Revenge Wedding

Revenge Wedding

By:  venamaritres  Ongoing
Language: English
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Freya didn't expect to die one day at the hands of the people she cherished the most, but when she opened her eyes again - she's back in the past. Freya Ancajas did everything to find out the truth about the people that pushed her off to her death and while doing so, she found herself tangled by surprising events, unexpected truths and getting the interest of the three men whom she never met before. Will she succeed in her plan of finding the true agenda of her enemy - her sister - or will she get in trouble for believing the truth that lies in her past?

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18 Chapters
“Happy 5th anniversary, babe.” June kissed my cheeks. I blushed. Even though we’re almost 5 years together, the spark wouldn’t fade off. I really love this guy and it’s been my dream to live with him for a lifetime, although next month, that dream would be my reality forever because finally, we’re getting married.“Are you enjoying your steak?” He smiled and drank the wine he’s holding. I tugged some of my hair strands behind my ear because they’re swaying in my face too much. We’re having our dinner on the rooftop where he prepared candle lights, one romantic table and some luxurious meal.“Yeah.” I smiled sweetly. The moon is shining so bright tonight that I don’t need any light to see June’s handsome face.“Hmm, too bad..” he uttered and it made me confused, “Too bad since this will be our last night together,”  he continued and I
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 “Freya?” I flinched when that familiar voice called my name. I opened my eyes to see June. He looks way younger the last time I saw him.“What happened?” he asked in a worried voice. I quickly moved away from him while catching my breath. I’m so sure that I died, then why am I here? Why am I sitting in front of this asshole?“Freya? Are you okay? You looked pale earlier so I thought resting for a minute will be okay.” His voice sounds so gentle that it made me think that what happened was a dream.“Hey, what date is it today?” I blurted out while still processing the events that happened. I still can’t grope the idea that this is the reality. Everything was so detailed that I can’t call that a dream. I’m so confused.“What?” He snickered, “Did you forget it’s our first anniversary today? December 12, honey.”“Wh
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“So how was school, hija?” (“Hija” in Filipino is a word that older people use to address younger girls) My dad asked as we gather at the dining table. It’s lunchtime and my family decided to gather when they heard Navia getting back. People in here are my Auntie who really favours Navia and Mommy’s sister, my grandmother and my father. The rest of the family that is not here are either dead or they just don’t care. My mom is not dead but she’s also not alive. She’s in a coma for three years now when she experienced a heart attack. She’s brain dead and the doctor said it’ll be a miracle if she would one day wake up. Of course, everyone love my mom so they always hoped for the best outcome for her. “It was fun dad. How about Freya?” She smiled sweetly. Her face was one of her advantages, even if I knew her true personality she can just get through the needle hole with that angelic face of her. I secretly gritted my teeth. She knows that I didn’t go to college
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I can’t believe this is happening. All I wanted was to get a teacher, an ordinary teacher but here sitting in front of me is the person I didn’t even have interaction with him in my past life. How unpredictable is that?“So, you’re the student Mister Ancajas talked about.” His voice broke the awkward silence between us. Ever since my dad introduced us to each other, we’re in this awkward state. My dad was kind of busy so he sent us to his favourite restaurant where we can discuss this tutor life. Gin was willing to comply.Also, it’s not a big surprise that Gin wants to be a tutor, even though he’s one of the famous bachelors in town, he still needs money. From what I’ve heard he has three sisters. He’s the oldest among them so he needs to earn a lot because both of his parents are sick and needs treatment and their company is falling apart. In a social hierarchy, it is obvious that I am above Gin since we hav
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“Oh really? I was curious since you both looked perfect so I came here and asked,” Gin laughed. His words made me want to throw a punch on his face. What an excuse.“I see. Is she your wife too?” June pointed at me, hiding in the cloth. I buried my face harder on Gin’s chest, trying to hide my wet eyes. I wiped it using the cloth that I hung around my head.“Probably.” Gin’s voice almost sounded like he’s angry but maybe I just didn’t hear it correctly. His grip on my shoulder tightened even more but not to the point where it hurts.After wiping the tears of the sudden shock, I looked at them again. The girl was just sitting quietly. Her long brown hair was covering her face and she’s crouching so it’s hard to see most of her features but I saw some bruises on her wrist.“Oh.” June laughed at Gin’s remarks. He then tapped the shoulder of his wife, “Say hello,&r
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 “I-I saw Miss Freya going into your room…”I scratched my ears as I listen to their nonsense story. The same thing happened before. My dumb self was framed and no one believed except for Navia who acted like a savior right in front of me. Well, now that I know this, I prepared a little bomb to drop for them.“What?” My grandma raised her voice, “Are you implying that my apo is the culprit?” (‘Apo’ is the Tagalog of ‘grandchild’) Her angry voice boomed and I saw how the maid’s hands shook in fear. I almost smirked but I kept it in. If it was in the past, I would cry immediately and deny things and that made everything worst. So right now, I’ll let my grandma handle this.“N-no, ma’am.” I can hear the maid’s sniffs. Poor girl. Bribed by the money of evil, now she’s in that situation.“My goodness!” Grandma t
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“What the hell are you doing here?” I half-shouted at the man climbing towards my window. When he finally gets inside my room, I smacked his head.“Harsh.” He groaned but then laugh after. He faced me and waved a brown envelope in front of my face.“What’s that?”“Your weapon.”I scoff at his response. What? A weapon? Did he bring in some lethal things so I could get my revenge?“Are you stupid?” I glared at him. If looks could kill, he’d probably be dead by now.He shrugged and handed me the envelope, “Look at it,” Said Gin and sat on my bed as if nothing happened.“I’ll look at it after you tell me what the hell and how did you get in here?” I put my right hand on my waist and raised an eyebrow at him.“I sneak in of course.” He laid on the bed comfortably and closed his eyes, “It was a little difficult hone
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“M – Marry?” I almost shouted in shock. This guy is making a deal by getting us tied? “Yes." His tone of boredom made me more nervous. This guy is something else. How could he talk about marriage like it's no joke? "Ah, seriously." I closed my eyes and calmed myself first. He's so annoying! How can a person be like this? Even the sound of his breathing annoys the hell out of me! “Think about it, pretty lady. Use that head of yours.” He rise up and went to my window, “I’ll get your answer next time we meet.” He winks and opens it. My eyes went wide when he just jumped off without hesitation. I quickly ran to see his state. I know that my room is located on the second floor and it’s not that high but still it can cause certain injuries if you jumped from this floor. “Are you crazy?!” I mouthed at the guy who’s standing like he didn’t just jump from a high place. He waved his hands at me and turned his back around before starting to run.That guy!
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I was waiting for the painful impact but I felt none after a while. So I slowly opened my eyes to see my condition, maybe it’s a miracle that I can still walk or use one of my hands after this. I’ll surely find out who pushed me off!“You okay?” An unfamiliar voice caught me off guard. I look up to see blinding blonde hair and shining blue eyes.Who’s this?“Who’re you?” I raised my eyebrow instinctively. He looks like an American and I’ve never seen this man before. Not in my past nor in my current memories.“I’ll tell you once you get off.”I gasped when I finally assisted what situation I’m in. Basically, when I fell, this guy out of nowhere appeared and saved me like a knight. He has fast reflexes, I suppose. But who’s he?I quickly escaped away from his embrace, even if I was struggling in shock, he made sure to let go of me slowly and gently. I couldn&r
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"Good morning, lady. You’re even shining today though you’ve always been this bright,” He cheered.“Please be quiet, I can’t even hear myself losing the will to live,” I groaned. This man can’t be serious. Why is he here, early in the morning? And what’s with the introduction of being my fiancée? He’s making my head hurt more.“As a proper fiancée, I need to make sure my future wife had a good sleep.” He raised his shoulders, offering me his assistance. Of course, I hesitated at first but I accepted it anyway.“Accepting that means you said yes to my offer?” He sneered which made me roll my eyes and almost retrieved my hands away from his grip but the hands that snaked around his shoulders were sandwiched even more. I frowned.“No, take backs.”“What are you, a child?”“Probably, if you want me to.”I realize
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