Hunter's Wolf

Hunter's Wolf

By:  Karima Sa'ad Usman  Ongoing
Language: English
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Oscar Wilde is a werewolf Alpha and a Billionaire. He hires mistresses at will and dumps them when he is done. He crosses paths with Karen Hunter, a human desperate for a job and accommodation. Her daring attitude intrigues him, and he hires her as his new Mistress. Soon she discovers he is a werewolf, and she falls madly in love with him regardless, But there is a pack rule Alpha Wilde is not willing to break for her sake, and that is settling down with a human. Apart from the pack rule, Karen's bloodline is hated by all supernatural beings. By getting involved with her, Oscar has unknowing put himself and his pack at risk. She is just too much baggage for him. He does not intend to remain attached for long, even though he keeps postponing his detachment because Karen is the only one that can satisfy him. Karen, though confused about the mess she is in, is madly in love with Oscar and she is hopeful that he will return her love genuinely and settle down with her. While she waits, can she survive the threat to her life, his demands, and fickle affection?

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    81 chapters
    001 Hello Oscar Wilde
    Karen. Finding a job in my town had been close to impossible. Everywhere I applied turned me down for lack of experience. How was I going to have 'experience' without being given the opportunity to work? My rent was due and I knew the landlord would kick me out any moment. I was desperate. Being a loner most of my life isolated me from people. I didn't even have friends I could crash with until things got better for me.I went to Jenny's cafe to have a treat. The cook there always put something aside for me to eat. He believed that showing a little kindness made the world go round. I was glad I met him. James was chubby and sweet. If it weren't for him, I would have starved to death. He had a dream of owning a fine dining restaurant one day, and I hoped for everyone's sake he realises that dream because he was a kind soul. James and I met when I went to look for a job at Jenny's cafe and the owner turned me down. She was cruel and unreasonable. I had left the orphanage and something
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    002 Obedience and Wine
    Karen. I didn't know what had just happened to me, but the moment I stepped out of the building, I was a new person. I headed straight to my apartment to pack my valuables. I intended to hold on to the key till the last day, just in case my arrangement with Oscar falls through the cracks. I paid my rent and the landlord said I could stay as long as I did not owe him anymore. I locked up the apartment and headed to the salon. Macy Reynolds was nice and receptive. I figured the salon also had a boutique; I was asked to try on some clothes. I was given clothes for luncheons, dinners, meetings and casual wear. I realised I would not need any of my old clothes in my new apartment. My long hair was cut to medium length, and it looked amazing. By the time Macy was done with me, I looked rich. "Wow Macy, it is amazing," I told her, and she smiled. I could see worry in her eyes even though she tried to mask it. What was I getting myself into?I had to hire a cab to move my things from the sa
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    003 Sensual Assault
    Karen. The next day, I woke up at nine in the morning. I was very late and I dreaded what I would find. I had drunk so much the night before. I dreaded what I could have done while under the influence of alcohol. I had a bad headache and I was late for work. This was only my second day and I was already waking up hungover and late for work. I dreaded what Oscar would do, knowing he was a no-nonsense boss. But he was the one that had ordered wine and left me to drink it all by myself. I took some aspirin, drank black coffee and rushed to the office. When I got to his floor, I saw Valery. She wasn't so pleased to see me. Her face showed a bit of worry and concern. I wondered what might have caused it. Had something happened that I didn't know about? "Good morning Val, I am so sorry I am late. Is he in?" I asked. "Yes he is in, Karen" She answered me in a stern voice. "Okay, let me go and start my day," I told her and she stopped me from going to Oscar's office by standing in my way
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    004 So They Exist
    Karen I waited patiently for Oscar to visit. He finally arrived at eight in the evening. Oscar looked all casual and relaxed, and it made me wonder why he was so uptight at the office. He had come with wine, but my experience didn't make me so thrilled about it. I figured it might be a test and I was determined not to fail. He sat on my couch, making himself comfortable. I didn't blame him for the arrogance, after all, he was the one paying for the apartment, and he owned the furniture too. He handed me a pharmacy pack, and I saw some pills in it. "You are to take one every day from the first day of your period, until our arrangement is over. I don't want anyone trying to trap me with a baby," he said arrogantly. The feeling was mutual. I wouldn't want to carry his baby either. If it weren't for the shitty fate life had dealt me, I wouldn't even know him. I collected the pack silently, but I refused to say thank you. I got a bottle of water from the fridge and took a sip. I didn'
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    005 After You
    Karen We stood in the woods for a couple of minutes. I saw that Oscar was on edge, but I was the one that was most afraid.I had never seen werewolves in my life, I had never jumped down from such a height before. I had experienced a first of a lot of things, and I had experienced pleasure and fear simultaneously. I was yet to come down from the highs of the pleasure Oscar was trying to introduce me to when those things attacked us. I wondered the state the apartment was in.If I had known what I was getting myself mixed up with, I wouldn't have taken the job in the first place. Sleeping on the streets was better than being hunted by werewolves.I couldn't believe the size of those things. The fact that Oscar was one of them was scary. I began to wonder if everyone at Wilde Corp was a werewolf. I wondered if everyone in town was a werewolf.Now, here we were in the woods. I had nothing to use to defend myself. What if they all turned on me? All I had to depend on was Oscar, and he wa
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    006 I Can't
    Oscar.I couldn't have imagined that Karen was a Hunter. When she had called me for help on the street, all I saw was a beautiful young woman in need of help. I had just ended things with my mistress then, and Karen was my type. Other than that, I felt a strong pull towards her that I did not want to acknowledge.All I wanted to do was play with her for a while and then move on. Something had drawn me to her. When she sat across from me in my office, I found her scent quite alluring. I knew I would enjoy myself with her. I believed she might even end up being one of my memorable mistresses.Karen was hot and sexy. Her breasts were perfect, and her scent was divine. I knew if I didn't take as much as I wanted from her, I would be pining for her for the rest of my life. I needed to have her as many times as possible until I got tired, and then I could move on. I didn't feel terrible about my intentions towards her because I knew that I would be doing her a big favour. She had shown how h
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    007 Hard Decisions
    Oscar.My uncle stared at me in disbelief at what I had just told him. I didn't want anyone to know in the first place, and I didn't want Karen to know either because I knew we couldn't be together.It had happened the very day she boldly called out to me for help on the street. I wasn't happy when I found her. I knew she would be the Genesis of my troubles. I was still having fun with Tabitha and Riley. I didn't want a fated mate, but there she was, my fated mate.The worse part was that she was human. Why would the moon goddess choose to curse me like this? I couldn't turn away from her. She had been given to me by the goddess. I knew I had to help her, and that was why I offered her a job. Humans never felt the mate bond, so there was a possibility she felt nothing for me. I didn't want to reject her, but I didn't want to accept her either. When she resumed work, the pull towards her became strong, and I just had to kiss her that night. I had fired her not because she got drunk an
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    008 Uncertain
    Karen.I woke up to find Oscar pacing in the room. I began to fear that he would kick me out. Those things were after me and not him. Since he was a werewolf, I knew they would have a hard time getting to him. I needed his help, at least until I figured out what to do. His pacing meant he was contemplating something. Was he going to give me up and let them get me? He had no reason to protect me or to hold on to me. I was nothing to him. I knew I had to find another way. Not wanting him to officially kick me out, I stood up immediately. "Do you have pants that I can borrow?" I asked him, and he looked at me, surprised."I have to dress up so I can leave," I told him in a matter-of-fact tone. "Where do you think you are going to?" he asked, and I realised I didn't have that part figured out. As things were, I might as well fire myself. I had paid the rent on my old apartment and held on to the keys. I still had some money from what they gave me tucked away somewhere in my old apartme
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    009 All For You
    Oscar.I got up from the bed and began to pace back and forth in the room. Karen was fast asleep, so I made an effort not to wake her up. She looked amazing, covered in my sheets. It was hard to believe that a woman, as beautiful as she was, had never been with a man before. She was extremely gorgeous, and I knew it wasn't the mate bond that was causing me to see her this way. She was breathtaking. Being with Karen was amazing. I felt calm like never before. I had never been with a virgin. I usually avoided them because grooming them was a lot of work. Karen was different. I knew when the time came, it would be awesome. Although I looked forward to it, I was willing to wait a bit, just to be sure I could handle what was happening. No matter what happens between us, I knew I could not allow myself to fall in love with her. The peace I had experienced with Karen was worth risking a lot for. She was just amazing. Her response to my touch was incredible; if I didn't know better, I woul
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    010 Impasse
    Oscar.When I arrived at Alpha McCain's house, I noticed that the werewolves were taking a defensive stance. They must have thought I had come to fight. I had to let them know that I came in peace, yet they did not relax. I wouldn't blame them. I had killed one of them the night they attacked Karen. They had reasons to be scared and be on their guard. I was ushered to a waiting room, where I was served a drink. I didn't want to drink anything, but I knew I was being watched, so I took a sip."He will be joining you soon, Alpha Wilde," McCain's Beta told me in the most respectful way he could manage. The truth was, I had risked my life visiting. All they had to do was kill me, and my pack won't have an Alpha, and then they could take over. Unlike McCain, I had no mate and no offspring. It would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.I was nervous, but I didn't let it show. I was doing all this for a woman that I did not love, a woman I didn't intend to end up with, a woman I was going
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