Alpha Of The Night

Alpha Of The Night

By:  R. L Brian  Completed
Language: English
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Alpha Raul… That is his name, The Alpha of the Night. His name was dreaded among his neighboring packs, and nobody dared to cross his path. Alpha Raul has been known for his conquests, he is a cold-hearted, possessive, dominant, power-hungry leader who fought battles and conquered territories, which earned him the title “The Alpha of The Night.” What happens when he was mated to one of the most beautiful, yet innocent young lady of a pack, Hayley, whose Alpha he had betrayed because of his hunger for power? What happens when he found out she was not only a werewolf but also a seer? Little did he know that Luna Hayley also had her secret agender in his life. What could this agender be? Let’s find out in this heart-racing piece containing love, romance, and betrayal.

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202 chapters
Chapter 1
Raul is a fearless werewolf. He is relentless! He is ruthless and powerful. He is the Alpha of his pack and he is to die for. He is the hunk every female wants to be with but he is fussy and has his mind set on just one.He is often misunderstood but there is only one that can get him to pull his acts together. Hayley, his mate, match made for him by the spirits. Both don’t understand the connection but she seemed to be the only female in the whole world who gets him.Hayley was the sweetheart of a werewolf pack in the Western Aisles of the mountains where her brother was the leader. She was the most beautiful and known to be the most loyal. At the age of five, she had lost nearly all her family to a great war that lasted for 7 days and 7 nights. It was rumored that her only sister, Kara, another beauty to behold was in cahoots with the rival pack that attacked their pack because she eventually eloped with a lover from the rival group and was never seen again.Read more
Chapter 2
Kal finally agreed and as he slowly stretched out his huge hands to her she quickly grabbed them and both gasped as she was taken into his past briefly but was suddenly cut short by Raul who forcefully slapped Kal’s hands away from hers.“What are you doing?” Raul roared in ager at Hayley. “You can’t be doing this here in the open. We could be amidst enemies.”Hayley wasn’t listening. She gazed around at the crowd but before she could turn back, both Raul and Kal were gone.Her friends gathered around her curious to know what had happened.“What was that about?” Jaya was trying to be nosy.“I don’t understand why Raul would be so mad at me for doing something he knew was normal amongst us,” Hayley complained.“But what did you see when you held the Alpha’s hands?” Mira cut in.“His eyes were so frightening. I’ve never seen him that up
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The Secret
“Ah ah ah… think about your next move before you regret it, Lucas,” Raul warned while still on the rooftop, now in his human form. He gazed down at the very angry Lucas and his minions and smiled in satisfaction. “Your sister will be fine only if you step down, Lucas. Otherwise, I’ll deliver her body to you bit by bit.” He laughed aloud.“We won’t fight today. So long as we have what we came for. We will live to fight another day. But be ready then, Lucas because it will be bloody.” He concluded and transformed as he hopped out into thin air. Some members of his team followed sooth and others remained to finish the fight while Raul and the others made for an escape.         It was a fight that lasted for long hours. The wounded Hayley watched helplessly from a distance, weak, almost lifeless as carcass filled the battleground. She smiled in sat
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The Vision
 Hayley releases Raul’s hands; her eyes now bleeding.“What’s the matter?” Raul seemed concerned about seeing the blood in her eyes.With a husky voice, she replied, “I’ll be fine. It happens when I get emotional during a session.”Raul hands her a handkerchief from his pocket. Surprised, Hayley took it and wiped the blood off her eyes.“Thank you!”“We can stop until you’re ready to continue.”“I’ll be fine. Enough with the pretense.”“Alright then; that was an order,” Raul concluded and walked away.Hayley sat in her cell thinking about what she had seen. Now she understood Raul better but still had questions and hoped that the next session they would have, would reveal more.The next morning was quiet and it seemed like Hayley was the only one in the territory. She yelled and screamed, “Anyone there…
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Chapter 5
 “What are you doing here?” he asked in a very soft voice laying in his bed; chests, bare.“I came as requested,” Hayley responded in a seductive voice. “I changed my mind.” She stood at the door, hands on her lips.Raul gazed at her with small smiles around his lips, checking her out. He licked his lips and sighed.“Ok.”Hayley headed towards him undressing herself. “I couldn’t get you off my mind. The way you looked at me earlier; sent chills down my spine.”Raul grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to himself. “Hmm… really?”Hayley smiled and nodded like a baby. She threw her arms around his neck. “I want you just as much too.”“You want that?”“Yes, I do.Raul kissed her lips softly and Hayley moaned with pleasure. He paused to look into her eyes and her beautiful lips form a small smile which drov
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CHAPTER SIX… (May) Back at the Western aisles, Lucas tortured his prisoner from Raul’s team. A female called, May. She was rumored to be Raul’s favorite female. Lucas had been torturing her since the battle. She was now looking shattered and pale; severely wounded. Lucas took a seat in front of her. His face was pale and unkempt. His beard was long and bushy. His clothes were rough and his hands blistered. May hung between life and death; hands tied up in the air. She was looking so sickly. “You will never get anything from me.” She managed a whisper and snorted.   Lucas gazed up at her tiredly. “You know why you’re still alive?” Lucas asked in irritation. “Because I haven’t heard anything yet about my sister.” May laughed out loud. “W-what’s so funny?” Lucas asked breathing hard. “Your sister is already dead. Raul has no use for her so he couldn’t have kept her alive all this time.”Read more
Love And Lust
May opened her eyes to find that she was in a strange place. She sighted the priest sitting and rocking his chair smoking pot.“Hey!” she called out in confusion.“Oh you’re awake?” the priest headed towards her smiling.“Don’t touch me.” May pulled back in fear panting hard. “Who are you and where am I?”“You don’t remember?” the priest took a good look at her.“No…”“You came to us asking for help from some outlanders who were chasing you.”May paused and tried to recall.“Yes; I did escape them.” She paused and touched her tummy like she was searching for something. The priest watched her in curiosity.“My baby?”“Baby?”“My baby? Yes; I was pregnant. What happened to my baby?” she cried, tears circling her eyes.“You had no child when y
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Love And Lust II
The priest collected his payment of coins in a small bag and nodded in agreement.“Do I have your word on this; that she will remain like this for as long as I want?” “You have my word, my liege.” “Thank you. Everything’s going to be fine. I promise you.” The following day, Modi ordered servants to get May ready to attend a ceremony as his personal guest. May was dressed up to look even more beautiful than she ever imagined. May had green eyes and really short hair. She had the stature of a male but the face of an angel. She was not a striking beauty but she was tough, smallish with sexy lips. May was escorted to meet Modi at the ceremony and wowed the audience. There was a pause and silence as she walked past the hall. She was shy but maintained a calm look until she approached Modi’s seat. She curtseyed and Modi led her by the hand to her seat
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You Are Weak!
Raul laughed out loud watching Hayley get beat in the game. It was a pool fight game and Raul loved to watch the game. Werewolves are picked randomly to challenge another of their choice and they both battle for the title of strongest.It is a system usually used to train warriors in preparation for a battle. It is also a means used to train and get fit for a battle and it is also a fun game. Either way, it existed to separate the strong from the weak and Raul never misses a game because he also uses it as a means to inspect fighters and also test for whoever is stronger than he is.  Hayley struggled to win while her competitor works hard to get first place. Raul was enjoying this. He loved to watch Hayley get severely beaten by another female. His laughter was the loudest as he teased her in the game.“C’mon Hayley; get up and fight. You’re not going to let a weakling torment you like that; are you?” Raul taunted her.T
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A Broken Heart
Raul sat in his room circled by his minions giving reports on duties he had assigned to them weeks earlier. Hayley approached his room humming her favorite song Alisha keys, Girl on Fire when she sighted Raul and his minions in an argument in his room. She paused at the door to take a look and overheard fragments of their dialogue.“It was her, master. I saw her with my own eyes.” One of his minions argued.“Yes master, she even looked happy with him.” Another added.“Here is the video clip, sir.” One-handed him a device playing the video recording they had captured of May and Modi having fun together. Raul watched in silence.Hayley studied his expression. She could feel a little bit of sadness in her eyes as he watched the video. Then she wondered if she was his mate.“Alright.” Raul stopped the video and looked up at his minions. “I’m glad she’s ok. She looks happy and th
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