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“Arky please don’t...” he tried to grabbed him on his waist as to prevent him from leaving. “Zad, I can’t! This is totally wrong man...” Arkael tried to reason out. “I... I’m going to be insane if I’m with you! Let’s treat each other as strangers from now on...” he added as he took his large strides leaving Zadkiel behind. Two successful CEOs of the two biggest companies in UN state was bound to meet. Arkael Mitchel Casimiro was publicly known to be a married man while Zadkiel Axton Mortel was rumored to be a cold and heartless bachelor. Join me as we travel together to discover their hidden secrets and fullfil their confusions. Hope you guys like this!

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“Kiel, son take a look at this photos...” Amira, Zadkiel’s mom threw a bunch of ladies’ photos on her son’s office table. She was hellbent to match her beloved son to any beautiful woman she could found!  Thud! “What are those photos for, mom?” Kiel raised his head towards his mother’s direction. He was confused as to why his mother was trying to make a fuss in his office. He was busy for god sake!  “You haven’t even taken a glance at those photos, what the hell is wrong with you Zadkiel? Do you plan to stay single for the rest of your life?” Amira shouted at his son angrily. Zadkiel straightened himself and slumped on his swiv
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Zadkiel slowly moved his body, straightened himself then leaned his back on his swivel chair. His favourite pen was rolling on between his fingers while watching his secretary with amusement. He was aware of what his secretary was trying to do but he chose to be oblivious.   She was leaning on his table while showing her cleavege to him but he would never fall for it. He was also confused of himself but he remain calm while watching her flaunting her creamy chest on his face.   Micha was his fifth female secretary since he was appointed as the new CEO of the Mortel Group. Like the previous four, she was also trying to do her very best in doing her job. But his patience for them would always being squeezed out and they ended up being fired. Why?   During the
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Zadkiel finally released out his breath which he hadn’t even known he was holding until the door was thunderously slammed shut. But Micha’s words kept on echoing on his mind, making him felt rather uneasy. Something was bothering him and he didn’t want to pay attention to any of it!  “Are you really a man?”  Micha’s voice seemed like she was mocking him for not being faltered by her seduction. Even a little! What’s going on? Was he an abnormal person? He shook his head, refusing to believe in what was the woman was saying! Nonsense! She was just saying nonsensical words! No way! He is a man and he was going to have his blind date later. He was sure of that!  Read more
Arkael didn’t bother to go ahead towards the sixth floor but choose to stand nearby the corner of his personal elevator. He was leaning on the wall lazily thinking of the man whom had ignored him. He closed his eyes for a moment shielding himself from the hustle bustle around the premises.   How much did he missed him? How much does he longed to see him? How much prayers did he uttered everyday and every night just to find his way back to him? How much does his heart ached for him? How much tears he had shed for him? During those years, he was worried sick that he might be crying again alone! Two decades had passed and there he was, already grown up into a man! A full handsome man! His mouth curled up slowly as he recalled the cold stares he had received from him. His brother had his personality changed completely! He couldn’t even recognize him i
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‘When did the good-looking kid turned ugly to those kids’ eyes? Had they gone blind? What’s wrong with those kids’ eyes?’ This was Arkael’s first conclusion in his childish mind.   “Why are you still frowning?” Arkael was curious about the reason why his new little brother kept on frowning. He noticed that he kept on staring ahead. What was this little boy’s problem? Had he owed someone big time? He was amused as to how his mind kept on working out with some absurd reasons.   “I... I couldn’t even see you...” the little boy muttered softly lowering his head in shame. He looked so sad and lonely.   Arkael was stunned.   ‘Couldn’t see me?’ He repeated the little boy’s words on his young mind.
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Zadkiel didn't have enough courage to follow the annoying man towards his personal elevator. Thus, when the guy turned around his back away from him, he immediately searched around for some hiding place where he could gather himself together. His heart was thudding immensely on his chest like it was about to escape from his rib cage.   “What the hell!” He mumbled furiously to himself as he clutched his chest where his heart being located.   He felt like he was floating on something light or whatsoever he hadn't known when the guy ran after him. His insides felt some surge of unknown emotions running through his veins. He felt a sudden excitement and something was twirling inside his chest or stomach rather? He couldn't brought himself to figure it out what he truly felt.   <
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Chapter 7 RAW HATRED
Upon locking the cubicle door, an evil smile formed on Arkael’s lips. He unbuckled his leather belt leisurely while starring at the woman standing on his front. He settled himself on the bowl cover as he lowered his pants together with his boxers. His hardened manhood sprang up freely between his legs ready to do his ardors.   The woman gulped hard seeing the very thing that she’d come to ask for. Based on the looks of her eyes, she was craving it so much as she continued to lick her lips while she’s starring at it. She looked like a hungry wolf drooling towards a piece of meat. If she could, by any chance she would definitely swallow that thing and made it belong to her! Only for her! Under her possession!   “Do you like this so much, huh?” Arkael leaned a slight and took hold of his steely-hard thing as he asked the woman
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Zadkiel approached the men’s room in a leisure manner. His rubbed his forehead with his fingers as he felt it was spinning a bit for consuming the half bottle of wine.   Since when did the last time that he drank some wine? He couldn’t even remember anymore! He had totally forgotten the time when he felt a genuine happiness! Yes! His happiness was long been gone!    A real happiness was like a luxurious and priceless treasure for him. He couldn’t afford it no matter how loaded he was! It felt like it was hard to achieve! Much more harder than grabbing an excellent award on his college years. He had graduated on a prestigious and famous university abroad. He was the top notcher but he himself wasn’t even feeling a bit honorable because of it. Emptiness and loneliness always clouded his heart.
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Arkael was freaking nervous while he patiently waited for Zadkiel to come over on his very spot. His heart seemed to hammer wildly on his chest, too overwhelmed by his surging emotions towards the man.  For the second time in his life, he felt another surge of excitement seeing his long lost childhood brother approaching him. How would he define what he was feeling right now? Happiness glint in his eyes as he awaited.  He balled his fists beneath his trouser pockets to help him simmer down the overwhelming warmth he was feeling. How long had it been  since he felt some warmth? The day he lost his sister, he also lost all the warmth that a family could ever gave to him. That day when he came back from an errand,
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Chapter 10 RARE TRUST
Zadkiel was deeply lost on his train of thoughts that he hadn’t noticed Mariella, calling him out. If it wasn’t for her fingers snapping into his face, he wouldn’t even snap out from it.   “What?!” He hissed, irritated at the sudden interruption of his mind wonderings.   Mariella pointed her finger behind him and gasped in extreme awe. “S-someone prevails occurring right behind you, dude!”   Zadkiel turned his head sideways and noticed someone standing behind him. A musky scent wafted into his nose as he sniffed like a K9 dog repeatedly. It seems like he was enjoying that scent too much and he couldn’t able to stop himself from breathing the air around him greedily.   “Shall we go now?” Read more Protection Status