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Everyone knows the legend of the Minotaur. But that's all it is to them - a myth. And even then, the myth only tells the tale of a monster slain by a hero. Has anyone bothered to ask the supposed monster for his side of the story? Of course not. And I should know. I am that "monster." I am Asterion, The Minotaur, and the first of my kind. And this is my story. You can decide for yourself who the monster truly is.

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48 Chapters
Chapter One
I doubt many will ever care to read this. I doubt many will believe my story let alone that I wrote it with my hand. But all you are about to read is true. This is the story of my life. I am a bastard, a monster, a deity, and the first of my kind. I am Asterion of Crete. You may know me better as Minotaur.I was born at sunset of the summer solstice to Queen Pasiphaë. Before my birth, King Minos and everyone in Crete thought I would be their ninth child and heir to the throne. However, at my birth, it became very apparent my mother had been unfaithful. When I was born with the head of a pure white calf, white hairs across my body, a tail, and animal-like legs with hooves, there was no doubt that I was no Prince of Crete. My mother tearfully confessed to her illicit affair as I was ripped from her breast. She'd been disguising herself as a cow to fulf
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Chapter Two
We’re onto the fourth day of this ‘festival.’ Three days, three male Athenians. I now have plenty of meat smoked and salted preserved. They will last me a while. Especially that last one, Menestheus, was a portly boy. Sitting on my bed, sharpening my ax, I listen to the crowd outside, waiting to hear the fourth name. “Welcome to the fourth day of the festival! Let the selection begin!" Minos called out as he drew today’s tribute. “Melite!" he called out, and I heard the sobbing of a girl that grew louder and echoed as she was forced into the labyrinth. I cocked my head, setting down my sharpening stone, debating if I should bring my ax. This is some young maiden. Should I bother killing her? I guess I’ll decide that when I cross paths with her. I set my ax aside and start to meander from my room. I can hear her whimpering as her feet shuffle along the trails.
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Chapter Three
I rolled my eyes, not surprised by how the story has been told. “There are some truths to it, and then much was left out." I sighed. She moved closer to the edge of the bed. “Can you tell me? The true story?" she asked. I furrowed my brow, not sure why I would. “I’m not going anywhere. There’s no escaping this place, and well, if you aren’t going to kill me… I hope you still aren’t going to do that." she spoke up.“Fine." I sighed, giving in. Melite smiled and seemed to perk up that I was giving in. “Well, go on. Tell me. Start from the beginning." she encouraged. “I’m not sure why you care, but fine." I sighed. “The part about the bull and my mother is somewhat true. Minos wanted Poseidon’s favor in his war against his brothers for the throne. Poseidon sent a snow-white bull with the instruction that the bull was supposed
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Chapter Four
She gasped into my mouth, her fingers digging into my fur, and damn, does it feel good. Carefully I leaned her back to the bed, not wanting to crush her with my weight. Pulling back, I licked the length of her neck, rewarded with her shivering and goosebumps forming along her skin. “Asterion…" she sighed softly, almost moaning. “You were well named, Melite. You taste like honey." I whispered in her ear. My hand traveled down from her head to her shoulder, unpinning her chiton tossing the pin aside. Melite arched up as my hand went lower, pulling the fabric away to kiss and lick at her exposed skin. It’s a good thing I’m still full from eating Idas’ liver earlier, because oh wow, does her skin taste good. She gasped as I shifted lower, ripping her strophion to reveal her perky breasts. Her nipples already hardened before my tongue even started flicking them. <
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Chapter Five
“Where did you go?" she questioned as she spotted me. “And where did you get those baskets?" she continued to question, brow furrowing. I sighed and set the baskets down. “Are you hungry?" I asked, digging into one of the baskets. “Where did you go? Where did you get those baskets?" she repeated. I sighed, setting out some cheese, bread, and meat. “I went to light some of the fires to ensure you are warm." I explained. Glancing over my shoulder, I watched as she wrapped the fur blanket around herself and started coming closer. “As for the food. It is from my mother." I explained. She froze at the mention of my mother. I smiled a little as the blanket slipped to the floor, revealing her naked body. There was some redness on her thighs from earlier. “You may want to cover up. It’s distracting. Might not be inclined to let you eat and instead take you on t
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Chapter Six
I woke to the sounds of people gathering outside. Groaning, I was reminded the 'festival' wasn't over. Melite murmured in her sleep, snuggling closer to me. I smiled, remembering how after we had sex against the wall, I carried her back here, and she fell asleep cuddled next to me. With a sigh, I carefully slipped out of bed, getting dressed. "Mmm… Asterion." she murmured but didn’t open her eyes. I decide to leave her to sleep and make her something to eat, knowing the drawing will happen soon and probably wake her. And it doesn’t take long for Minos’ voice to echo through the labyrinth, “Welcome to the fifth day of the festival!” Of course, this wakes Melite.“What’s going on?" she grumbles, sitting up rubbing her eyes. I look over at her as I set a plate of eggs and fruit down. There are some light marks
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Chapter Seven
With the fire started under the tub, I left her to her business. I doubt she wanted me to stand there while she used the toilet. By the time I was back to my room, Europa was awake and looking terrified, huddled in the corner of the room at the head of my bed. She screamed when she saw me and this time I covered my ears she was so loud. “Knock it the fuck off!” I bellowed. My bellowing startled her. Her eyes widened, and she blinked slowly at me as her mouth fell open in shock. “Yes, the monster speaks and has sensitive hearing. It also has a name. It’s Asterion, by the way.” I said, stalking forward to sit at the table. She flinched as if I was stalking towards her. I’m not sure if she was more surprised when I spoke or that I had no intentions of touching her. “You… you aren’t going to…
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Chapter Eight
I wanted to hit something. I can’t beat Europa, no matter how much I want to. As much as I hate to admit it, Melite has me wrapped around her delicate fingers. Why is it no one warned me this could happen from having sex? Or is this just me? I doubt Minos got emotionally attached to my mother the first time they had sex or with any of the whores he’s fucked. Ironic he got pissed that my mother, under a curse from a God, slept with a bull while she’s not allowed to say anything about his many affairs and bastard children. I wish I could talk to my mother. I’m sure she could help me understand this and that she’d also put Europa in her place, but I don’t know when I’ll see my mother again. So I must leave it to Melite to deal with Europa. I can only hope any of the others aren’t like this. However, I do worry about what will happen when one of the boys is
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Chapter Nine
We walked in silence as I led the way to the bath. “Here it is. I’ll be around the corner while you do your business.” I said, gesturing to the bath area. “I… thank you.” Europa said before quickly dashing past me to the bathroom. “Is there not anything for privacy?” she questioned. “No. Remember, this was built for me. No one else is supposed to be alive here. And thus, I’ll be around the corner.” I waved a hand, turning my back to wait around the corner.  It didn’t take her very long to do what she needed then come looking for me. “Asterion?” she called out. She sounded nervous, like she thought I’d just left her there. “I’m right here.” I greeted, stepping out into sight. “Oh, good. I wasn’t sure how far you’d gone. Of if you’d just left me to return to
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Chapter Ten
Europa had genuinely looked shocked that I would promise to protect her. Maybe before my mother can help her escape, Europa will truly understand that I’m not a monster. I won’t hold my breath, but it’s something to work towards. The rest of the day went by slowly and without incident. The girls busied themselves reading what I brought back from my makeshift library. I stayed occupied the same ways I always have, sharpening my ax and wandering the maze.By the time I had returned, both girls were on my bed, sound asleep. “There goes my plans of having Melite to myself.” I sighed, looking over their sleeping forms. They were both under my blanket, sleeping on their sides, facing away from each other. I carpet closer, trying to be quiet or as quiet as a hooved animal of my size can be quiet. I crouched down, gently moving some loose strands of Melite’s golden hair from her
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