is still trying her best to accept this fact. Her daughter is destined to be mated with their rival pack's heir. It's like something straight out of a movie. "Out of all the werewolves in this realm, she had to be mates with the Midnight Moon Pack's Heir?!" Vincent fumes. He finds it hard to accept this arrangement. Chris leans forward, putting his arms on the desk. "She carries the real Alpha blood in her veins, after all. What could be more fitting than an Alpha heir
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Chapter 4: The Captured Vampire
"You seem ecstatic. Did you and your mate perhaps share a kiss?" Xandrine teases the moment Leandre arrives at home. She sits on the couch, a bowl of strawberries in her hand. "Considering you left your little sister while she was still having her classes, I guess you were trying to have a good time with her after school?" "To be fair, I asked Dylan and Xavier to take you home, Sandy," Leandre replies as he puts his backpack on the floor, plopping himself on the couch beside his sister. On the television screen airs one of the episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., his sister's favorite TV show. Their house remains silent and empty when Dylan and Xavier aren't around. The current Alpha and Luna of the pack are at the packhouse, doing their duties and helping out the other members staying at the packhouse. Leandre doesn’t inherit the pack until he turns 21 years old but he is in training to be the pack Alpha by joining in the warriors during their duties. "How
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Chapter 5: Unraveling
Chris taps his index finger on the wooden desk, thinking of various ways to tell Nikki about her real identity. He is also waiting for Valerie to arrive in the office as well. They’ve decided that they would be the ones to unravel the truth to their youngest sibling. He shifts in his seat and pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration. The consequences of their actions will definitely be Nikki getting mixed emotions about the revelation—denial, surprise, and anger. ‘Or maybe Nikki will handle everything well and just accept everything we tell her.’ he thinks, knowing full well that it is a possible outcome, yet the former outweighs the latter for sure. “Today is the day,” he utters to himself silently. His head shoots up as he hears a creak on the door, Valerie’s head peeping through it. “You called for me, Alpha?” “Yes, Val. And call me Chris when I’m at home. I may be your Alpha but I’m still your brother.” She smiles and traipse
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Chapter 6: Backup Plans
I cannot find it within me to accept their revelation. They can’t possibly be serious about this, can they? Hello? Werewolves? Those creatures only exist in the literature, myths, or those movies and television series they show to the people. Werewolves aren’t real. Even if there was an ounce of possibility that they exist, that must mean there are only a few of them living around us, right? I don’t want to believe them at all. This has to be a joke! “Nicole, please say something,” Chris pleads, still staring at me. “What’s there to say?” I question while staring at the carpeted floor. I just can’t believe it at all. What I’ve read about werewolves or seen about werewolves in the movies is that they’re monsters who kill people when it’s the night of the full moon. If it is true that I’m a werewolf, then does that mean that I myself will become a killer like the others, too? The two of them don’t reply. I stare at the two of them in dis
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Chapter 7: Resolve
The other students in the area greet Valerie as she scans the area. She waves back at them while searching for a specific male student. Where could he be? It can’t be that hard to find him. He’s as tall as Chris but with jet black hair and is surrounded by his two friends and little sister. She thinks. Isn’t that his little sister? She thinks as she spots Sandy opening her locker. She approaches Sandy with a friendly smile on her face. She is Ms. Congeniality after all. “Hi! Your name is Xandrine, right? Leandre’s little sister?” Sandy closes her locker and looks at Valerie cheerily. “Yup. That’s me. Are you looking for my brother?” Valerie nods which causes Sandy’s face to grim. “I can tell you’re a werewolf so I’ll just say this right away. Stay away from my brother. He already found his mate. So it’s much better for you to bother and flirt with another werewolf,” Sandy smiles sarcastically and starts walking away.
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Chapter 8: Werewolf 101
After an eventful day at school with me avoiding and ignoring my friends and my sister, I finally walk towards the front doors of the administration’s building where we can see the road. I don’t think I have the courage to face them after all the things I said. If this were a normal day, I would’ve gone home with Jace or Jeremiah. The odds aren’t really in my favor. “Make way, people! I’m coming through!” Valerie’s voice booms through the crowd. “Nikki! Wait!” I stop in my tracks and look back at the sea of teenagers in the corridors. Some were just causing more traffic by speaking to each other in the corridors instead of discussing it somewhere else. I spot Valerie’s dirty blonde hair and her hand raising her phone. I wait for her at the wall near the fire extinguisher. Let’s just assume that we’ll be heading home together. Valerie arrives in front of me, catching her breath while holding onto her knees. “Hoo! That was rough. Chris will be coming to
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Chapter 9: Corpse
“Is this the vampire you spoke of?” A woman with light blonde hair questions the werewolf who hired her. The vampire is slumped down on the ground, her back leaning on the brick wall. The hunters placed a shackle on her bony limbs with its chain attached to the walls. Her eyes were closed and sunken, indicating that it's been a while since she feasted properly on human blood. Her black hair is in a mess and her skin looked pale. Overall, it seemed like she was closer to the brink of death. “Did you perhaps use a hallucinogen on her?” The vampire mutters, “Master, forgive me.” ‘So she has a master. This person fell victim to the schemes of the higher-ups.’ the witch thinks. She squats behind a yellow line where the werewolf told her was a safe zone, feeling uncomfortable with her jeans. Sighing, she complains internally, ‘I should have worn something more comfortable. Why did Zinnia even set me up with this job?’ The g
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