The dark side of the moon

The dark side of the moon

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Everything happened too fast after I completed the sentence, one minute I was staring at the back of Damien's head, and the next minute I was pinned against the wall. His face was so close to me that I could feel his minty breath, "You can try to run but I will always catch you, you can try to hide but I will always find you. Get one thing clear, Nora, no matter what road you take it will always lead you to me." I licked my lips unable to utter any word. His thick eyelashes fell on my lips and my heartbeat sped up instantly. "Are you scared of me, Nora?" the corner of his lips curled up giving me a full blown smirk. I gulped, "No," the word came out weak between my shallow breaths. I tried to keep my face stoic even though my nerves were no longer in my control. I shut my eyes tightly as his face inched forward. I inhaled a sharp breath feeling his soft lips on my ear, "Then why is your heart beating so loudly?" ......................................................................... Eleanor has it all, loving parents, a good career, everything is presented to her on a silver platter or that's what everyone thinks. What happens when she gets tangled in a world she never knew existed because of a prince who seems to hate her but can not let her go. Will she ever be able to get her normal life back or will she become a part of his ruthless plan?

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92 Chapters
The blue moon
Only 30 minutes to go.I stared at the clock suppressing a yawn, just like I had been doing for the last ten minutes. Chemistry was never my cup of tea and especially when I had to learn about it at the end of the day.I looked around, everyone was busy in their own world, gossiping, doodling, taking notes, or staring at their books, I turned my gaze towards the sky, looking at the clouds how they were floating aimlessly in the wide blue sky. It was until I heard a whisper, "Eleanor."I turned my head towards the left to look at the source of the voice, "What?" I asked in a whisper."Are you coming to the party tonight?" my lab partner, Anna asked, her green eyes shining with excitement. I was never a fan of parties, I enjoyed the silence and the company of my books. But Anna was a whole different story, ever since I got to know her, she was always talking about going to the party, the only problem was that she rarel
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Learn to ignore
"A blaring sound woke me up from my peaceful sleep.With a groan, I covered my head with the pillow hoping it would block some of the noise. After a while, there was silence in the room, the silence I was waiting for. But once again my peace got interrupted with the ringing of my phone. Without opening my eyes, I started searching for my phone and answered it, not bothering to check who was calling me at that ungodly hour."Hey, Eleanor. I know it is quite early and I really hope you are not busy or anything, but I was hoping...."I dozed off before I could process the words completely."Hello? Are you there?""Yes!" "Is it okay?"I frowned not understanding the words, I checked the name, it was Anna, "What is okay?""Were you not listening to me? I was saying something.""Anna it's 7 am for crying out loud, I can hardly manage to open my eyes."I heard the sigh from her side, "I am almost at yo
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"Hey," I turned towards the voice, Anna was sitting on the left desk, with a smile on her face. "I think this belongs to you," I passed her the dress. She muttered thanks and turned her gaze towards the teacher, "Do you know we are going on a trip today?" she whispered. "Everyone knows it," I replied, making sure my voice was low. She rolled her eyes, "Okay then, do you know we are going to see the exhibition?" The thought of visiting a museum was far away from my liking, looking at the old things, knowing more about their history never really fascinated me.  "Is it compulsory to go?" Anna stared at me as if I asked her something she was not expecting, "Would you rather stay in the school and study all day?" I pressed my lips in a thin line, not answering her question. I turned my eyes from the teacher towards the window, it was a clear day, the sun was shining brightly, the birds were chirping loudly outsi
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Always in a hurry
What happened two days ago never left my mind, a part of my brain was itching to find out more about that man and his work but another part of me knew better than to get mixed up in the mess, especially if he was doing something illegal.I tried to ask grandma about him but got nothing, the whole town knew almost nothing about him, it was like he mysteriously appeared one day out of nowhere. Anna was the only person who seemed to know something about him from all the people around me.I just needed to find Anna. It was a free period and I knew exactly where Anna would be, I made my way towards the last corridor of the ground floor. The smell of old books welcomed me as soon as I crossed the door, the library was nearly empty with a boy sitting on one of the tables, scribbling something furiously on his notebook. Then my eyes fell on the pin straight dark blonde hair of the girl sitting on the corner of the table with her head buried in the lar
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Take care
I stared deep into those blue eyes, they reminded me of the blue sea during the winters. A faint rumbling of clouds over our heads pulled me back into the real world. Clearing my throat I took a step back immediately, "What are you doing here?" He arched his right eyebrow, "I can ask you the same question." "I live here." Another rumbling of cloud made me startle, it was louder than the last one. I slowly looked at the sky that was getting darker with every passing minute. "The weather is getting worse. It is about to start raining." I looked at the man standing in front of me, watching me with a look I failed to recognize on his face, "Thanks for the weather update, I should leave now." "Let me walk you home." The unhappy face of my mother immediately appeared in front of my eyes, "I think I can manage to find my home without the help of a stranger," I smiled at him. He gazed into my dark eyes, making my heart
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Normal dinner
My eyes wandered around the room searching for the man with hair like charcoal and eyes like an ocean. I was thinking the dinner was just for him but the room had around five people present already. I recognized a couple, my father usually did his business with them. The woman was tall and slim with a fake smile plastered on her burgundy lips chatting with my mother who had a similar smile playing on her lips.  Her husband was a buff man with a frown always glued to his face. He was chatting with two men I failed to identify. A tall man with sharp grey eyes, curly brown hair joined them with a glass of white wine in his hand. He passed a brief look in my direction with a soft smile, I gave a smile to my dad in return as well. I stood near the stairs awkwardly not knowing what to do when someone came in my direction.  A guy slightly taller than me was standing with a shy smile, "Hi. I am Adam." I smiled at Adam, "I am
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Family name
Damien was near the place where they found blood.  Sleep was long gone from my eyes and the possibilities of Damien being behind the murder started running in my head. After what I heard in his house that day and the possible murder of an innocent, I was left with two choices. One, tell someone everything about him but no one would believe my word without proof. Second, find proof against him and show everyone his real face but if he got suspicious he might add my name to the list of his victims. With a sigh, I closed my eyes listening to the faint chorus of the insects outside. . . . An annoying blaring sound woke me up from my sleep the next morning.  I did not realize when I fell asleep thinking about everything but it was late. I was feeling sleep-deprived and annoyed the minute rays of the sun fell on my face. Grumbling curses under my breath I made my way to take a shower. As soon as the
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He is bad news
I stared at the bright moon hiding behind the curtains of cloud at night, illuminating every cloud around it and giving it a distinct shape.  With a smile forming on my lips, I tried to connect the outline of clouds with my finger resembling a rabbit. I never felt alone surrounded by nature. I was too engrossed in my own world that the shuffling of leaves brought me back into the real world.  Thinking it was only in my head after what happened in school earlier I ignored the sound.  Not even a minute later there was another sound but it sounded like heavy footsteps.  Carefully I stood up and tried to get a better look without getting any closer. If it was an animal I did not want to become its dinner.  A gasp left my mouth as my eyes made contact with the shining blue eyes staring directly at me through the distance. There was something about those eyes that was making me want to stay. A low rumbling sound foll
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Something unexpected
"Who told you that?" I put the mug of steaming hot chocolate back on the table, ready to answer Adam's question, "Anna, we are in the same class." "There are four people actually and it is no longer a secret. People know about it." The soft sound of the raindrops falling on the ground echoed in the cafe. There weren't many people there and it was good for us, considering almost everyone knew each other in the town. "Who is the fourth person?" I asked curiously, it was not every day people went missing in our town. "A woman in her late thirties." Adam's eyes were glued to the screen of his phone probably waiting for any other update about the situation. While my brain was showing me the memory of those two men talking to each other in Damien's house. What if they were talking about one of the missing people?  We sat in comfortable silence. Taking a small bite from the slice of chocolate cake I debated intern
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Uneasy feeling
My brain stopped functioning completely as the man said those words. I stood on my spot like a statue in the middle of taking a step forward. If that man caught us not only Damien would know everything but my parents would as well. Mom might ground me for the rest of my life. But if I ran the chances of outrunning the man were slim. I knew Adam was facing a similar dilemma as well. "Now, I want you both to turn around slowly and do not try to be smart with me," said the man. From his voice, I knew he was about ten steps away from us. "El," whispered Adam from my right side.  I hummed to indicate I was listening. "Run!!" he yelled loudly. It was all I needed for the motivation and I ran. I ran as fast as I could without checking if the man was following me or not.  The cold wind was slapping on my face but I moved my feet carefully so that I avoided the trees and everything on my way as best as I could. Read more Protection Status