My Heart Belongs To You

My Heart Belongs To You

By:  Suniti Mehrotra  Completed
Language: English
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Viren was the only son of the biggest industrialist Rai Bahadur. He is the CEO of the company. He was a ruthless businessman for the outer world but was very considerate and loving where his family matters or the persons he loved were involved. Due to his past baggage, he didn't have faith in commitments, love and marriage. Priya, a middle-class girl and assistant to Rai Bahadur, was a chirpy, soft-hearted girl who could do anything for her family. What will happen when both of them are tied in a contract marriage for one year.? One can not control whom to fall in love with, and the same happens with them. They fell in love with each other. Oblivious to each other ' feelings, they continued their awkward, unwanted relationships. A person seeing them from afar wouldn't believe that they are bound in contract marriage. They were a lovey dovey sweet couple. Entrance of a person shatters their life. Their dream of living happily breaks. Circumstances take a turn and they decide to dissolve their marriage. With mutual consent, they file for divorce. Will this divorce break them apart?

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70 chapters
Chapter 1 Beginning
Chapter 1  Beginning       In a grand size office room, a tall man in his late fifties with a subtle jawline fair complexion and salt pepper hairline was pacing. A knock on the room stills him, a man in his late thirties enter, "good afternoon sir. Viren sir's flight will land in an hour and I have sent the car to pick him up from the airport."   This is Mr RaiBhadur Singh president of one of the top enterprise in India. They manufacture almost everything. His only son Viren who is in New York City has gone for his higher education and never came back. The only times he was there was when his father would forcefully call him. Today also he came due to his father's pressure.     A sudden knock on the door stills him, "come in".   On getting approval, a girl in her mid-twenties wearing professional attire. Her hair tied in a neat bun. She was a fair-complexioned beauty with a brain. She is Priya, Rai Bahadur's
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Chapter 2 Engagement
Chapter 2             VIREN POV        The meeting went well. We were able to grab the deal. This deal is quite beneficial for our company's reputation. Dad's assistant Miss er......., I'm unable to remember her name did a good job. The presentation was quite appreciable. I will personally look at this project.     Someone dabs on his shoulder, he turns to find his best friend Ajay standing there."Hey, why are you standing in the middle of the corridor and thinking. This time uncle didn't allot an office or what"?Ajay chuckled.  "Hey Ajay, when did you come, I didn't see you?""It was because you were in your dreamland""Come, move your ass to my office.""What were you thinking. Is it someone particular? Is it your girlfriend, how is she tall, fair or plumpy with a dusk complexion. Leave it just show me her pic."Viren smacks his shoulder playfully, "control
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Chapter 3 Engagement Dinner
Chapter 3  The girl was dressed in pistachio colour Kurta and Orange palazzo. She was wearing a pearl necklace with matching pearl earrings. Viren was bewildered at the fact that what she was doing here.    Vidhushi has reached where Ajay was standing.  "You are looking stunning" Ajay whispered so that only Vidhushi can hear. Her face turned crimson on hearing this."You are not looking bad either," Vidhushi replied. Ajay rolled his eyes playfully."Ahem, ahem. You have a whole life to talk to each other, let us now start with the ceremony.""No, Ajay speak as much as you can now, after marriage you won't be able to change a channel without permission. What do you say Aakash(Ajay father)? chuckling Vinod(Vidhushi father)said" I agree with you Vinod, we can't even wear what we want after marriage. Enjoy your liberty as much as you can"."Are we that bad? Complete the function on your own" scowling both the mothers started leaving the st
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Chapter 4 Surprise
Chapter 4   A girl can be seen sitting near a riverbank seeing the peaceful and serene atmosphere. She was engrossed in the environment when she suddenly hears a buzzer which makes her jolt up from sitting and she falls with a thud. She opens her eyes and finds herself on the floor. The buzzer she heard was her alarm which was a signal for her to wake up."Oh! no, it is 8'o clock, I should be fast, else I would be late for the office."   She finished her business in the washroom and then came out. After wearing her clothes, she applied eyeliner and lipstick of light shade of pink and dabbed it with a gloss.Read more
Chapter 5 Will
Chapter 5   "Vasudha di, when did you come and why didn't anybody tell me that you are coming?"Priya said while giving her a bone-crushing hug."I came here today itself and as for not confiding you,  well I wanted to surprise you ""Vasudhda, Priya come for dinner, after that you both can chat as much as you want"ma's voice came from the kitchen itself.   They all sat at the table and started chit-chatting. “Ma, where is Puneet?”Read more
Chapter 6 Ajay's Wedding
      It was almost a month since Viren had talked to Viraj. Still, he didn't know what to do. Today he thought of going to meet Ajay and discuss his problem with him. As such he was calling him for a long time as his wedding day was around the corner and he needed his help for selecting his outfits and finalising them. That is why Viren thought he could shoot two birds with one stone. After lunch, he informed his dad about his plans and then drove off.   “Hey, Ajay what’s up”.Ajay was talking on the phone so he just nodded and waved his hand to Viren to sit. After a long talk on the phone, Ajay came near Viren.Read more
Chapter 7. Contract
      The weekend has arrived a little too early. It was a beautiful day in Mumbai. A soft breeze was flowing, there was misty rainfall which was like a fog enveloping the environment. One person didn't care about the weather and was sleeping lazily. The knock on the door awakened him."Come in" he lazily called on."Good Morning Viren Sir. Sir is waiting for you for breakfast"." Ok, tell him I am coming".      After refreshing himself, he went downstairs to have breakfast.Read more
Chapter 8 Decent girl
Numerous girls approached Viren after hearing about the contract, but they were good for one night stands or for hanging around or spending some time. For some he felt were gold diggers. None of them were the type of girls you would like to meet your parents. Viren was getting fed up but he couldn't do anything. After all, it was his idea. Whenever he thinks of withdrawing, he reminisces about the draft of his father's will,  which was shown to him by Viraj. His day started as usual. The buzzer of his intercom distracted his attention.“What is it Priya”“Sir, I got a call from reception that a girl wants to meet you.”“You know I’m very busy right now. Can't you just send her off? Please Priya only this time.”“Sir I
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Chapter 9 Prposal
  They entered the hospital and Viren ran to the reception.“Room number of Mr Rai Bahadur Singh. I'm his son”“VIP ward room number 21. Go straight turn right, there is the elevator 5th floor”“Thank you, miss”.   Both of them rushed in the told direction. Priya with some of the employees of their office stood there.“Priya what happened? How is dad?”“Sir, the boss has asked for the files of the new project. When I went into the cabin, I felt as if he was breathless so I inquired. He asked me to fetch his medicine. He collapsed before I could give him his medicine. With the help of Mr Agarwal and oth
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Chapter 10 Meeting
Viren went after her.” Priya “he shouted.Priya didn't want to stop, but hearing him shouting her name on the street, she stopped.“What do you want, after making me feel like a cheap slut.”“Priya I didn't mean like that. Keeping the circumstances in mind, I thought maybe we both can help each other. It is just a matter of a year, after that we can decide what we want. Think about it. During the weekend think about it and you can answer me on Monday.”“Leave my hand, I want to go.”It was then he realized he was holding her wrist. Immediately he left her hand which fell on her sides.<
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