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“WAKE UP, DANIELA!” The death warning, yet rather a call that Daniela dreamed about after walking up in the series of chances, greed, sacrifices, and the seven deadly sins, and from an inevitable chance to turn back into time and run into the loop of space and dimension. To her life that was surrounded with lies, blessed fate, but curse destiny she is entwined to save the person who is long dead from the present that she never had in the first place. Now being stunned by the life she never dreams of having, she runs toward the series of miseries behind the hidden books of the reincarnated blood she bares. “Death reincarnated, that is your world and your book.” To the chances that were led by greed, longing or hope, will the past that alters by the son of darkness, will long be able to vanish? What if what everyone knew was a lie, and the lie that they are trying to run away from is the truth they are seeking after all? Will the world they are walking that is filled with the unknown they only knew will lead them to the truth of who is the clone from the original? Can she solve the puzzle of the first book in her world that revolves in the mystery of a tarot deck? From the series of reincarnation and dimension can she solve the real mystery of ‘Who is the real dead one?’

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422 chapters
BLOOD+DANIELA GOMEZ      The perfect doll. The counterpart and the puppet created as the perfect image and the alternate 'she' of the original Princess of Time and Space Dimension, Ai. The Vice-President of the popular paranormal club in the Royal Knights Academy, the Blood +. She is the only maiden of the family of Gomez after a thousand generation bloodline who bares the heavens blessing and the hell’s curse as an in-line family of Shaman, who protects the sacred temple of Deaths famously known as the Death Temple. She possesses the ability of a summoner can summon and call any mythical being from the other realm to be her vessel knight and the most powerful Shaman born after the last curse 1000 years ago. Her life revolves around a series of chances, greed, betrayal, and the people who want her safe and dead. She holds on to her possession and commands the most powerful relic that can bring an end and sta
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           Beware of the little girl in a loop of the dream you thought you will never see. Catch the glimpse of the red rose she’s holding. For your fate is in its wing. A camera that foresees for death is in your way. Wish or die in a well of death and hell.            Don’t dare to look or temp to see. An evil eye that brought a spear, in death will seek the blood of wickedness and a drop of tear lies the hell of your death.A verse yet to see, read it aloud, and there it comes to
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“YOU ARE A WITCH!” “YOU ARE A CHILD OF A DEVIL!” “GO TO HELL!” “LEAVE US ALONE!” “CURSED ONE.” ‘Cursed one’. That is the name they gave her, the mark of their accusations as they claim that she is the daughter of the Devil himself. An omen, the Daughter of Darkness, and everything that comes with their hate, fear, and warry towards her where they associate with, as they brand her since she was three. Because unlike them, unlike ours, she is peculiar. Different from the rest and unlike any other kids. Her red eyes that resemble thick blood, her dark hair comparable
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    (THE 7 BOOKS)            IN the beginning, the sole God created his first being giving its form of the perfect beauty of a serpentine. Which scales shines like diamonds in the night, eyes that resemble the starry velvet night sky, and silver scales that adore the day, with its body that can encircle the entire cosmos HE named the creature,      "Ophiuchus. I shall name you the 'serpent bearer holder of the cosmos, my first creation."       OPHIUCHUS. Thus the birth of the first guardian arises. Known as the spirit and guardian of day and night, light and darkness, good and evil, and the very Yin and Yang, Ophiuchus witness God's creations of his beloved beings. The angels, the world, the tiny creatures
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    (THE BLOOD IN THAT WINTER)      “NO matter what, do not trust anyone,”     “DANIELA.”       Hearing a gentle whisper from someone calling in a far distance as the voice echo from deep within the tunnel-like place surrounded by darkness, a gentle but cold breeze blew as light is now visible in a distance.       “Tick tock, tick tock.”    &nbs
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(BLOOD MOON)     “DANIELA!”      “HUH!”      Walking up from the glimpse of another nightmare, Daniela found herself within the realm of dreams as she is drag inside the dark and hallow space of time in between dimensions. Different from the realm as few can only enter where one should be invited, she opens her eyes waking up from the call of the same voice.     Floating asleep in a chamber of shallow and endless darkness, she slowly stood up expecting a surface to step on, but with her dismay, she felt nothing, but coldness from beneath as she walks floating in hallowed ground.Read more
    (THE NECROMANCER)    “SAY, you would do everything for your older brother, right?”    Humming the death tone as he crushes the chalks into specks of dust on the cold floor. His eyes deepen as he stares closely at his work, alone and ragged as he spends in isolation and hidden in the mansion's underground basement as no one knew and no one even notices.     “I’m almost there.”     He whispers somehow in an insane tone, yet definitely in a clear state as everything from those ten years ago was all just yesterday's event inside his mind.     “This should do it, right?” he sinisterly smiles.     Placing the right and perfect ingredients inside each bottle with the books of his long research are scattered around in a pile,
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      (THE HUNTER’S HUNTED MAIDEN)       CARTOMANCY. They say divination is a devil’s work as those who read someone’s future and past are all witches, as they can play with your life alongside the devil himself, but what if it was not all the case?      “The cursed book, the deck or the stone. Which one should I’ll be playing?”       Whispering as her eyes glow with their bloody red nature, inside the small and dim place where the things that surround her are everything that comes to the fame and title of her life, the flowers, gifts, and the expensive applauds she lives her life in perfection.       “Tick Tock, Tick-Tock, should I say?” as she giggles sinisterly in return. Looking at her reflection as she admires her perfect beauty, her scripted life, and her exchanged soul to make everything according to her wishes. 
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(THE UNKNOWN COMMANDMENTS)    “WAKE UP.”      To the icy whisper of her voice as she breathes a life unto a lifeless doll where the image resembles hers. The puppet by which is the puppeteer had finally been complete.     Opening her eyes reflecting the perfection of her being the doll, a puppet, and a soulless creation. In her glassy grey-green eyes, the artificial soul was created from a part of her creator and master. The doll formed to be a perfect vessel, and the job as the puppet’s puppeteer will continue the flow of time and the plans of the responsible beings who took their turns playing their strategy in the game of chess they are unknowingly playing.     “Here to serve my master.”      Bowing as her emotionless face reflects the perfection of her creator. The doll that she is,
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     (THE TWINS)      “A twin born in the celestial year as the other is a boy is a curse!”      Screaming the rule and more than a belief, an elder cry her anger upon the birth of the twin where the destined one is the blessing, and the other is the curse. The future maiden born on a blessed day after a thousand years is the long-awaited child everyone in the clan is looking forward to since the day that she is conceived, but with the unexpected curse, their clan considers it to be she is paired by the twin that should not exist.      "The heaven's blessing that is this clan's future should never be tainted with the twin who bears a devil's
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