Submerged Land

Submerged Land

By:  Kiraran  Completed
Language: English
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Year XX26 when a plane had gone missing. No one has heard from it since then. Search parties were called off and passengers were declared dead. People tried calling out to them through their phones. They hear it ring but no one answers. Nathalia Trayce's father was on that plane and she's determined to find out where or what exactly happened to him; by going to the place that her father was suppose to go. Hoping to find more clues, she boarded a plane passing through the Pacific Ocean when an unexpected thing happened; their plane crashed and they suddenly found themselves in an underwater land. The Atlantis, where they found out that they were responsible for the missing planes in order to save them from the government. At least, those who posses Atlantean genes - a superior gene that help improve their physical and mental abilities. But why can Nathalie hear the thoughts of sea creatures - an ability that is suppose to be for Byron, who's the said reincarnated demigod? Trained by an Atlantean general named Skyr, and learning that her ex-bestfriend, Trei, was actually one of the Atlantean rebels. Nathalia had to choose which side to take. Or in her case, who to believe.

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68 Chapters
Year XX26 when the very first place had disappeared. There was no information about where it went, crashed, or landed. Everyone was perplexed by the mysterious event. A plane that my father, the last member of my family, used to travel to Japan. When word got out that my father's plane had gone missing, I was with my aunt. The mysterious disappearance of the said plane made headlines all over the world. The media was all over it, but they couldn't really go into detail. People tried calling the missing passengers through their phones, but no one would answer. For years, search parties were held until the government decided to call it a day. It was taking too long, and not a single clue had been discovered. The missing passengers were eventually declared dead. I couldn't accept the fact that my father was no longer alive, so I took off. Just like my father, I
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Chapter 1 Turbulence
Chapter 1As soon as I heard of my father's disappearance, I almost went nuts trying to convince my aunt Josephine to let me go to Japan. I was in a miserable state that I didn't thought of what I was doing or asking. All I cared about that time was to look for my father.I couldn't accept the fact that my father was gone. No, I wasn't in denial either. I know - or at least hope - that my father is alive. Somewhere. And I'm going to find him an
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Chapter 2 Atlantis
Chapter 2As I slowly regained my consciousness the very first thing that popped into my mind is am I dead?I could not feel, hear, or see anything. It was like my whole body was numb. I
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Chapter 3 Oxygen
Chapter 3We were being led across the white hallway with Jessica and the other Atlantean leading the way. It was hard seeing where we were headed because the walls were all pure white that you feel confined; but you're not. It was just the illusion coming off of the walls.
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Chapter 4 Pods
Chapter 4There was a beep as the door opened. I blinked as I tried to focus on the scenery in front of me. It was like we were in a water park. There was a pathway in front of us and the curved walls were made out of glass with steel reinforcements. Dotted lights ran along the frame of the steel and also the ground - giving us enough luminance to see.
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Chapter 5 Tour
Chapter 5There was a beep as the white walls of my pod began to change into white wooden walls. I blinked and started scanning the holographic control panel. There was a 3D model of my room. I dragged a dirty white wallpaper on the walls of my 3d room, then added a soft wooden boards for the floors. Once I was satisfied, I used a finger to swipe the image upward. Immediately, my real room imitated the image from the control panel.At least now it doesn't feel as suffocating as before.I also learned that you can add furnitures or change them depending on your liking. I actually spend a lot of time decorating the room since I couldn't sleep a wink. I mean, I was sleeping until I dreamed about being in the plane again. Falling and falling. Then hitting the waters. Then there comes the bodies. Bloodied. Faces morphed. Gutts on the floors...I shivered at the memory.I woke up at around 3 am. I didn't bother to go back to sleep i
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Chapter 6 Job
Chapter 6"Rachel?" I breathed as I  felt relief washing over me as I gaze upon the blonde haired girl sitting on a white bed with blue line lights on the edges. She was talking to a women wearing a white and blue jumpsuit. When she heard my voice, she looked back and grinned."Hey you. Come on in."I looked puzzled at her cheery attitude. The last time I saw her, she was angry and crying after she lost her unborn child. But looking at her now...she seemed to have recovered from the incident. Or perhaps calmed down a bit. I moved and went inside when I felt the burning gaze of Skyr on me. I stood in front of Rachel and gave her an awkward wave of hand. "Hi." I said and bent down to hug her when I saw her making that gesture. "You look well." I said after we parted.She glanced to the side and smiled. "I can't be a sour puss forever. I mean, in a way I am at fault. I should have become more suspicious when I saw an ad fla
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Chapter 7 Training
Chapter 7The next day, Rachel and I stood side by side as we faced Skyr. We were standing outside of the white dome at the center of the sector and looking up at it. Rachel was here when Skyr and I arrive escorted by one of the Atlanteans that we saw in the plane crash. It was the one who assissted her before. I believe his name is Duncan. I remebered his face but I wasn't able to fully look at the man when he came to help us. Duncan has a black hair with white bangs covering his green eyes. He was as muscular as Skyr but a bit shorter.Rachel and I were wearing red fitted jumpsuis. An attire that symbolizes our beginner status from the group. Skyr was wearing a gray and black attire with green shoulder pads. Duncan, stood just behind Skyr with one of his hands on the door. Skyr gave us one last look before looking back at Duncan and gave him a curt nod. Duncan returned the gesture and twisted his hand a little. Blue circular light with foreign langua
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Chapter 8 Old Legend
Chapter 8I got up from my sitting position and stood on the platform. Skyr jumped down first and looked up when I didn't follow. "Jump." He says. When he saw my hesitant look he added. "I'll catch you. Hurry." He ordered. The command in his tone gave me the last push I need as I jump. As soon as I did, Skyr moved to the side and I landed on my feet. I braced myself for the short tingle from the impact that was about to come. Nothing. My feet fully supported me.I looked back at Skyr and glared at him for lying. In response, he simply shrug. A small hint of a smile on his lips. "Best way to learn is through experience."I clicked my tongue. "Thanks, teach!" I said with fake enthusiasm. "You're the best!"Skyr didn't say anything as he lead me to where Duncan, Rachel, and the guy named Byron were. As soon as we were in front of him, Skyr bowed his head in greeting like how Duncan did earlier. "I humbly serve thee, lord of the sea."
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Chapter 9 Weights
Chapter 9"If this is real, please pinch me." I breathed out the words in amazement. I was lifting! I was lifting a whooping 130 lbs barbell - at least from what the holographic numbers are telling me. The barbell that I was raising over my head felt like a small sack of flour. I was still gasping in delight at the absurdity of it all, but it was real."You think you can handle more, miss Nathalia?" Skyr asked. He was standing in front of me with his arms crossed over his chest. There was a smile on his lips that I could only assume was a reflection of mine. That or he finds my reaction amusing."I think so?""General." A petite Atlantean girl called out to him running frantically. "Gerald and Klein are fighting again." She said to him. Skyr gave her a nod before turning towards Duncan. "Watch over them while I'm gone." He told him before moving to follow the girl out of the gym - I called it that because this portion of the room reminds
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