The Undead Alpha

The Undead Alpha

By:  Natalie  Completed
Language: English
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"What do you want?” Valencia snapped, her voice was furious and annoyed. Dominic merely looked at her dead in the eye, his gaze did not falter as he replied softly, "What I have always wanted…” He left the last word that was lingering on his tongue unspoken. “…you.” Valencia Raskin was the archon alpha; the alpha of the alphas who reigned the Sricgis forest and all the packs in it. The werewolf population was dwindling and she had to find a mate…soon. Who would she choose? The supremely charming alpha, Dominic Castro, who also happens to be her best friend, or the infuriatingly handsome mage, Calhoun Hawthorne, who might have a solution to all her growing problems?

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122 Chapters
Hello lowlies
  The forest was filled with all sorts of creatures and insects that humans could imagine. It lay deep inside the mountains and humans were wary of it so much so that they even avoided glancing in its direction. They called it the Forbidden forest and no one in their right minds even came near the perimeter. The humans went about their business eating dinner and getting ready for sleep; oblivious to what went on inside the large canopy of the dense trees. Deep inside the forest, the scent of blood hung thick in the air. The night had gone eerily quiet as the five creatures were standing in a loose circle. They were oddly shaped- a cross between an orc and a goblin with limbs sprouting from their bodies at odd angles. Their eyes were mere sockets, lidless and black orbs and a slit for a mouth with a set of crisscrossed pincers and a long nose to
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The date
Valencia headed to her home, a cozy little den just near the edge of the Sricgis forest. She loved being alone in her house when she wasn't busy performing her job as the Archon Alpha. She was the alpha of all the alphas in Sricgis empire that spanned the entirety of the forest and a major chunk of the nearby human city of Grawd. She disliked humans, petty little things who had no fangs, no claws to protect themselves yet who would come charging in her lands occasionally to hunt animals with their sick weapons for the fun of it. One of such hunts had snatched away everything from her when she had been young. Her werewolf parents had been killed by the humans and she had been left to defend herself on her own. She had had two choices- to cry her eyes out and wait for someone to help her or to make herself strong enough that she would never need anyone. Obvious
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Find a mate
Dominic had been pouring drinks in the glasses when the glass slipped from his hand. He grabbed tissues and attempted to keep the drink from damaging his pristine white shirt but the damage was done. He asked her, "Are you accusing me of trying to kill your pack?" as if one might ask how they found the weather to be.Valencia leaned forward, "I am only stating the obvious. Hycwen population is the highest near your territory and they rarely cross it."Dominic said resolutely, "I may be many things Val, but I will be the last person to hurt the ones you love."Valencia had meant to reprimand him for calling her Val but she saw the softness in his eyes and decided to let it go. She was the alpha of the alphas, but Dominic always made her feel or
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A blissful night of sleep
Valencia laid in a cozy king-size bed sprawled across many layers of silken cushions and comforters. She had spent a lot of time tossing and turning in the bed and was tangled in the sheets. She pushed the curtains away and a small light of ray entered the room through the window just above her head. It was well past mid-day and she had been asleep for more than 24 hours. She groggily got up, her head in her hands, and groaned. It hurt to open her eyes but she glanced across the lavish room surrounded by exquisite furniture. A huge wardrobe was lined across a wall and a dressing table stood at the opposite wall. A coffee table with a lavish settee stood in the other corner. Soft yellow lights glowed in the wall brackets and a huge chandelier hung in the center of the ceiling. She didn’t have to guess where she was. She screamed, “Dominic!!”A
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A cursed life
Dominic walked away from Valencia and settled on the settee. "So, let me get this straight. Your cousin gives birth to three cubs, your pack is attacked thrice in a span of fifteen days and you somehow lost control of your inner wolf."Valencia struggled to admit, "It was was as if every nerve in my body wanted to kill Tom. I would have done it, had you not interfered."There was a soft knock on the door and a young boy appeared, "Is the Archon Alpha back to normal?"Dom turned around, "Yes, Freyge. You may come in."Freyge was the healer werewolf, an omega of the pack who tended to the werewolf’s health.
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Coming to a decision
“What?”Dominic and Valencia asked in unison. It wasn’t that they hadn’t heard him, their ears were sensitive and would have picked up even the slightest whisper. They were just giving Freyge time to go back and change his sentence.The poor omega cowered under the gazes of two alphas and his hands shivered a little. He had already been lifted up and his feet had been dangling in the air not just minutes before. Freyge could still feel the grip of the archon alpha around his neck, her fingers digging in his skin.Subconsciously, he rubbed his neck with one hand while he tried to maintain the grip on the large tattered book that he had been holding because almost his hands had turning sweaty.In a trembling voice, he raised the book with a certain page open and showed it to both of them.“I request…please read through it.”Freyge said in a pleading voice and bent his head, his eyes anywhere but on th
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Getting a rise
Dominic wasn't pleased as was evident from the way he began tapping the floor with his feet. His shoes clicking softly against the floor in rhythmic flow..tap..tap..tap. "This is dangerous. I don't think you should attend the conclave." Veronica's head was beginning to hurt and that was not because of some stupid mage or ghost trying to get to her. The cause of her headache stood before her- a cold smile plastered on a handsome face- the kind of handsome that got to her bones- that and a wildly beating heart. Valencia blurted, "Why, so that you don't lose the one potential mate, that you don't actually have?" Dominic's eyes stared at her in shock. He opened his mouth to bark an angry retort. But, he instead replied in a steely voice, "Oh, now I am the villain here?" Valencia's temper was flaring and there wasn't anybody else near her to face the heat. More often than not, Dominic was on the receiving side. Tonight, it seemed no different. He s
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Olivia sat on the couch of their small cozy home nestled amongst the dense shrubbery. She had recently given birth to three beautiful children who were her heart and life. She preferred to call them kids instead of cubs…they weren't untamed beasts but cute little souls who filled every corner of a room with light. She had been ecstatic about meeting her mate but nothing had matched the warmth that filled her whenever her children called her 'Mom' she had belonged to a smaller pack, one that lived away from the mainstream werewolves and preferred a quiet life. They had been a handful of werewolves who worked in the human city by the day and returned to Sricgis by the night. The pack didn't allow socializing with humans so she was left alone after her day job. She was also relatively shy to meet and explore werewolves from the other packs as she had been told the other packs weren't as civilized as hers.She had been hunting one night when a gro
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The crickets chirped and the insects sang a chorus that filled the forest with a noise so loud that Valencia had an urge to burn the trees down. She wanted some peace for the moment. She and Gerald had returned from Dominic's place and he had rushed straight to his hideout.She hadn't had time to apologize for her behavior. She kept recalling the look of terror in Tom's eyes and scolded herself. To add more to her guilt, her head couldn't stop replaying her conversation with Dominic. The way he had asked her to be his 'mate'... it was almost...weird?What was it? Why was he acting so strange nowadays?She shuddered at the thought of being someone’s mate. The idea itself seemed absurd to her. Dominic was an excellent person who she was sure would prove to be an ideal mate and husband, but she wasn’t ready to go down that path so soon.After all, she had forever to live. For now, she was content living on her terms. To her, belonging to someone
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What's the matter?
It was almost dawn yet Valencia was still at her office in the headquarters. She had despised humans for thinking of any creature other than them as inferior but liked how they kept their personal and workspaces different. Thus, she kept her personal space and workspace poles apart.  She had pinned the map on the wall and pulled a large desk in front of her. She had been sitting on the desk, her legs dangling at the edges. Her eyes were drooping and she stifled a yawn. Coffee cups littered the floor as did several crumpled papers. She was going in circles, she had everything in front of her yet she had no clue of where to look for the attacker. Her phone beeped at a text message from Dominic. Need to discuss the conclave meeting. Can we meet? Perfect. She could talk to him about ways to find something about the attacks. She knew her territory of Sricgis quite well but she hated visiting the human city, Grawd. Dominic, however, was a regular visitor and h
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