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"Don't you know babygirl, you don't have any rights on me and that place" He said rolling his fingers in my hair. "I am your wife" I yelled. "yes, But before my personal whore " He said taking my fistful hair in his hand and smashing his lips on mine. Mature content 18+ This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental

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22 chapters
" Babygirl, I know you are Missing your lover boy" He said lifting my chin with his forefinger and thump.   "Listen me carefully this time" He said tighten his grip on my chin making my eyes teary.   " I am your master" Then He tsk " Your husband babygirl" He said like psycho is talking with his favourite toy.   " And I don't like when you think about other man rather then me" He said and his eye darken. "He will gonna hurt me" the only word repeating in my mind.   " Are you listening me" He yelled pinching my chin.   "Ahhhh" I cried roaming my finger on my sore chin.   "Next time if I found you looking this tree again. I am warning you this is last day of fucking tree on this planet" He said leaving my room.   "Please, Let me go" I said sitting on the floor crying my heart out . He stop in his track looking at me. I heard footsteps again
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Chepter 1
"Have you got all information" A man sitting in darkness asked to Charlie. "Yes sir. The contract Mr. Shaw is saying is indeed true" Charlie replied to a person. "Good, Now you can go" He said and Charlie nodded. "Interesting deal is waiting for me" Man said leaving his study. A men is none other than Reyan wolf. Who is going to be king and controller of Kenner. He is single heir of wolf family. He is successor of the wolf family after his father. As per the ritual of the wolf family he need to first prove himself for the position. *****"Son, You have one year to prove yourself and this place only belong to the person who want to control the world and rule the place like king. You need to be ruthless for the person who tried to enter in your world with motive to break your kingdom and being kind to those who depend on you. A controller and king can't be ruthless with his kingdom
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Chepter 2
"How was your meeting" Arina asked her father once they settled in car.   "It was good, Just pray princess once I got that deal, Our life will be back on track" Mr Shaw said to her daughter.   "I will pray dad" Arina said to her father looking king empire out of car window.   "Don't you think king was little weird" Arina asked her father.   "Princess don't ever say anything to King. He may be weird but we have respect him" He father told her.   "Hmm dad" she murmured.   "Princess you birthday is coming what you want this birthday" Her father asked to change the top. He also noticed how king was looking her daughter and he was hoping may be in future there is chance of him to being close relationship with king.   "I want Aaron should live with us"She said looking her father with hopeful eyes.   "Princess you know he mu
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Chepter 3
"Mom.." Arina asked once she reached her home. Rosella was busy with clothShe have brought today for Arina's birthday. "Baby, Come here" She was so excited for her birthday like it's her birthday. "Mom you know, I don't want big party" Arina softly said looking her Rosella excitement she don't have heart to confront her. "Baby it's you eighteen birthday" she chirped. "What's so good in that mom" she said sitting on the couch with batter bottle. "Now you should have boyfriend" Rosella said. "What !!! Mom " Arina choked water she was drinking. "Baby when I was turn eighteenth, I already had lost my virginity" Rosella smirked. "I am not interested in anyone mom" Arina said leaving living room to go her room. "King is also coming, So I want you to look best on your birthday" Rosella yelled.
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Chepter 4
"Where are you going" Rosella asked Arina."College" She said looking her confused. "No, We are going to beauty salon baby" Rosella said taking her purse. "Why" Arina asked making her lips in thin line. "What Why? , Girls go salon to look more beautiful" Her mom said and she rolled her eyes. "I don't want to go" She said taking deep breath.  "Please baby, Tomorrow is big day and you need to look best, I want to find a boyfriend for you" Rosella said and Aaron bust out in laughing. "Go sis, I don't think so you have any option" Aaron said showing her his toung. "Aaron..." She yelled. "Stop , You both let's go baby" Rosella said dragging her to car. "Mom, Why you always dragged me to beauty salon" Arina complaint. "It's needed dear, Once you find a boy for you. You w
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Chepter 5
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARINA" Rosella, Aaron and Barton yelled at 12 'O' Clock in Arina's room.   "Thank you" She said in raspy voice.   "Let's cut a cake" Rosella said while Aaron placed cake in front of Arina.   "Make a wish baby" Barton said before she can cut cake.   "I will wish in party" She said but again stopped this time by Rosella.   "It's doesn't matter, Just wish every time you cut the cake" Rosella said.   "Yeah sister next time on my birthday I will cut 100 cake and ask 100 wishes" Aaron said and all started laughing.   "Don't listen this idiot Make a wish" Rosella said playfully slapping on Aaron arms.   "Ok.." Arina said closing her eyes.   "Always Keep my family happy and healthy" She wished and opened her yes.   "Can I cut now" she asked and all nodded. &nbs
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Chepter 6
"Thanks for your corporation Mr. Shaw, Now we are leaving" Reyan shook his hand with Barton. "It's my pleasure my king" Barton said and Reyan and Charlie left his house. "Charlie I want all pictures of party specially focus on her" Reyan said leaving Mr Shaw house. "Ok My king" Charlie said. "Charlie you can leave now" Reyan said sitting on driving seat. "Yes My King" Charlie bowed his head. Reyan drove his car to his private villa. He always visit his villa whenever he wanted peace and alone time.The villa is located to outer edge of the city covered in nature with modern amenities. "Welcome my King" A mid age lady opened the door and welcome Reyan. "Ohhh Sia, you don't need to call me king" Reyan said playfully hugging her. "But I should give you respect because you are no more prince" She said
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Chepter 7
"What is this" Arina asked looking blue file in Rosella hand. "Gift..." Rosella grinned looking at Barton. "I have you all that's my gift" Arina looking her small family. "Yes, but this gift is from your parents" Barton said pointing green file. "Mom, Dad" Arina eyes filled with tear mentioning her parents name. Her parents death is sore part to her. "Yes, Your mother was not an ordinary women she was belong to royal family but after getting married to your father. She left everything behind because your father was ordinary businessman who was supplying fruits. Her parents accept her when they got to know they have heir and they left their all properties to you" Barton explain giving her green file. "And sweetheart this is our gift for you" Rosella gave file to her. Arina eyes widen when she read she has twenty five percent shares of Shaw
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Chepter 8
"Sia, I am leaving" Reyan said eating his breakfast.   "Yesterday you told me you will stay here for one day" She pout.   "Some work need my attention" He said chewing his food.   "Yeah King and his never ending work" She mocked sitting one of the chair.   "Yeah Sia" Reyan mimicked.   "Young man, I want you when come next time bring your girl with you,So you can stay here for some more time and get some peace" she said cutting apple for Reyan.   "If I don't have any girl with me, You won't allow me here" He tease her.   "That sounds good" she showed him her white teeth.   "I bring only one girl here in my life Sia" He said cleaning his mouth with napkins.   "Huh?" She asked.   "Your daughter in law aka Queen" He smiled leaving his chair.   "I will be waiti
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Chepter 9
"Charlie I want tonight everything perfect" Reyan said looking laptop.   "Yes, My King" Charlie said bowing head.   "Charlie you can leave for now but make sure all things should be confidential" He said in serious tone.   "As you want my King" Charlie nodded and left his cabin.   "Redhead, Something interesting is waiting for you" He smirked.   Reyan was in his imagination with Arina but his cellphone ringed breaking his thoughts.   "Hello" Reyan asked happily looking his father name in call.   "Reyan, Now you are CEO of Wolf empire and King of our kingdom" Richard Was serious. His voice was indicating something is not under control.   "Yes Father, What happened" He asked.   "Elders wants good profit from mining business Reyan, It's totally need your attention. So I just want to again remind you
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