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Daniel Stevenson was the 28 year old composed CEO of UL Publishing, which was well known for having the best seller books in the states. The man was certain that he was going to do well on the path that his late father left him. But behind his matured, strong and kind personality, there was a simple man who wanted to have the luxury of having his own family. He wanted a loving wife and children who he would see, every time he would come back home. One day, his dreams seemed to come into life when a woman with a familiar surname caught his attention. And just as his dreams became more vivid, it vanished when he found out that the woman he had been planning to get, was the one who was going to destroy them all. They found out that no one knows who she really was.

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6 chapters
Chapter 1: What's the name?
Chapter 1: “Good evening, everyone.” Said the man, standing on the stage after clearing his throat, as all the heads of the guests turned to look at him. Being used to the public eye, his lips curved into a thin smile before he continued to speak with a modulated tone. “I'm Daniel Stevenson. As you all heard from the meeting last week, I am now the new CEO of the UL Publishing.”The room went silent for several seconds, as the guests nodded their heads in understanding. “Thank you all for being here tonight. Please, enjoy the book signing.” He ended, as they started the said book signing. Although his smile was wide in his face, there was a pinch of pain, building on his chest. When the sound of applause died down, Daniel walked out of the stage that seemed to double the doubt in his head. As he made his way towards his seat, a man in his age pa
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Chapter 2: Good boy
Chapter 2: “I'm so beautiful…” Anastasia mumbles to herself, looking at reflection in the mirror, as she puts the clip bangs to its right place. It gives her the full bangs she wanted, and it compliments her voluptuous looks.Her green eyes stare back at her, as a chuckle escapes from her full red lips. She stands up with a good height of 5'9 after admiring her ready look and stares at her suit that fits her body, perfectly. Leaning on the sink, she kisses the mirror for a second before a smirk curve into them.“What a gorgeous woman you've become.” She says before she turns her heels and walks out of the bathroom. The sound of her heels clicking on the floor echoes to her room, as she makes it down to the living room. She keeps a sigh in her chest, as the memories of her an
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Chapter 3: Ogling boss
Chapter 3:“Sir Alec told me to come here, Mr. Stevenson. I am the manager of the C team.” The lady in his age explains as Daniel nods in understanding. “The lists of the new writers are on your desk, Mr. Stevenson.”Daniel turns to walk towards his desk, as he picks up the said lists. “Alright. You can go now.” He then sits on the swivel chair, and the lady nods before she walks out of the office.Heaving a sigh, Daniel begins to read the lists, containing the names of the new writers that he'll be seeing later at the contract signing. He groans when he sees the number of them. Not just around 50, but 70 plus. He starts with the horror genre, which has 15 counts of Writers. Horror has been one of the centers of their company, striving beneath the mystery and erotica.&nb
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Chapter 4: Vicky's the name
Chapter 4: One year ago. April 1st, 2019. It was 10 on a sunny morning that day when Anastasia was walking in the colorful hallway of a kindergarten. The wind was constantly whistling, blowing on the pleasing atmosphere, her heels clicking on the ground. She stopped in a classroom, and she beamed her bright smile that her students loved. She was carrying two books on her right arm: one was math, and the other one was the arts. She still hadn't entered the room, but she could already hear the giggles of her students, making her chuckle. She shook her head in disbelief. “God bless these little kids.” She mumbled to the air before she turned the knob and gently pushed it.  Of course, the kids didn't seem to be bothered by h
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Chapter 5: Dalton's bitch
Chapter 5“Hey, Dan. What's with the buildings that caught your eyes for about thirty minutes now?” Alec, who's sitting on the front of Daniel's desk asks, as he plays the pen on his fingers. He raises a brow when his boss doesn't seem to hear him.Daniel on the other hand stays in his position, as he keeps his eyes wandering the busy street. Something in his mind won't stop bothering him, as his heartbeat runs fast. He can't tell if it's good or not, but all he knows is he can't stop himself from smiling. Daniel lets out a sigh before he turns back to his deck, only to see Alec grinning at him.Daniel raises a brow, as Alec wiggles his brows. “What's with your face?” Daniel asks, earning a chuckle from Alec.“That's my question too, Dan. What's with your face?” Alec repeats as he flashes his teasing smirk.The not-so-clueless Daniel continues to walk towards his desk. “What do you mean?” He asks in
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Chapter 6: What are your names, boys?
Chapter 6:5:00 AM, April 2. 165 Howltown Kd, Laine, USA.Anastasia's alarm clock had not rung yet, but she was already in a pair of her running outfit and gears. The cool breeze of the morning whistled through her ears, as she made her way towards the woods. The woods where she usually goes jogging. It calmed her heart, as she made it inside of the woods.She was welcomed by the usual sound of the woods: the peacefully wild birds, chirping on their nests, some flying around the trees, seemingly roaming around, and the usual sound of the leaves beneath her running shoes. Anastasia couldn't help but smile, warmly, seemingly embracing the quietness of the woods, as she roamed around.She jogged without stopping until she reached a small river, almost closed to the center of the woods. She stopped right in front of the running water before she let out a sigh. The sun was still out of the view, bringing a thin smile to
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