LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

By:  LorreignneScarr  Ongoing
Language: English
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Her name is Luna. No one sees her except her twin sister. She envies her twin sister's life, although their parents never failed to tell her they love her even though they can't see her. Luna was in total darkness while her twin sister had the life she wanted to be. She wanted to be as happy as her twin sister, but how? She's invisible. The thought depresses her so much that it leads her to run away from the palace. However, she accidentally fell into the portal, going to other dimensions that she didn't know existed. She doesn't know how to come back to her world. Later on, she accepts her fate and lives a life of being in different places, especially when something strange happens to her. She misses her family so much, but how could she come back? Will she remain forever in different dimensions? Will she survive alone? Unexpectedly, a twist happened. Leena, twin sister of Luna, fell into the portal too when she learned that her twin sister accidentally fell into the mysterious portal tree. However, fate never let them see each other and she's gone to a different dimension. The twins face a different path. Will Leena find Luna? Will they reunite again?

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63 chapters
[Third Person POV]In the Faraway Kingdom, everyone in the palace struggled to prepare as excitement rushed through them because their Queen was in labor. They cannot hide the joy on each other’s faces while preparing to welcome their prince or princess.In the labor room, the Queen was currently giving birth, screams resonated throughout the room and the intense pain was visible on the Queen’s face, which was already covered in sweat.“One more push, my dear Queen. I can almost see the baby’s head.” the midwife said, who was pushing the Queen’s huge tummy.The Queen breathed deeply, then pushed harder while screaming with intense pain. She was almost out of breath while pushing more just to give birth to her baby.“Uwaahhhh uwaahhhhhh uwaahhhhhh.” The Queen smiled with tears welled up in her eyes while panting when she heard her baby’s cries.“It’s a girl, my Queen!” the midwife announced in joy.The Queen cried in happiness when she heard the gender of her baby. But a sudden pain e
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Chapter 1: The Mystery of Madag Forest (Part 1)
[Luna Syesha McCleen]“Mama! Papa! We’re leaving!” Leena said goodbye to our parents.“Be careful, my babies! We love you both!” Mama and papa said. They only kissed Leena because they couldn't see me. I walked towards them and kissed their cheeks, though they couldn't feel me. Leena turned to me and smiled. “Let’s go?” I nodded, then we walked towards the entrance where the car was waiting for us. “Are you still sad? Aren’t you still getting used to it?” she asked in a worried tone. I let out a deep sigh. “It’s not like that, Leena. I’m sad because they still can’t hear me and see me either…” I said with sadness in my voice. Leena stopped in her tracks and hugged me. “Shh, don’t worry, okay? Mama and papa are trying their best to look for a way to see you. So, stay positive, okay?” she said while smiling at me, and I forced a smile.We got inside the car and the driver drove away to school. I’m so lucky to have a twin like Leena because she accepted me for who I am and is always the
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Chapter 1: The Mystery of Madag Forest (Part 2)
[Leena Ayesha McCleen]Luna disappeared again? She really likes to wander a lot. Tsk. When I went to the library, I didn’t even see her. Maybe she had already gone home again without me. I rolled my eyes. Tsk. I know she's glued to a book again.“Leena!” Jasmine called, and I turned to her. “Oh, Jas, why?”“We are going to Thumbelina City tomorrow, are you coming?” she said while smiling widely, and I nodded.“Cool!” I uttered. “All right! We’ll just meet at our previous meeting place.” I nodded and waved her goodbye.When I arrived at the Palace, I ran to my room and checked to see if Luna had returned home. I smiled when I saw her reading a book. I jumped up on my bed beside her and faced her. “What are you reading, Luna?” I asked. She did not even take her attention away from the book she was reading. “Just nothing,” she answered shortly, and I just shrugged my shoulders.I got up and walked towards the wardrobe cabinet to change clothes. Afterward, I strutted out of the room an
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Chapter 2: Invisible to Visible (Part 1)
[Luna Syesha] A few days have passed, but we still haven’t found a solution to my condition. I was just walking around the forest until I saw a gigantic tree. It amazed me, so I quickly went there to see it closer. “Wow! This tree is so huge!” I uttered in amazement and touched the tree, but my hand just slipped through. My eyes widened, and I was about to take my hand, but there was a force pulling me forward. I tried to use my power to escape, but it wasn’t effective until it swallowed me. I closed my eyes as the light blinded me. When I fluttered my eyes open, I couldn’t help but gasp in amazement at what I saw. I am here on top of a mountain and I can see up here the entire town below. There are many colored houses and on the other side of the mountain, there is a huge purple medieval castle. Another gasp let out of my mouth when suddenly the sunlight hit my skin. I could feel the heat, which I didn’t feel before because it used to just penetrate. “What happened? Where am I?”
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Chapter 2: Invisible to Visible (Part 2)
[Luna Syesha]After our long talk, they let me stay in their house. It is almost six o’clock in the evening and people are getting ready because any minute from now, their appearance will change. They will transform into wolves. Grandma Mela and Berting told me not to leave the house until morning. But I want to see their transformation. They left the house in a hurry because it was only a few seconds to six o’clock. I just peeked out through the window. All the people are outside.At exactly six o’clock, they all transformed into wolves and howled while looking up at the moon. Then, I saw a woman in black riding a broomstick and I could hear clearly what she was saying because of her loud ugly voice.“Bwahahaha, how are you, my pets? Hahaha haha, you all deserved it!” The ugly woman laughs like a witch. Oh, she’s really a witch. And she’s so ugly!I saw all the wolves looking like lost sheep. They seem terrified of this witch. A smile curved on my lips. I didn’t follow Grandma Mela’
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Chapter 3: The Legendary Snake (Part 1)
[Third Person POV]People living in Sampa town are happy again. The curse of witches from black wizards finally lifted. Everyone is having fun and they are thankful for a girl named Luna. Fearing that the other witches would return, Luna cast a spell to protect the entire town against the black wizards.Everyone witnessed Luna make protection barriers around the town. At first, the people were afraid of what Luna was doing. But Luna informed them what she did was for their safety. When Luna flew upward into the air, it amazed everyone. Luna doesn’t even use a wand like them. The Mages use a wand to unleash their abilities but with limitations because their body is weak. Too much power will kill them. “Luna! Luna!”Luna wandered around the entire town with Riget when someone called her. The young girl rushed to her and eventually smiled widely at her.“Hi, Luna! I’m Mirai! Can I talk to you for a moment? Please?”Luna hesitated but later on agreed. The young girl smiled broadly and pu
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Chapter 3: The Legendary Snake (Part 2)
[Luna Syesha]A gasp let out of my mouth when suddenly a giant snake came up from the stream. It looked at me evilly.‘I guess I’m lucky today. I haven’t eaten for a long time bwahahahaha.’My forehead creased, and my eyebrows furrowed when I heard a voice. I looked around, but there was no one else here but me. Therefore, I conclude the snake is the one who speaks.The snake suddenly rushed towards me, but I dashed away. I jumped on a tree branch.“Why do you want to eat me, giant snake?” I asked, and the snake stopped attacking me.‘You can understand me?’ the snake asked for confirmation. “Yes.” I jumped down and landed on the rock where I was sitting earlier. The giant snake looked at me and bowed slightly.‘Forgive my audacity, princess...’“How did you know I was a princess?” I asked.‘You have the blood of a princess and the blood of a goddess.’ the snake said. Afterward, the snake suddenly glowed. My mouth hung in awe to see the snake’s new appearance when the dazzling light
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Chapter 4: A War (Part 1)
[Luna Syesha]The sound of the alarm clock on and off woke me up. I got up and did some stretching. It’s another day! A smile formed on my lips as I glimpsed Regit sleeping on the sofa peacefully. He’s so cute. I quickly took a shower and when I finished, I realized I didn’t have any clothes. But I found a dress laying down on the bed. I slipped it on and smiled as I dashed out of the room. I found Grandma Mela in the dining room while preparing something to eat. “Good morning, Grandma Mela!” I greeted. She gave me a sweet smile and said, “Oh, good morning, Luna. Come here and help me prepare our breakfast.”“Sure, Grandma!” I replied energetically and helped Grandma Mela prepare the table. After that, we ate in comfortable silence. “Where is Uncle Berting?” I asked, after noticing that the man wasn’t home.“He left so early. Every morning before the sun rises, everyone begins their training. This is the second war that will take place throughout Majika. So we must prepare ourselves.
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Chapter 4: A War (Part 2)
[Luna Syesha]“Armani, we need to get down and help the people below,” I said, and Armani growled. “Luna, they have now begun the war,” Mirai said nervously.Suddenly, the sky darkened, and now dark smoke covered the whole place. To the east, knights from the palace marched towards the town. Witches and black wizards rushed toward the knights, so the battle began. Even in the palace, the fight also started. Armani flew downwards in a swift motion and shortly after we landed and Mirai got off his back. The fight stopped when they saw us. Armani blew a white smoke, and it surprised the witches and black wizards.We immediately charged to continue the fight. I didn’t realize that the war would take place right now. Lots of flying witches and black wizards casting black spells. Mirai prepared herself and fought the black wizards that attacked her. I’m still riding at the back of Armani. We flew upward and fought the witches, who were also flying around. We both sighed as we saw the treme
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Chapter 5: The Portal Has Opened (Part 1)
[Luna Syesha]“No! I’m not your child! You killed my parents! I will make you pay for what you did!” Mirai said, her eyes narrowed with a clenched fist. “They deserve to die because they took you away from us! It was their fault that we lost you! They took you, Mirai! And I did everything I could to see you...” Asgar said, while tears escaped from his eyes. “No. I don’t believe you!” Mirai cried. I knew the truth hurt her. She looked so confused because of Aira, who looks like her.Everyone looked at me as I walked towards the air bubbles where Asgar was.“L-Luna...” Mirai called, and I just smiled at her.I looked at Asgar and said, “There’s only one way to find out if you’re saying the truth, Asgar. Once you are lying, I will not hesitate to kill you.” Asgar nodded. Because of the little air that he inhaled inside the air bubble, made him weak. I blew the air bubbles, causing Asgar to fall weakly to the ground. His children approached him.“Are you okay, Father?” Aira asked worrie
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