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Layla is a demon, born from Lucifer and Lilith’s love, raised by humans. She loses her family to a fire. She travels the world to give that family a legacy so that their memory will live on. She adopts children to give them a home. With a war coming she must learn from god and Lucifer and choice a side. This book tells you how Layla became the person she is.

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28 Chapters
My name is layla. I was born in 920 b.c. I was left by an apple tree in the middle of a grass field, with wild flowers. My adoptive father, Damien found me, and took me home to his wife, Isabell. They had two kids together;  Phebe (age 10) and Isaiah (age 5). Isabell had Phebe at the age of 13, and Damien was only 17 years-old at the time. It was normal in 920 b.c to marry, and have kids young. My parents were only married a few months before having Phebe.    We lived in a cottage that had 500 farm acres of strawberries and grapefruit behind it. My father was a winemaker, and my mother a baker. They had a building beside the cottage they used as a bakery. They sold their baked goods and wine to the neighboring people. We were not rich, but we were not poor. The bakery was a family business, so us kids helped out.  Read more
Chapter 1
The day Damien brought me home was a joyful day. Isabell had just sold her first wedding cake. It was a 5 layer cake, with real flowers put on top of it. It was not easy to cook a cake, because she had to take a metal pan, heat it up evenly, and pull the cake out without messing it up. It was not easy. Once she laid each layer on top of each other, she would ground sugar into powder with a bowl and growder. She'd take the powdered sugar, and sprinkles it all over the cake. She’d take strawberries from the farm and place them on the outer rims of each layer. She had Damien pick wild flowers, and she'd put them on top of the cake. It was a masterpiece.      The couple who ordered the cake had just left with their order when Damien walked through the door with me in his arms. I was naked when he found me, so he wrapped me up in his shirt. He
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Chapter 2
It was just another day. We were all working at our family business. Phebe was working in the back of the bakery with mom, while Isaiah and dad were bringing in the wild flowers that mom needed for her next cake order. Phebe had gotten so well at baking bread that mom let her do cakes now. She had made a few, and messed up alot. She had only made one cake correct out of her 7 tries. I was at the register, greeting people who came in to buy stuff. Even though I could cook and make wine, I was the only one in my family that was great at math, reading, and writing. My dad was okay at it, but he said I was better at it than him. I was standing there listening to mom and Phebe talk to each other, joking around about the cake they were fixing to make when a man dressed in all black walked into the bakery. He was wearing a cloak, so I could not see his face very well. He gave me a bad vibe, but I greeted him all the same.  Read more
Chapter 3
Mr. Limer had a plate of cheese, bread, and bacon waiting for me when I came out of the room. I sat down at the table and tried to eat. I was starving, but had no desire to eat. It was still sinking in that I lost everything. That my family was gone. What should I do now? I am 20 years-old. I am supposed to be married, have kids, and already started my own business with my husband or be a at home mom. Our parents didn’t make us worry about what we were supposed to do. My sister put the bakery first, so she never found a man. My older brother was training to take over the winery.  Once he was in charge, he could get any girl he wanted in just a few years of starting his own business. I was going to help Phebe with her bakery. She had always dreamed of expanding our family business to the capital. She wanted to give the queen her baked goods.   
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Chapter 4
The merchandising guild was a stone building with two stories. When you entered the building there was an open space with tables and chairs, behind the open area were several desks with clerks behind them. There were stairs that led up to an open space with more tables and chairs. There was a bar behind those table and chairs. It was nice. People were talking to each other at the tables. It sounded like important conversions about how they ran their business. I walked up to one of the desks. Trying not to bring attention to myself.    “Hello ma’am, my name is Wonda. How can I help you?” There was kindness in her voice. She looked me up and down. I wondered if she noticed my horns.   “I’m new in the capital. I would like to purchase a building I can use as a home and a shop.” She turned around, and walked to a table full of maps.
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Chapter 5
“Hello!” The man spoke to me in a voice unlike any I had ever heard before. It was like a relaxing sound that melted all my troubles away. As he spoke, I could feel a calmness wash over me. I felt happy for the first time since my family died.   “What are you?” I asked. He paused, and looked at me confused.   “I am a customer?” He tilted his head, smiled, and showed his brilliant white teeth.   “That’s not what I meant… What is that on your head and your back?” I pointed at the wings and halo. His eyebrow shot up.    “You can see them?” I was confused now. Was I the only person that could see them?   “Can’t everyone see them?”  
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Chapter 6
I felt calm, and safe as Theodore looked into my eyes. He would protect me, even though I had horns and different colored eyes? I have always been different, but my family did not care. They were the only ones to accept me for me, and now they are gone… but now there's this angel. He says he knows who I am… but does he really? I just met this guy… could I really trust him with my life? His silver eyes made me want to believe him. To trust him.    “And who am I?” I asked, looking at him, pleading in my eyes. I had never wanted to know who I was or who my parents were, but now that I am alone, my family gone, I wanted… no, I needed to know. He let go of my chin, then turned around. He walked to the door, and opened it.   “It’s better you don’t know. I will be back.” He turned to face me with one foot out the door. &
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Chapter 7
At the bottom of the stairs stood a woman dressed in black, kneeling on one knee. Her head was down, facing the floor. She was dark skinned, and had a cat tail and ears. She wore clothes I had never seen before. They were tight, unlike mine, and showed her figure.    “Princess!” She spoke with power in her voice. It was like she was speaking to God himself. She looked up, and I saw them. The cole black eyes the other demon had. I took a step back.   “I am here to bring you back home. Your cover has been blown and it is no longer safe for you above ground.” In that incense, Theodore came into the shop. He was fast. One minute at the door, the next by my side.   “And what can you do to protect her? Not a thing! Isn’t that why she is up here in the first place? Because Luc
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Chapter 8
I was standing in the bakery, holding Jamira's hand, then I felt a hot breeze against my skin. I closed my eyes for one second. When I opened them, I saw rock. I felt sick to my stomach. As I tried to gain my balance, I fell to my knees, holding my stomach. It felt as if my guts were being pushed up my throat.   “I feel like I might throw up…” I let go of Jamira’s hand. I slowly got to my feet, then looked around. There was a red sky, with a black sun, with a golden ring around it. It was like an eclipse. There were black rocks surrounding the whole area as far as I could see. I was standing at the top of what looked like a castle. The castle was made with obsidian. There was a pretty shine to it. Unlike my hair, the rock shined with a tint of gray spots all over it. The doors, a red tint of obsidian. From what I could see, we were standing in the yard of the castle. There were different kind
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Chapter 9
  “Layla?” The woman stood from her seat fast. She ran up to me, and looked me over.   “Lucifer! It’s Layla! The woman jumped up and down, her breast bouncing so hard, they looked like they were going to come out of the fabric. She hugged me tightly, making me feel like I was in between closing walls.    “I... can’t… breath…” I got out a few words before she squeezed all the air out of my lungs.   “Breath?” The lady asked, like it was a weird statement. She looked at Jamira.   “This is my daughter Layla, right?” Jamira looked seriously, and said yes. Lucifer got up from his seat, and walked to the woman.    “Lilith, she’s been in the
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