Expect The Unexpected

Expect The Unexpected

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Cassidy: I consider myself an intelligent liberal woman. Sure some would call me a feminist, and that's being polite. I know my worth and have a standard of who I date. It may not be fair to write off all jocks. I don't have time for players, and jocks tend to be just that on and off the field. Especially Collin Cole. Collin: I love being a player. On and off the court. Being one of the starting players in our high school basketball team is great. I love playing basketball and everything that comes with it, including the popularity and the girls. I rarely date a girl for more than a couple of months. Finding a new girl is easy. They practically fall at my feet, except for Cassidy Summers. This is part of the Ravenwood series. It features characters and events from The Princes of Ravenwood. If you haven't read that book, it is okay. This book can stand alone. Ravenwood Series Reading Order: Book 1 - The Princes of Ravenwood Book 2 - Chasing Kitsune Book 3 - Expect The Unexpected Book 4 - Out Of My League Book 5 - Man's Best Wingman (NEW)

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53 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Cassidy
Senior year! Yeah! I should be stoked. And I am. Mainly because it means I graduate and can get away from these prissy fucks. I didn’t want to come to Ravenwood. My mom didn’t want to send us here either. She felt it was too elitist. But my other mom wanted to give James and me the best education available.  So off to Ravenwood, we were shipped. We don’t come from money. Thankfully we were eligible for scholarships that helped supplement the tuition fees. I know I’ve probably confused you talking about two moms. So let me get this out of the way now.  Yes, I have two moms. They have been married since 2004, when the state legalized gay marriage. And yes, I know I’m going to be 18, so I was obviously born out of wedlock. This really is an odd term and not really relevant when you account for the fact my ‘dad’ was what I call a turkey baster. Read more
Chapter 2 - Collin
Frost and the other guys were snickering the whole time I was limping through changing. “Looks like Summers strikes again. Maybe start wearing a cup.” Frost taunted, ruffling my hair. “Fuck you, Frost.” I swatted his hand away. “Nah, you’re not my type.” Frost laughed. Despite his joking, I can tell something is off. I won’t dare say I know any of the Frosts well enough to tell you which one I’m dealing with most days.I know that probably makes me sound like some shit friend. But the triplets are fucking good at pretending to be the other. It makes it hard to tell. They need fucking name tags. Not that it would work since they’d just swap the tags. They get a kick out of tricking people, of fucking with us.You’d think maybe I’d know the difference based on information. Like does the Frost in English or my lunch period know the details of what happened during gym? Of course, they will
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Chapter 3 - Cassidy
I swear to god I am going to kill Collin Cole. I don’t know why he pisses me off this much. He’s annoyed me the last two years I’ve gone to this school. But it’s like he’s upped his game today. And touching me is the damn last straw. I don’t believe in the bullshit of boys tugging girls’ hair because they like them. My moms raised me to know the difference between friend and foe. And anyone that hurts you, be it physically or emotionally, isn’t your friend. And my one mom taught me to stand up for myself and others. And I swear if it weren’t for Mrs. Graham and not wanting detention, I’d have laid his ass out. As she returned to the front of the room, I glared at Collin. “Keep it up fuckwad, and you’ll find yourself in a full-body cast.” I whispered growled before turning back around in my chair.I wrapped my ponytail up into a bun to ensure he couldn’t touch my hair.
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Chapter 4 - Collin
I was pissed. No, that’s putting it mildly. I know that Cassidy can be a bitch, but seriously her attitude is getting on my last nerve. She doesn’t have to like me or give a fuck about the basketball team. I get that. But does she really have to be this selfish?I didn’t ask my mom to get me a tutor. She went behind my back on that. Too bad she won’t even stand still long enough to listen to me. Plus my grades aren’t that bad. I just need Cassidy to take a chill pill and not turn this molehill into a mountain.I decided to try and catch her after school as I headed to lunch. Honestly, I think it’s stupid that they have a lunch period as the last day of school.If I didn’t have to rely on catching a ride with Justin to get home or take the bus, I would skip. Stupid Justin having Physics last period, so I have to wait for him.I’d already sat down with the guys, joking around and just being ourselves when shit
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Chapter 5 - Cassidy
I hate my brother. Okay, I don’t hate him. But ugh, he’s such a little shithead. I don’t get what’s wrong with him. Just like the people he surrounds himself with. Is being a sexist pig his way of rebelling? If it is, that’s a fucked up way to rebel.  He’d already stormed upstairs and locked himself up in his room. I sighed and begrudgingly went to my room too. I may not like being at Ravenwood with all these snobby rich kids. But I won’t let that make me slack on my grades. I have a reputation as a straight-A student to uphold.  I kept putting off doing my Trig assignment. Even looking at my textbook pissed me off. I want to shove that book up Collin’s ass and then down Principal Walter’s throat. Yes, I’m saying ass to mouth but fuck Walters. I may not like Collin, but he’s not the one that fucking volunteered me to tutor him. He didn’t even ask for a tutor.  It was still sitting untouched when I had to come down for dinner. James was still su
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Chapter 6 - Collin
Mom wasn’t budging on this tutoring thing. And dad was zero help. Not that he ever is. He’s always too wrapped up in whatever the hell he does. Okay, so I know what my dad does; he works with stocks. Hands down the most boring fucking thing on earth, okay, so it’s second to math classes or listening to a Mr. Weaver lecture. Still a tedious ass job. I could give two shits about stocks and bonds. I guess it’s fair that I have about as much interest in my dad’s career as he does in my life. And his lack of giving a shit is why I didn’t count on him coming to my defense. During dinner last night, the most he said was, ‘listen to your mother.’ So either I get out of this myself or just let Cassidy’s big mouth do it for me. I’ve obviously opted to let Cassidy handle it. She’ll make a big stink and find every reason under the sun that making her tutor me is in some violation of human rights. And the
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Chapter 7 - Cassidy
James didn’t speak to me all last night or this morning. Well, unless you count the rude comments, he made on the bus when I shut his mouth up for hassling the new girl. Riko is really a nice person after getting to talk to her. It’s not her fault the dumb Frost brothers have set their sights on her without thinking or caring about what it would do to her reputation. Inconsiderate assholes. This girl needs some friends. And well, I’m going to take that first spot. I’ve navigated this place for two years. I’m not everyone’s favorite person, but enough people know to back off when I say. I will do whatever I can to help fix what those Ken Dolls broke.This starts when I see Jane and her cronies snickering in the hall. They look way too happy. So I decided to butt my nose in. “Is there a sale at whatever overpriced child slave labor store you shop at?” I asked, folding my arms as I blocked their way down the hall.
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Chapter 8 - Cassidy
A couple of minutes later, I was finished. “There. All set.” I smiled. Riko blinked, taking in her reflection in the mirror. The makeup had done its job. Her eyes didn’t look as puffy, and the slight bruise on her cheek was invisible. I don’t ask where she got the bruise; I can already guess.“Thanks, Cassidy.” Riko sighed, shouldering her bag. There was just one last thing she needed. “Here, use these.” I said, offering her some eye drops. “Why do you carry this?” she asked, putting some drops in her eyes.“I wear contacts, and they sometimes irritate; this helps with the redness. I figure we should make it look less like you were crying in the girls’ room.” I smiled.“Thank you.” Riko smiled, giving me my things back. “Anytime.” I nodded as we left the bathroom. Riko headed in the opposite direction as me. I just hope today can start going better for her.
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Chapter 9 - Collin
If looks could kill, Mrs. Graham would be dead in her chair. Cassidy is PISSED. But we’re both stuck. She can’t blame me.I can’t control my mom any more than she can hers. All we can do now is try to make the best of this dire situation. Hopefully, save face for both of us along the way.I don’t want anyone knowing I’m getting tutored, let alone by her. I’m sure she doesn’t want anyone knowing she’s tutoring me either. People in this school would twist it to sound like she’s doing it to get in my pants.Though… I cock my head as my eyes travel the length of those long legs. If she wanted to have some hot hate sex, I’d be down. Yes, I’m a pig. I’m an eighteen-year-old guy. I’m not sure what you want from me. Celibacy? Being a monk isn’t my thing. Plus, just because I think it doesn’t mean I act on the thoughts. I’m not one of those assclowns.
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Chapter 10 - Cassidy
I know my faults. I’m more aware of them than anyone who enjoys pointing them out. And I know I have a short fuse. It’s just my nature, and I can’t help it or really change it. I try to control it. And given I don’t get into a fight every day, I think I’m doing a damn good job of it. Something about Brant Jones, though, his very existence, the fact I have to see his smug face every fucking day at school, sets me on edge. I wanted to transfer schools after what he did to me. But mom was right. If I did that, it would be giving him a victory. And I will not let that piece of shit win, EVER. So to hear that he propositioned Riko, that he treated her like that. I’ve been seeing red since. She’s new here, and I don’t want her or anyone to ever go through what I did. I’ll kill that fucker before I let him do what he did to me to anyone else.  Read more
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