Alpha's secret love child

Alpha's secret love child

By:  Naomi D.  Completed
Language: English
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When they were teenagers Amber and Axel had a summer romance. But Alpha Alistair's son and his father had his whole life planned out. Out of nowhere everything changed. Axel left a mean note in Amber's locker to say goodbye and he told her not to contact her. He went to boardingschool to finish the rest of the year. A few weeks later Amber was in for a shock; she was pregnant with a pup. With the help of Brian, a friend who lost his mate, they traveled to another pack. Brian and Amber lived a peaceful live under Alpha Drake with her child Elias. Until it's announced that an Alpha will come in search of his mate during the full moon. Alpha Axel is looking for his Luna, but will find a whole lot more. Both Amber and Axel have been keeping secrets from each other. Will they find their way back to what they once had? Axel has to deal with problems in his pack and Amber has powers she's been hiding. Perhaps they can help save each other. The sequel 'The True King's Mate' is now on goodnovel. I just started writing the first few chapters. 'The True King's Mate' is about Elias, who is 17 by then. He meets a mysterious girl Jade who seems to hate his guts. But there is some attraction between them as well. Jade plans to stop Elias from becoming King before his 18th birthday. But will the feelings she has compromise her mission?

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74 chapters
Chapter one
He looks so much like his dad, Amber thought to herself while watching Elias play. People often stared at her son, because he didn’t resemble her boyfriend Brian. When they moved to the Crimson Moon pack only a handful of people knew who Elia’s real dad was. Alpha Drake was a fair Alpha, one of a few words but he always made the right choices. His pack respected him more than they feared him. Alpha Drake was the one who told me to keep the identity of Elias’s father to ourselves. I still noticed some pack members wonder about how Elias got his looks. How could they not, Elias had my curls and caramel skin. But his eyes were bright blue and his hair wasn’t raven like mine, but almost gold. Brian was short and very average build, with brown eyes and a mousy grayish hair color. While Elias was already the tallest in class at 5 years old. Our life was okay, we had a house and I worked as an omega at the Alpha’s mansion. Elias was in school and so happy learning and training. Tr
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Chapter two
Amber's pov Working for Alpha Drake wasn’t that bad, he allowed me to start later so I could have breakfast with Elias and leave early so we could have dinner together. I only stayed  longer when he had guests. I had most weekends off and I could take leftovers home. Saturday mornings I trained with some other working moms, Elias often joined me and sparred with some kids. He was strong and could fend off kids twice his age, but I’d rather he stay a kid a bit longer. Brian was usually sleeping off a bender in the mornings, but would join us for lunch most of the time. He wasn’t a great father, he was often gone for days at a time or would smell of women and alcohol. But when he was sober and had a good day he would play ball with Elias or help me in the garden. I knew he tried and I saw how much Elias loved him. Every so often I would see Brian stare at his own reflection and look at the mark Susan has left. It was one of the only things he had left of her, the
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Chapter three
Flashback:Axel and I have had the best summer and I knew I shouldn’t, but I started to think about a future together. I knew his family would never accept me as his Luna so we had been secretly meeting all summer. After school we would meet at the lake and picnic on a field overlooking wildflowers. We would talk for hours,  well we wouldn’t just talk. But who could blame me, have you seen Axel, he looks like a model. He’s build like a statue, with bright blue eyes and when the sun hits his hair it looks like every strand is made of gold. We would kiss until it was time to go home, but after a while that was not enough and he would sneak into my bedroom window at night. My parents didn’t notice, they hardly paid attention to me anyway. My bedroom was all the way to the back of the house near the forest, so it was easy to sneak in undetected. Being with Axel was lovely, even though we knew it couldn’t last. Mates were chosen by the Moon Goddess and they would complem
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Chapter four
‘Did you hear me Amber, Alpha Axel Wensworth is the one who will be visiting us this weekend’. I was in Alpha Drakes office, trying to push back the memories and the feelings of heartbreak that followed. I tried to contact Axel after I had found out about my pregnancy. We had been careful, using condoms every time. But our last time there was a tear in the condom. I was planning on getting the morning after pill, but the packs gossip was in line behind me in the pharmacy. The next day Axel started to ignore me and soon after he left. I was so heartbroken that I didn’t even think of the condom until I started feeling nauseas. Abortion isn’t uncommon in the werewolf community, but in Alpha’s Alistair’s pack women didn’t have much choice and abortion was forbidden. I don’t know if it would have mattered if I had the choice, I knew what it felt like to be unwanted and Elias was loved from the first moment I felt his first kick. Before my parents found out I was pregnant I send Axel a me
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Chapter five
I felt numb the rest of the day until I saw Elias playing in the garden with Thomas, Casandra's mate. The first time I met him I wasn’t sure how I felt, he was scary looking and build like a linebacker. But once I saw him with Cassandra and the kids I knew it was all bark and no bite. He was one of the kindest souls I ever met and would go to any length to keep his loved ones safe. I was so lucky he counted Elias as one of his bonus grandkids. Looking at my boy with a loving father figure nearly broke me, I tried to keep the dam from breaking before anyone would see. Unfortunately Casandra had already noticed something was off and quickly took me inside. ‘Tell me what’s going on, you can’t go to Elias looking like this. You need to calm down, tell me please so I can help you’, Cassandra said. It wouldn’t hurt to tell her now I thought to myself, it might come out anyway if I’m not careful. The more help I can get to hide Elias away the better. I told Casandra everything, I could fee
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Chapter six
The next few days went by in a blur. Brian came back on Tuesday and I filled him in on the visit of Alpha Axel. He suggested to leave for the weekend, Axel might recognize him as well. He couldn’t stay away for the whole 2 weeks but that first weekend would be most important to skip. Usually when Alpha Drake had guests he would invite them over to his Mansion for dinner and would show them around town the next day. I guess Brian was scared of what Axel might do if he found out he’s been living with the Alpha’s ex and their secret love child. Brian had helped me when I needed it the most, but he was not a brave or strong men to be honest. Years of using alcohol to numb his senses made him slow and he skipped out on training most days. He wouldn’t stand a chance against an Alpha. I actually felt relieved, not having to worry about Brian this weekend. My mind was busy enough with worries and thoughts about my old pack. Suddenly it was Friday night, the day before Axel, sor
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Chapter seven
I woke up after having slept barely a few hours. I was unable to forgot about the events of last night. Who was the mystery wolf and would he tell someone what he saw?  I couldn’t focus on this right now, Alpha Axel and his pack would soon arrive and I needed to help get the Mansion and packhouse ready. We needed to set up all the rooms at the packhouse, fill the pantry and I brought some of my fresh vegetables and fruit. We needed to decorate the dinning room in the Mansion and make preparation for Dinner that night. I started at the packhouse, making sure each room looked nice. Alpha Axel was bringing his Beta and the Beta’s mate. Plus his Delta and some security. When everything looked great at bedrooms in the packhouse I went downstairs to head to Alpha’s mansion. I heard noises coming from the kitchen, people talking very seriously. Suddenly I smelled Eucalyptus and Sandalwood, I turned my head slightly trying to sneak a peak at the person that smelled so nice. But
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Chapter eight
Axel’s point of view.  Was that Amber? No it couldn’t! I had been trying to follow the scent of the wolf I met last night. She smelled like wild flowers. Later that day I smelled it again, while meeting with Alpha Drake at the packhouse. We were early, we stayed in a horrible hotel on the other side of the forest and I couldn’t stand being there any longer. The food was horrible, the matras lumpy and dirty. And when I couldn’t sleep I let my wolf out for a run. That’s when I noticed the other wolf, it was big but my wolf wasn’t scared. He just wanted to play and tackled her to the ground. Sometimes happened with the wolf's fur, it glowed. It looked magical. I instantly wanted to know more about it. I apologized to Alpha Drake for our early arrival, but once I explained the state of our hotel he understood perfectly fine why we couldn’t stay there any longer. Alpha Drake was often mentioned in one of dad’s rants. He was the type of Alpha dad hate
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Chapter nine
Chapter nine: Amber’s pov: ‘Amber?! Is that you?’ Alpha Axel said, a shocked look across his face. ‘I’m so sorry to bother you,  I will leave you alone. I know you don’t want any contact, so I will head home now Alpha Axel’, I mumbled very quickly and almost ran to my house. Leaving a stunned Alpha standing there. I knew I could have handled this better. It was kind of low to mention his last note. Five years had gone by, he probably had enough to deal with without worrying about me. I made myself some chamomile tea to calm my nerves and help me sleep when I heard a knock on the door. Before I could open it I saw a note being slipped under the door. I picked up the note and carefully read each word: ‘Amber, would you be willing to meet me for lunch tomorrow at the packhouse? A.  Axels point of view: I slipped the note under the door and quickly left. I noticed she had a swing on the right side of her ga
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Chapter ten
Amber’s pov I didn’t sleep well, tossing and turning in bed. I had read the note so often I had memorized every word. When I woke up I took a shower and headed to Cassandra’s house. Elias was so happy to see me he was hugging me and jumping around. I had missed him too, even if it was just for two nights. I asked Cassandra if she could come over in a bit, because I needed her advice. Elias was on the swings, while we sat on the bench outside. I told Casandra of the note and what had happened last night. ‘I think you should give him a chance. He might have changed. He’s an Alpha now, so he might just want to make sure there are no hard feelings about the past. Or perhaps he has questions about why you left, you told us you didn’t tell anyone that you were leaving and where you were headed right?’. Casandra always had a way of calming me down and asking the right questions. I explained ‘ I just don’t want him to feel obligated to have me be a part of his
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