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Book- I 18+ Mentions of Graphic sexual content. Read at your own risk. Celestine, a naive and young orphan girl from a village. In the name of family, she had only her 7 year old dying sister. To save her, she did everything along with begging for money from wherever she could but no one helped her. Being disappointed and desperate to save her sister, she got trapped and sold her body to a brothel not knowing the consequences. Brothel was the hell where you can go by your own choice but can never come back. Damien Romano, the cruelest and richest Billionaire of Italy got obsessed with her body after having her. His obsession made him drag her away from the brothel to take her to his personal hell where he could torture her with pleasure. Celestine, who had never got the taste of happiness from the day she was born, will she ever be able to escape from her personal hell and from the clutches of the monster that resided deep inside Damien.

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69 chapters
Legal or Illegal?
"The tumor in her brain is getting bigger and bigger. If this goes on she will die soon. Maybe in a minute or an hour. We can't say anything. If you want to save her then arrange 4 million for her operation including her medical expenses. After arranging money, deposit it at the reception so that we will start her surgery. Now please get a side we have other patients to look after" the bulky doctor said rudely and harshly pushed her.Celestine stumbled on her feet and fell to the ground on her knees."From where I will arrange this much money? I don't have any family and for relatives, they can hardly earn for their regular necessities." Celestine knelt in a corner of the hospital with puffy black eyes.After sitting there for some time she managed to stand on her feet and walked with trembling steps. All the way her mind was repeating one-word "money".She entered her village and begged everyone for their help."I am begging you all please len
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"What is your name, little girl?" Lisa asked while driving. There was a dark smile lingering on her brown lips.     "Celestine," she said looking at the scenery outside the window.     "You seem very young to be in the bar," Lisa said while looking at her up and down. After a second she concentrated on the road.     "I am from the near village. My sister is suffering from cancer and for her surgery, I need 4 million." Celestine sobbed at the end of her sentence.      "I don't have any family and in search of a job I came to town and ended up in that bar." Celestine continued. Her voice was soft and feeble.     "Poor girl. It will take some time but you will earn more than 4 million. It depends on how big of a fish you catch." Lisa lightly stroked Celestine's hair and a sudden sadness flashed in Lisa's eyes whic
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His seed
In meeting room of Italy's top company "Romano Construction Co." all the employees and board of directors were shivering and sweating profusely because of the young man seated on head chair with a boring expression."If we bought the land opposite to Family Mall, this will bring great profit to our company" the employee who was standing near projector looked at Damien with a horrified look."And how will this profit come" Damien rested his chin on his large palm and asked with an indifferent expression."We want this land to build a residential society and as you all see opposite to this land there is a Family Mall with all the facilities. And rich people like to live in a high end society where they can show off their wealth to their rivals." Employee finished his speech."Antonio bring all the details of this project to my office. Meeting is over" Damien ordered to his a
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A sudden knock on door jolt up the sleeping Celestine. Her eyelids moved upwards and darkness welcomed her.She groaned holding her head in pain and nothing was clear to her."Celestine are you there?" Lisa asked from outside.Celestine blinked her eyes and tried to stand on her feet. She dragged her trembling legs and switched on the  lights."Cele are you OK?" Lisa asked in a slightly worried voice.Celestine then realized what was going on and she replied in an instant"Yeah! I'm fine. Give me thirty minutes." Celestine said in a soft voice and made her way towards bathroom.She filled bath tub with hot water and added lavender oil in it which was present on shelf. One by one she stripped her clothes and dipped her body in hot water. Hot water washed all her worries for the time. She closed her eyes and let warm w
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Hey dear readers!After reading do leave your reviews to encourage me. Also try my other books;Bad boy Stole My Innocence- ongoingQueen of Assassins - completedThank you!Your AuthorKK~~~~~~~~In the middle of a big room, Celestine laid silently on a Queen size bed all wrapped up in red sheets and duvet.Her big eyelashes trembled like butterfly wings and slightly her eyelids moved upwards. Celestine blinked and looked around the unfamiliar room which was more like a room filled with blood suffocating other people."Thank God! You finally woke up." Maira exclaimed and hugged the struggling Celestine."Where am I?" Celestine scrunched her nose. Her beautifully arched eyebrows slightly bumped creating a frown."Calm down little girl. You are in my room." Maira walked to the coffee table
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Important Skills
"Celia" Celestine hugged the thin pale girl who was laying on bed like a paper sheet. Her body was more likely a skeleton."Where were you Cele?" Celia puffed her cheeks and pretended to be angry."I was occupied by my new job." Celestine said while helping her sister to sit on bed."Did you find job?" Celi asked in surprise but there was a spark of hope in her lifeless eyes. "Yes! And good thing is that they gave me advance and now I can deposit first half amount for your surgery." Celestine was happy to save her sister. It doesn't matter if she lose her virginity for the sake of her sister's life."Cele did you beg in front of those animals?" Celia asked while frowning."I will never beg in front of them. Don't you believe me?" Celestine held her hands and pursed her lips with a hurt expression.
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Time to go home
At afternoon Lisa, Den and Jennet were talking about silly stuffs and were laughing after every second.Celestine who was sitting separately felt goosebumps. She was embarrassed listening to them. 'How could they talk openly'. Celestine thought to herself."Cele why are you there? Come join us." Jennet waved her hand and said with a wide smile."Er.. No thanks. I have something to do. Join you all later. Bye." Celestine smiled awkwardly and left from there."She is weird" Den commented. "No man she is only a little and innocent girl." Lisa hit Den on his head.Jennet only smiled and did not bother to comment. 'A girl with no figure and skills captured Damien's attention. I can't let her ruin all my efforts to go near him. Only I have the right to stand beside Damien.' Jennet thought and clenched her hands into
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Damien Please
Hello cupcakes!Hope you all like this chapter and don't forget to leave your reviews. Sorry for the mistakes as English is not my native language. I hope instead of criticizing you all will motivate and encourage me to write more better.Thank you!Your AuthorKK~~~~Celestine heavily breathed and put one hand on her chest to calm her throbbing heart.After relaxing realization dawned upon her and she hit her head with door."Shit! I don't have clothes to wear. What am I gonna do now?" Celestine anxiously moved back and forth in bathroom. After five minutes of inner battle Celestine finally opened bathroom door and stepped outside."You need something?" Damien raised his left eyebrow with a questioning gaze."Yes! My clothes..." Celestine softly said and played with her fingers."I hav
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New Pleasure
Next morning Celestine woke up groaning. She felt a bone crushing pain in a certain body part. Her face flushed with embarrassment when intense activity of last night flashed in her mind.Celestine glanced at other side of bed and found it empty. She then lift up the devout and was surprised to see an oversize shirt on her upper half. But that familiar fragrance of cologne from shirt inform her of the owner."Good morning baby!" Damien walked out of bathroom with towel wrapped around his waist."G..good morning!" Celestine hung her head low due to embarrassment."There is medicine in the drawer. Take it if you feel uncomfortable." Damien instructed while wearing his pants. He wasn't affected at all but the little girl on bed was bashful."Thank you" Celestine shyly said."Freshen up and come downstairs. We will have breakfast together." Damien adjus
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Pleasurable Night ~ 1
Damien carried her to the couch and placed her on it carefully. He leaned down to capture her lips and Celestine could not resist him.He kissed her softly, sucking her lower lip and moving to the upper lips.He used his tongue to arouse her. He kissed her mouth, cheeks, eyes, ears and nose. Damien showered her with arousing kisses that did all sort of things to her.He circled his hands around her waist and pulled Celestine to him, so she could feel his erection. Damien was hard masking Celestine cheeks burn."That's what you do to me" Damien whispered hoarsely.His words were sexy to her ears making her legs jelly with all those sweet words.Damien quickly got rid of her night gown and threw it carelessly and her black lace bra appeared before him. It wasn't covering much so he could see her fine outlines. Damien gently bit her bud from the bra making her moan.Read more Protection Status