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She wanted to be good because she understood the bad in the world. Her way of contributing to society was to study law so she could leave the world a better place by getting justice for those that were wronged — not just any law; criminal law. But her taste in men has proven to be questionable and it shows when Ace Astor begins to take a liking to her. He's cocky yet charming — charming enough to get any girl he wants so why does he want her? She knows it's wrong. He's the very definition of what she stands against and yet he's always there; even when she doesn't want him to be. He'll never give up what he does because, to him, he's doing his part in making the world a better place but she doesn't approve. So what happens when this woman who strived to be good her entire life has to make a tough decision? She could either save Ace or lead him to his downfall. What will she choose?

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44 Chapters
Please read book 1: Gunnar first! Just in case you haven't. It's easier to understand this book if you read that first!  __________________________________________ ACE "Motherfuc—" I tossed my phone onto the passenger seat, slamming an open palm down on my steering wheel. God, I needed a drink or I needed to fuck. Maybe both. Yes, definitely both! Expelling a harsh breath, I dropped to first gear and took off, heading for home. I barely saw the four walls of my room. It was a depressing as shit place before both my brothers' decided to run away from it. Now, it was a vacant house filled with horrors I didn't want any part of. Too many memories filled that house. I instantly made a U-turn, barely giving two fucks about the honking horns and phased drivers that almost collided with me. With a sigh, I made my way to the clear destination I had in m
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Chapter 01
MIRANDAI hit my head on the desk. Once. Twice. Then three times while adding an eye roll. The professor in front of the lecture hall droned on about... I had no idea what the man was talking about. All I knew was that this middle-aged man had a voice box on him that I needed to cut out because his voice was just way too loud for this early in the morning.I was counting down the minutes for this class to be over so I could acquaint myself with a large cup of coffee and something sweet. My mouth began salivating at the thought and my stomach grumbled a little too loudly. I instantly sat up straighter, looking around me to check if anyone had heard. Satisfied that no one had heard me, I let my shoulders slump forward.As soon as the professor dismissed us, I stuffed my belongings into my bag, slung the bag over my shoulder, and ran out of the room as if it were on fire. Quinn, my best friend since I could r
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Chapter 02
ACEThe elevator doors parted and I stepped through them with a sigh. I knew Gunnar was here because he wasn't at home, neither was he at his office. As much as I wanted to go off the grid for some time, I didn't want to make things obvious for whoever was watching me. If he or she suddenly found me changing my routine then they would catch on that their cover had been blown. I had to do what I usually did. That included pitching up on certain days just so my older brother knew I was still alive and kicking.My footsteps were cushioned by the plush cream carpet that lined the hall, the dry walls were painted a deep brown and had artwork strung from them. It was a nice place - a little too extravagant for my liking but nice nonetheless. I didn't expect anything less from my brother. He had the money and wanted Quinn to live in comfort. This place was definitely designed with comfort in mind.I made my way t
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Chapter 03
MIRANDAIncessant ringing was what pulled me out of my comatose state. I was vividly aware of the headache pounding on my frontal lobe.Jesus, what happened to me last night?My eyelids peeled open, the harsh rays of the morning sun burning my irises. With a hiss, I buried my face under my pillow but then realization hit me and I jolted up from the bed I found myself in — my bed. I couldn't remember coming home last night; maybe Quinn had brought me here.Bless her sweet soul.I tossed my covers aside and trudged into the bathroom, glaring at my ratchet reflection. My make-up was a complete mess and half of my hair was matted to my head while the other half had tufts sticking out in multiple directions. I was no longer in the dress I had worn the night before. Instead, I was in my sleep shorts and a loose tank top but I couldn't remember changing. Most of the night w
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Chapter 04
ACE"You're asking a bit much of me, brother," Jericho grumbled, "as much as I'd love to help you, there are two problems. One, I can't find the person who spiked her drink, and two, that fraternity is known for this sort of thing, and campus security always sweeps it under the rug.""Fuck," I expelled a harsh breath, dodging the swinging punching bag before landing a right hook with a vicious roar."You can't save them all and you definitely can't kill every bad person you come across," my brother attempted to calm me down but I was seeing red.I thought by calling him, he would be able to help me but I thought wrong, "I can sure as hell try," I gritted, landing a spin kick, "you should have seen her last night. She passed the fuck out, Jericho. What if Quinn hadn't been there? What if I hadn't been there?""It's already happened and she's fine so stop thinking about the
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Chapter 05
MIRANDA"You don't remember anything from that night?" Quinn asked in a hushed tone, making sure not to disturb the students around us.We were hauled up in the library since I had an assignment to complete for psychology. Quinn offered to join me, calling it her designated time to study but I knew she had other reasons for doing so. She wanted to check up on me and I was almost certain that she was avoiding Gunnar."I remember snip bits but otherwise it's blank and I'm not even attempting to remember. Maybe it's a good thing I forget that night ever happened," I murmured, glaring down at my textbook. It had been opened to the same page for the last hour."I mean, that's completely up to you," she began wringing her fingers, a nervous trait of hers — the thing about Quinn was that she had way too many nervous traits. I admired her, though. She never let her doubts stop her, "I hope y
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Chapter 06
MIRANDAI pulled up to the curb with a sigh. The week had sped by in a blur and all I could remember from it was the chilling feeling of being watched throughout the day but whenever I turned to look, no one was there. Ace's words still rang in my head. The way he described in utter detail what I felt still startled me. He warned me not to ignore my instincts which only irked me further. I would have just classified myself as paranoid if it weren't for the last words Ace had spoken to me.I hadn't seen Ace after that afternoon but I knew the man was stubborn. He wouldn't leave me alone, not completely anyway. I had a feeling he was keeping an eye on me but deep down I knew it wasn't him giving me that eerie feeling. Maybe I was being paranoid. I never had to be on high alert before because I was never so friendly with bad people before.Or maybe I was but I didn't know that they were bad.
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Chapter 07
MIRANDAI collected my coffee from the barista and rushed out of the coffee shop whilst slinging my bag over my arm. My time management could have used some work but I had spent an extra fifteen minutes in front of the bathroom mirror attempting to hide my raccoon eyes from the world. It worked, sort of, but not even the coffee I drank could expel the exhaustion I could feel deep in my bones.My lips latched onto the straw and I took a long drag of the ice coffee I had ordered. The caffeine would have to do for now. I knew, if I went home I still wouldn't have been able to sleep. In the last few days sleep had escaped me. It was a rarity and my body was beginning to take a beating because of it. Even though I knew who had truly been watching me all this time my mind still wasn't at ease. I had taken a tough decision that afternoon that Agent Chambers had paid me a visit. He had put me in the spot but I knew what I had to d
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Chapter 08
ACE"Have you done it?" Jericho asked. over the receiver. Turned out, the cub wasn't completely useless when it came to my little predicament after all. It, admittedly, took him longer than I had anticipated for him to get back to me, but he eventually came up with a plan that I took pleasure in initiating. "Yeah, I've done it," the corners of my lips kicked up in a knowing grin. It wouldn't be too long now. I'd have these assholes snared in this little trap that Jericho had thought of. Once I had them, I wouldn't release them from my clutches.Revenge was sweet but I wasn't just looking for revenge. My need to kill these cunts was deeply rooted. I had to be clever about this, though. These days I had to make decisions as if I were walking on eggshells. I still didn't know who was following me but what I did know what that for the last few days, I had seen the same blacked-out van following me but it
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Chapter 09
MIRANDA"Okay, okay. Geez, don't break my damn door down," I called to the person who hammered their fist against my apartment door.I had just gotten out of the shower, a silk gown wrapped around me and a towel swaddling my wet hair. Whoever stood at the opposite end of my door had been beating against the fragile wood for all but five minutes and continued doing so even after I had told them to stop.I marched across the open plan living room, fisting the door handle and throwing the door open with excessive force. I was fully ready to cuss out the impatient person until I met his deep blue orbs that glimmered at me in relief. My lips parted but the words I had ready to say lodged in my throat, refusing to be aired."You weren't answering my calls or texts," he breathed, threading his fingers into his curly dirty blonde locks.I hadn't expected to find my best friend's b
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