Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise

By:  Holly Spanks  Completed
Language: English
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Jean and Marie studying at Liberal International School became classmates and shared something more than what just friends would share. They stood their ground of being best friends, but they were on the way to becoming something more. Because their country had certain restrictions that would cause hindrance in letting them stay together in the way that they wanted to, will both of them be able to fight against all odds or will they be forced to surrender all hope?

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40 chapters
DISCLAIMER – This is a work of fiction. All the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The story is for entertainment purpose only.***                           ***                         *** “Students, today is your last day of being in junior high school. From tomorrow you will be referred to as seniors as your senior high school will start since you are all promoted after such a phenomenal result,” said Ms. Davis who was the class teacher of a wonderful batch of students who were also called the star performers of Liberal International
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Ms. Mejia walked down the stairs, and the girls in the lobby stopped talking and became silent. It was out of respect for the warden or because of fear, but the discipline at the hostel was at its peak, and it felt as if Ms. Mejia had that control over them. But still there were a few girls who were rebellious and didn’t like her as she was stringent with the rules she set. “Goo-oo-ood mo-orning, Ms. Mejia,” the girls sang as she stepped down and was walking to sit on the chair that was kept for her in front of where everyone was standing.“Good morning, girls!” Ms. Mejia responded. She looked at one of the nannies signaling her something, and the nanny went from there to get something for her, it looked like. The other nanny smiled and nodded as she turned to her and asked her about the status of something that had to be taken care of by the nanny. In the meantime, the other one returned with a bunch of
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With the shifting having happened yesterday, and the girls having moved from the building that they were living in to the new one near the main school building where the admin offices are, each one of them is excited about this evening because the most awaited event, which is the dance socials, will be happening at that time. The girls are running around in the whole building to arrange for different things they would need to look spectacular for the event. It will be the first time ever that they will be dancing with the boys officially in school. Which is why all of them wanted to look as good as they could with their make-up, their hair, their dress, their footwear, and their accessories. But before they went to the auditorium in the main building of the school for the event, they were asked to gather in the lobby before they started getting ready for the dance that was organized to give them a welcome to the senior high school which was
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The students graduated from junior high school were all decked up looking their best. Even the boys looked dashing in their finest attire. All the guys looked different for a change. Some of them who were made fun of and always laughed at also looked extremely admirable to everyone else. As the boys were getting impatient to see the way that the girls looked, they started talking out loud with their friends. As the girls started to enter the auditorium dressed as they were not dressed before. They were comfortable wearing either jeans or shorts normally in their everyday life. Sometimes they also wore dresses but the very simple kind made with either cotton or hosiery fabric which was easy to carry unlike the ones that they were wearing today. The whole vibe of the auditorium changed all of a sudden when the girls stepped in one after the other in a line to sit on the opposite side of where the boys were seated. It was because they were to b
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Baffled as to why Jean was standing behind her and not dancing with her partner in the auditorium, she stood up and asked, “Why are you not inside?”“I could ask you the same question, my dear,” replied Jean.“I don’t know, it felt weird dancing with someone who was not only just a boy but also a stranger to me. So, I stepped out to get some fresh air.” “But sweetheart, you are wonderfully dressed to sit here all alone and be by yourself while everyone else is having such a good time inside.” “Come, we will go back,” said Jean. “No, Jean. I don’t want to go back.”“Then we will sit over here and play with the grass together, okay?”“No-no, please, you go back there and have a great time just like others are having.”“What if I said I was not enjoying it at all?” Jean asked. Read more
All the students were very excited about the first day of senior high school. They were not just students, but they were seniors for the rest of the school now. The juniors were going to look up at them, and they had the power to set trends in the school for juniors now. Anything that the seniors had been doing, the whole school followed it. So if the senior boys made spikes with their hair, the juniors would also be looking forward to copying them. If the senior girls left their hair open or for a change braided their hair, that would be followed by the girls in junior classes. It was one of the best feelings to be in senior school for everybody at Liberal International School because they would get to show off and people actually noticed it. Also, being able to talk to the boys and study with them in the same class was another plus point for them as everyone would study together during their senior high school years. T
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On hearing Jean’s instruction, Marie felt butterflies in her stomach. She realized that both of them were on the same page as they wanted the same thing. Once she got comfortable in her seat after removing her book and pen from the bag, she put her legs under her seat and moved a little forward for her legs to be able to go at the back even more. Now, she wasn’t concentrating on resting herself on the backrest of the chair; instead, she wanted her legs to be able to go at the back as much as possible. More so because Jean asked her to do that, and she wanted to have any of Jean’s body parts to touch any of hers as that was enough for her to feel secure. That was something which she was missing in her life big time. She started to worry after it had been a couple of minutes that her legs were under her seat, but she did not feel Jean’s legs getting any closer to hers. Was Jean trying to make fun of her or was she just
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“Marie, where did you go missing yesterday?” Jacob asked after he blocked her way as she was going to the cafeteria with Jean, and before she could answer his question, Jean pitched in to show him the actual place that he belonged to, according to her. She cross-questioned, “How does it matter to you?” “I am talking to Marie, and you are not Marie,” came the reply from him.“Don’t make me angry,” warned Jean, and she added on, “Marie is my best friend, and I can answer for her.”Then she turned to Marie and asked, “Right, bestie?” The moment that she was put on the spot and had to answer the question that was thrown at her by Jean, she blanked out completely. All of a sudden, she forgot the friendship that she was in the process of building with Jean. She also forgot what Jacob was trying to do to her at the dance socials. She lost memory of anything
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All the days of the week that the students were having an introduction to the first year of senior high school to help them choose a stream they would be comfortable devoting their lives to had been interesting with everyone involved in deciding which stream they were willing to build their careers in. For Marie it had also been extraordinarily interesting with so many things that had been happening in her life all at the same time, especially with Jacob having shown extra interest in her. The first day of the new academic year he had asked if he could join Jean and her for lunch at the cafeteria as senior high students had the liberty to eat with the boys on the few tables that were assigned to them specifically for this purpose. The whole of the week similar things happened. Whenever anyone would try to get close to Marie, Jean would be the barrier they would first have to clear. And that seemed too much of a task to all the youngsters as
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Marie’s dad was coming to pick her up from school. She was fondly anticipating meeting her dad and was hoping that he would come alone. Eager to meet her step-mom as well, but the hope of being alone with her dad at least for some time was a dream for her every time she went home. Her step-mom had issues with Marie being alone with her own dad. The possibility may have been that she was guilty of the way she treated Marie and didn’t want to land up in trouble had Marie spoken to her father about all that. Little did she know that Marie was such a good daughter that she controlled herself every time from letting her dad know what happened at home with her only because she believed that her father loved her step-mother. Such misunderstandings prevailed for quite some time without giving anyone rest. Instead of talking to one another about the way everyone at home assumed things, they kept stuff to themselves only because no one wan
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