Alpha's Miracle

Alpha's Miracle

By:  Haven Nasia1924  Completed
Language: English_tagalog
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“Love is not a force between a mind and a body, but a force between two hearts...” But what happens when there are three hearts involved? One that beats for a soul, One that beats for a body, And One, that purely beats for love? .......... Legaxy Dyme was just your average human girl. Working non-stop in a hotel by day and by night, you hear her sing in every bar on the island called Mallow Key. Did I also mention that despite on the average side of life, Legaxy was basically raised by the mixed-race of Vampires and Witches? Anyways, having her memories bottled up somewhere by a spell, Legaxy found herself torn between being a MATE to an Alpha King, Michael Angelo Cane, and being a chosen RED to the Vampire King, Theo Calix Gray. Who will she choose? But the real question is, will she choose?

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    1 Legaxy Dyme
    Legaxy "Dyme!" Our General Manager, Ms. Susie Marina Dawn, calls out from her office. Hearing that familiar urgency from her tone, I automatically dropped every bit of work I had on hand and quickly walk towards her office's glass door — caring less for the loud click-clacking my silver-gray heels are making, as it hits the marble-tiled floor. When I got inside the well-lighted, white room, I calmly replied with a genuine smile, a “Yes Boss?” Sadly, she didn't look up.  Instead, she shoved a few objects off her porcelain desk — I somehow catch some of it while moving closer to her side — and kept on rummaging her already scattered files. I even heard her grunt in an un-ladylike fashion and I knew from there, she was in a terrible mood. The tension, as she tries to relieve by rolling her shoulders, was even visible in her eyes — happens to be light blue, like the sky — as she frantically scans her desk.  Judging by the
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    2 Her Big Brother
    Legaxy Time flies so fast, and before I knew it, it was already dark. Finally, time to go home. I packed my stuff, got to say my usual goodbye to boss, then changed to my casual outfit and once I dropped the uniform at the uniform shoots going down the laundry room, I exited the hotel. Since it was a long-distance between my home and hotel — I see not a lot of cars or taxis around either and thanks to my overprotective parents, I never learned to drive — I texted my Dad for a ride home. I waited for a reply but then realized, he works a lot at the Hue Kingdom. Considering the fact that the Vampire King stays as a hidden identity and never leaves his chamber, unless necessary, my Dad fills in most of 'his' work. That means, my poor father has to handle a full-time paperwork duty and has to accept — without thinking twice — endless overtime.  So, to be clear and in short, I don't know if Papa could spare me that extra time.<
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    3 The Red Eyes Guarding
    Legaxy When a vampire's eyes turn red, it indicates that he's either ready for danger, hungry, or in serious stress. I don't know which one was clear in Seth's eyes this time — hopefully not hunger again — but I do feel that the situation he was in right now was beyond the normal stress or danger level he was accustomed to. He almost looked distraught... Though, I was much more stunned by what he had said earlier, rather than what he looks like right now.  “Pa-pardon?” I stuttered.  “Oh, cheeky boo,” he mumbled, shaking his head in dismay, “You heard me right... It's you.” He repeated. His confirmation made my eyes grew wide.  “M-me? Like, really me? “ I squeaked.  He slowly nodded before getting out of the car with my backpack. When he opened the door for me, I could see his eyes changed back to their normal color — the green ones... That means he's calm now.  As for me, I was b
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    4 Mating Season
    Legaxy Aside from the fact that I'm a human, who's been living on Mallow Key island full of supernatural and mythical beasts, I'm also the breadwinner of the Dyme family. Not to brag, but I have two jobs to keep me busy... One is by day — wherein I work as a humble Personal Secretary at the Mallow hotel. And the second one is done by night — wherein I perform as your typical solo singer. Yes, a SINGER. Though, I'm not the professional type of vocalist you guys know that has concerts and does international tours, or the popular one that the media kept on talking about. Rather, I'm a local artist, and surprising as it can be, I wanted to keep it that way. Not that I don't want to be popular or be recognized outside the island, but I just want this side of me to stay humble and free. That means, NO contracts, NO albums, NO music labels — just pure me singing my soul out for the local people. Besides, this 'singing
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    5 Michael Angelo Cane
    Michael Angelo “Do you hear that?” Bear, my wolf, asks. I could tell his ears were standing up out of attention. Feeling the sense of urgency from his tone, I put down my pen and listened for a minute. Nothing. “What am I supposed to be listening to...” I started, annoyed. “She's singing again.” He cuts me off, fully alert now while I felt his tail wag in excitement. Knowing what he meant, my eyes widened in realization. I quickly stood up from my seat and sprinted outside my office, heading towards the marble-tiled balcony — leaving pages of reports, from my pile of paperwork, flying to the floor. I don't know what to make sense of this reflex action, but I kept on doing this every time my wolf mentions anything related to 'her'. I know it is unusual but through the length of time, it became a bit of a habit, and guilty as I was, I don't know how to stop it now. I'm still expecting for a miracle, I gues
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    6 21
    Legaxy Friday was nearly coming to an end, and I'm still struggling on finishing the rest of my paperwork which, by the way, was piled up — two stacks to be exact — on my table. I've already done so much of it for half of the day. But, whatever I do to lessen up the clump, it keeps on adding up. I don't know if this is caused by some kind of magic tricks from my wicked 'friends', who submit late reports, or just colleagues taking advantage of my preoccupied state — THANKS TO SETH. But one thing's for sure, I am so behind already... And being behind like this, which never happened to me before — if I may add, will earn me a tough session with Ms. Dawn since she, like every boss there is, loathes lethargic people. Most especially, those who procrastinate. I'm sure I'm not one of those people — honestly speaking... I'm just that typical employee who gets a bit 'distracted', but surely enough knows how to bounce back once r
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    7 Marina
    LegaxyThere are two things I love about Ms. Dawn…One is her sense of CREATIVITY towards work, which I honestly envy and admire at the same time. And two, her sense of HUMOR...Didn't expect that, haven't you? But yes, you heard me right. Ms. Dawn, behind the hard and serious exterior of a Queen boss, is a cheerful and genuine funny lady. She's amazingly witty and tends to joke around when boredom strikes her. However, depending on the level of tedium she has, her jests could go from hilariously silly, to real crazy.Don't worry though, she doesn't have any psycho background or something — a perfectly stable woman...Besides that, she's also a huge tease, and do listen when I say be careful with that side of her. Especially, when you're a hot-headed individual.Why?You see, whe
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    8 The Devil's Golden Invitation
    Legaxy Saturday.I know I should have listened to my subconscious mind when she told me to stay in bed…Get ourselves to rest a little longer, letting the cold weather engulfed us in a comforting hug, and allowing our skin to appreciate the soft sheets — both coming from the Queen size mattress and green plush pillows — a little better.Not to mention, I am off today. So it should be enough reason to pin me down to bed and go back to that peaceful slumber some more.Yet, I didn't.Instead, and for some anonymous energy, I slowly got up from the comfort and tranquility of my bed — just around 6:30 am, and began stretching my stiff limbs. Then, just like a shot of lightning bolt, the overwhelming feeling of anxiety kicked in.And that's when I remembered Seth's promise, which happens to be due today...Obviously, my initial emotion for that
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    9 Boys, Literally
    LegaxyI was beginning to believe that Cayden, aside from being a flirt, is likely a psycho.Sure, he may have talked and shared some useful things with me that are worth both of my time and attention. But him, having to have indirect statements about me going to the Red Moon Ball?That's basically a whole new level of absurdity for him...I mean, is he nuts?He knows, as much as I know, that HUMANS are considered viands to the mixed-race; that's the very reason as to why nobody cares to invite us (humans) to any of their (mixed-race) social gatherings, regardless of our purpose or significance to the event. However, listening to Cayden a while ago, he did sound so confident… so sure about the idea of a human being — specifically, me — attending their ball...Would that mean he was telling the truth then?OR, perhaps — in a reasonable way, I am just assuming all of this.Do take note, Cayden didn't really clarify his odd ph
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    10 Relationships
    LegaxyWhy do I feel like Mum, after seeing her surprised look a second ago, doesn't like me being single?Is being single that bad?“Hold on, hold on” — Mum reached for my hands and squeeze it, lightly this time — “you can't be serious, right? I mean, you particularly don't have someone special with you right now?” She asked, sounding a bit… bothered?Woah. So it is bad? I shook my head — almost flustered, in a NO. “Not even a suitor?” She looked, suspiciously, upset by this now. Odd, but the tone of her voice was making me pretty gloomy...Like, Seriously Mum?What's wrong with being single and having no suitors, anyway?I lived this long with no boys by my side — except for my brothers and Dad. I'm happy on my own, and that's what I believe to be the most important.Right?“Ma, the only suitors I have ever since I know what that word meant, tried to either break me or kill me.” I fina
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