Love You Till I Die

Love You Till I Die

By:  shylove143  Completed
Language: English
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Lexter Montero, very handsome, rich, and powerful in his hometown was obsessively in love with his childhood sweetheart, Yaze Cruz, seeing her after eleven years never thought he would still be in love with Yaze. He cannot accept the fact of being turned down by her, but he saw an opportunity of owning her in an agreement. Unluckily on Yaze Cruz side, the sudden illness of her father leaves her with no option but to ask help from Lexter Montero with an agreement of serving him as a maid in his home. Lexter Montero not knowing that Yaze truly love him but the big gap of being RICH and POOR and the pain inflicted in her heart making Yaze hide her love for him.

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101 chapters
"YOU'RE MINE" A sound of ripping of clothes could be heard inside a room in a big villa.   A soft scream and crying could be heard inside from one of the rooms in the villa."Ahhhh no! please!" a soft scream of a woman and at the same time of a ripping sound could be heard clearly inside, through the very quiet atmosphere of the villa, it could be heard even the servants in their quarter, but nobody dares to help or check what was going on as they clearly knew in their minds what was about to happen."Senyorito Lexter, please have pity," a soft pleading voice of a woman inside the room."No this is your punishment," a hoarse manly voice spoke inside the room, it was a fierce tone.The man ripped off all the remaining clothes of the woman exposing all her glory, smooth skin, beautiful curvy body that looks so perfect on the eyes of men, and her sexy long-legged legs.   The man, who was called by the woman, Senyorito
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LEXTER MONTERO AND YAZE CRUZ Lexter Montero was born into a wealthy and powerful family in the Province of Luzon.   His family owned the majority of the land in the province.The lands were major businesses of the Monteros, rice fields, coconut plantations, vegetable farms, and sugar cane plantations.   Almost all the peasants' families in the province were  Montero's laborers.   The peasant workers were from average, moderate, and impoverish living status.   They work hard for everyday living for their families.Almost all the workers were indebted to the Montero family the reason why they can never quit their jobs on the plantation or on the farm especially the impoverished families, they were bound to be workers for a lifetime as well as their kids when they grow up.   The peasant's children will work to pay their parent's debts.Lexter Montero was the only child during his younger ye
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COMING BACK TO MY HOMETOWN LEXTER MONTERO POV Graduating from University abroad, I came home to my country.   I started my business right away as capital money to start my business was not a problem for someone coming from a rich family.   I was able to start my company in Metropolitan City and was successful in a year.   In two years' time, my company became well-known in the business world of the big city.   I was in a sort of so busy expanding the business that I had never gone back home, my family came to visit me every month, so there was no reason for going home.I decided to take a week's vacation to go home to my hometown.   I left the company under my private assistant to look after.   I drove for five hours, stopping for some time to rest at some restaurant on the expressway.   Lots of things running on my mind, a little excited about something I'm not sur
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A WOMAN IN THE RIVER CAPTURED HIS CURIOSITY LEXTER MONTERO POV: On the fifth day of my vacation, I wanted to visit the places we used to go to during my childhood most especially the riverbank.   The riverbank holds a lot of memories of my childhood as we always go swimming during weekends with Yaze and some friends.  I never expected that it would still present me with an unforgettable moment until now.I drove the jeepney car to the riverbank.   It was still a weekday, and early in the morning so people were all busy in their homes and at works, children were at school in the town proper.  Some women doing their laundry at the riverbank shallow part.   I stopped my car and parked on the side of the dirt road, I walked heading to the side of the river where people don't often go. As I was nearing the riverbank, I heard the splash of water, someone was in the water, swimming maybe.&
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FOUND THE WOMAN I'M LOOKING FOR LEXTER MONTANO POVTwo days more and I'll be off to the Metropolitan City.   I went to continue visiting plantations and farm with my father, meeting some of my elementary classmates at the plantation and farms where they work.   Most of them already married for a long time as they married early and married our classmates.   They all envied me as successful and wealthy.   Well, they came from poor families and can not dream higher, and did even married earlier so what could they achieved.  I know that even they have a dream or goal, it's hard to reach on their living status.I continued visiting places in my hometown, field meadows, and beaches near and far for sightseeing nature and enjoying the fresh air.   I came at last to roam the town proper which I always passed by during my visitation to other places.   At the town center, all the people look or
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THEIR POINT OF VIEWS YAZE CRUZ POVI was amazed to see Lexter Montero.   He was dashingly handsome, tall, and has a great body built.   It was been a very long time since I last saw him, it was second-year high school.   He was so handsome as if he was perfectly created by a god.   His eyes were very charming, its captivating when he gazed.  He has a high nose and got a muscular, sexy body built.   Gosh!! what am I thinking! Lexter got all things successfully.  Luis told me he has his own company in Metropolitan City.  I heard that he will be managing soon their lands here in the province.   Lexter was so far and high now to reach, while I had not reached anything better.  It felt very sadly honestly but I can not complain, maybe it's my fate to be poor.I'm sure, she has a goddess-like girlfriend, wealthy like him.  "Oh my goodness!  &nbs
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BACKED IN THE CITY Lexter Montero was back in the city, busy, and worked overtime for the whole week he returned to the city.Trisha Wilson, Lexter Montero's girlfriend has been calling him since he came back but had never picked up her call nor made a return call.  Trisha was annoyed but can not do anything as she knew that when he doesn't answer his phone, it means he doesn't want to be disturbed.   She decided to go to Lexter's company to talk to him."Sir, Miss Trisha is here," his secretary informed him."Let her in," Lexter said while he was focused on his laptop typing.Trisha pushed the door, Lexter did not look up to see or welcome her, he continued doing his thing."Lexter!" Trisha called his name in an angry loud voice."What the fuck are you shouting about in my office?!" Lexter Montero blurted out with annoyance."Why are you not picking up your phone?! I have been calling you for hundr
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WHAT THE HEART FEEL YAZE CRUZ POVI keep thinking of Lexter, gosh!  He is just so handsome.  Well, I am no exception from an ordinary woman who would be captivated of Lexter Montero's handsomeness.   He was already handsome when we were kids, now he is a perfect beauty of a man.  Every woman must have wanted him.  Lexter might have many girlfriends or have an extraordinary beautiful girlfriend.Am I in love with him? Ohhh no! Lexter is sky and I am earth, he is too high to reach.  I am just too poor, not worthy for him even as his maid.  I have not even reach college, of course his family won't like someone poor for their son.  I am just so stupid thinking of this.I have a boyfriend who is also rich but not as rich as Lexter Montero.  I know my boyfriend's family does not like me as I came from a poor family but Andrew had not stopped pursuing me.  I became his girlfriend for the reason
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GOING HOME Driving alone had not made Lexter Montero bored as he was excited to get home immediately.  He only made one stop in a restaurant along the expressway.  He arrived in his hometown less than five hours.   The dining table was already set when he get into the mansion."Big brother!!" Luis shouted with glee."Oh I know what you are so excited about," Lexter said grinning."Of course, my comics books!" Luis said excitedly."Alright, I know you can not wait to hold them," Lexter open his portfolio and bring out ten comics books."Wow! Ha, ha, ha, thank you brother.  Love all of them!" Luis blurted out happily."Alright, alright, let's eat first.   Your big brother might be starving now," Donya Rosita said."Well, I am really starving.  I stopped just once." Lexter exclaimed.Everyone seated to eat, Don Luciano Montero open the conversation."Lexter, you s
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THE FIRST KISS The next day Yaze did not go to work in the morning as she was waiting for Senyorito Lexter to arrive.    She went to take a bath and put on her faded house dress.After an hour, a jeepney car stopped infront of the Cruz's house.   Yaze looking out from the small window saw Lexter getting out of his car.   Lexter Montero looks amazingly handsome with his hair brushed up, his light wheat-colored skin flashing bright under the sun and his tall mascular figure visible in his shirt which hug a little his body. "Yaze, Senyorito Lexter is here now," Yaze's mother called out.   Mrs. Cruz let in Lexter Montero inside the house. "Please have a seat, Senyorito Lexter,"  Mrs. Cruz said shyly bowing her head as their home was not even worthy for the senyorito to enter. "Good morning Senyorito Lexter,"  Yaze said feeling embarassed having a wealthy person invited to
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