The School's Cool Girl

The School's Cool Girl

By:  Kiraran  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hailey May Collins is the school's cool girl; Smart, confident, mysterious, and intimidating. Everything that she does is admired by everybody, even by the way she walks or talks. Everybody worships her. But her cool-girl personality is nothing but a mask to hide her true self - a nervous and paranoid teen who's constantly worried about her social status. But even though she's having a hard time putting on her mask, she would gladly play along until after her senior year. That is until she discovered the secret of the Student Council students, whose real identities are The Pandorgriffs. The most popular girl and boy band of the year. Now, everywhere she goes, they follow her like a stalker. But what’s worse than having famous stalkers? It's when they find out about her secret as well.

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61 Chapters
Welcome to Waynard High
You're a nerd when you’re good in math.You're a prep when you’re into fashion.You're a jock when you play sports.You're emo when you have too much eyeliner and wears a lot of black.You're a slacker when you pretty much don't do anything.You're a playboy when you like to switch from one girl to the other.You're popular when you’re cool.........but not as cool as Hailey May Collins will ever be.I was never a cool person to begin with. Not the ordinary cool kid that you think. I'm the kind of cool
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Chapter 1 The Cool Girl
 "So what are you gonna do about it, nerd?" Says a guy as he holds the nerd's belongings up. Keeping the ‘nerd’ guy from reaching it. The nerd, with the big bulky glasses, stared at his belongings in defeat as he tried to reach for them. Based on their uniform, I could tell that they are both from the same school as I am."Please give it back, Tyler.""Make me." Tyler, the school's jock and the well-known bully, challenged the kid.I scoffed as I decided to go to them. "Is there a problem here?"The two finally noticed my presence and immediately parted. Tyler quickly hid the things behind his back while the nerd kid stared at me with his mouth open. His glasses slightly fell from his nose, which he then adjusted. "H-Hailey."Read more
Chapter 2 Live Concert
Physics was done in a flash. Since it was the first day of school, the teachers didn't make us do a lot of things. Usually, they just make us write about our expectations about this subject and what we want to learn. Of course, just for the sake of passing the papers, the students would just write a bunch of nonsense and lies. Don't you agree?"Students, this is your vice president Xander speaking." Xander's voice rang in the speakers as we were about to exit the room. Hearing his voice just made me glare at the speaker and chanting DIE. I wouldn't have been in that situation if I hadn't bump into him. "This afternoon, there will be no classes!”The students erupted in cheer. You could even hear the students from the o
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Chapter 3 How Much Did You See?
All the members of the student council were staring at me as if I was a freak or something, which I am not. Rude much.On the other note, Patrick was looking back and forth between me and the student councils. Oblivious to the tension boiling in the air. It must be nice being a kid. Finally, Patrick looked at his brother. "Xander, do you know her?" He asked his brother and pointed at me. I frowned at his finger. Hadn't his parents told him that it's not nice to point your finger at people?Meanwhile, Xander was still looking at me, confused about what to do. "I-uh-yeah." He stood up straighter. "Patrick, why don't you go to my room and stay there for a while?" Read more
Chapter 4 Trapped
"Mom. I'm home." I called out as I entered our door. It was quiet and my voice echoed in the large living room. My nose suddenly caught a whiff of something being baked.Mmmm....cookies.....My stomach started to growl so I followed the scent into the kitchen. There, I saw my mom humming as she took the tray out of the oven and placed it on the counter. She was wearing a pink apron that hugged her slim body. Unlike me, my mom has brown hair, which she currently tied into a high ponytail.I took a step forward towards the counter. The sound of me approaching made her raise her green eyes at me and smiled. "Hey, sweety. How was school?" She asked.I sat on one of the chairs near the counter and turned to face her. "It was cool. Same old title, same treatment." I s
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Chapter 5 To Catch a Cool Girl
Are they serious? They're really going to transfer here? Why?! I continued to stare at them until their eyes found mine. I have to fight the urge to look away when they did."Alright! How about you take your seats so we could now proceed to the lesson?"Leo smiled at the professor and nodded. I couldn't help but notice that his eyes darted to me for a second before he and the other student councils followed him. Everyone in the class followed their every step with their eyes. Giggles of excitement came from the girls whenever they pass by them.I, for one, would have been too if I hadn't noticed that they were headed in my direction.Oh crap. Act normal act normal. I told myselfRead more
Chapter 6 Join Us
What did he say? Join the student council?I threw my head back as I laughed. "Sorry. I thought you said to join the student council."His face remained expressionless. "I did." I stared at him to see if he was perhaps kidding about his invitation but he's not. Handsome or not, I glared at him. "Really? You chased me all day just to invite me in-" I gestured towards them and made a circle with my finger. "-your group?""That and to keep an eye out for you." Added Sheen and I glared at him to shut up. He did.I returned my gaze back to Leo. "No."This time, it was Sandy who spoke up. "Please, Hailey. Think about it. I would love to have another girl in the group." She said an
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Chapter 7 Birth Of Felisha
"Hey, honey. Why are you home so early?" My mom immediately asked me once I got home."Nothing. Just tired and not in the mood for school.""Are you alright?" She asked me worriedly.I nodded. "Nothing like a good bed rest can't fix." I gave her a small smile and let her place the back of her palm on my forehead.She tsked. "I'll take that excuse for today, but you better not be doing that regularly, okay? You have to keep your grades up for college."I smiled. "Of course. Can't wait for college after all." And be done with this drama. "I'm going to my room, okay?" I said as I kissed her on the cheek before heading up."Oh wait."I sto
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Chapter 8 Checkmate
I just stared at her and at the wig in disgust. "Ew. Why pink?"Then I heard a loud slap as she facepalmed. "I just gave YOU an IDEA and the first time that came to your mind is about the wig’s COLOR!? Are you being serious right now?!”I flinched at the tone of her voice. "I know. I heard you so...yay!!! FELISHA HUGHES!! THE DAUGHTER OF SHREK AND FIONA WAS BORN!! But pink? Really?!" I shivered. When I looked up, I almost screamed in fright when I saw the look of fury on Kaila's face. You could totally imagine a fire in the background by how she looks. I gulp.She stormed to me and grabbed my arms. She hauled me up. "W-wait! What are you gonna do to me?" "Relax. I promise you this won't hurt you.""You&rsquo
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Chapter 9 Follow The Leader
Yesterday, I told one of the staff to burn to wig. That stupid thing was the root and cause of my downfall. I am pretty sure of it. So to say, I think it deserves a bitter end.I was walking along the hallway with my bag slung over my should as usual. I made a stop at my locker and grabbed the needed books for my first period. Then, I headed for my classroom. Once I opened the door, my eyes scanned the area for a bit to make sure the pests - a.k.a the student councils - weren’t around."Morning, Hailey!!""Hailey! Hi!"The student greeted me but I took no interest in them as I continued my search. When I found no sign of them, I smiled on the inside and headed fo
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