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Elliott gets a call no parent ever wants. Upon arriving at the hospital, she goes frantic looking for her daughter. A tragic accident took Elliott's wife, leaving her alone with their baby daughter. The accident left Elliott broken and distraught, struggling with her job on the police force and raising an infant with no help. Jessie, a doctor struggling with an abusive relationship and seeking help. The only problem is her partner is a respectful cop in Elliott's department. Her hope to get out of her dangerous relationship takes a turn when a three year old girl is brought in her emergency room with a severe asthma attack.

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19 chapters
Chapter one
Elliott I burst in through the emergency room, continuous tears rolling down my cheeks. I walk up to the nurses station and choke, hysterical, "My daughter, she's three years old...her daycare called me..."Before I could finish, paramedics were rushing her in from the ambulance dock. "Macy Adams, three years old, suffering severe asthma. Asthma inhaler ran out at the daycare," a female medic says to a female doctor. "Macy," I choke in sobs, running alongside them and take her small hand in mine. "Daddy's here Mace."Her wheezing made it difficult for her to speak, but she seemed relieved I was there. She squeezes my hand as tight as she could. She keeps her eyes on mine as they get her in a private room and hook her up for a medicine for her to breathe in and calm her breathing."Is her..." the doctor starts asking about her mother and I quickly shake my head, gesturing towards the hall. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize her mother was a se
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Chapter two
Elliott I woke to screaming in the middle of the night. I jump off my living room couch where I was sleeping and run up to my room where Jessie was thrashing from a nightmare. I climb in the bed and pull her in my arms. She starts beating on my chest, freaking out and I speak to her in a soothing voice as she wakes up.She breaks into uncontrolled sobs and slumps against me, shaking from her nightmare. I rock her side to side and she holds onto my arms around her chest. Her sobs slowly subside and I lay us against the pillows with her head on my chest. Her breaths shook as she calmed down, holding onto me as I played with her hair.It didn't take long for her to fall back to sleep. I continue playing with her hair, thinking back to how I did this every night for Miranda to go to sleep, especially when she was pregnant with Macy. Tears fill my eyes at the thought of her and look down at the beautiful woman asleep in my arms.I could feel the brick wa
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Chapter three
Elliott It's been a month since I met Jessie. The first two weeks she started off sleeping in the guest room, but in the middle of the night she'd end up joining me in my bed. It was always because of a nightmare involving Reese. I ended up just letting her sleep in the bed with me and she's not had a nightmare in the last two weeks. I'm not going to lie, it felt weird having another woman in my bed that wasn't Miranda, but it was comforting in another way. It was comforting because I was also able to sleep better these last two weeks.Everyone at work has noticed a change in me these last two weeks, but none of them question it and I'm grateful. I was given a new partner given that Reese was my partner, but is now dead. She held Jessie at gunpoint with my daughter sitting next to her.We ended up struggling for the gun she had and I was shot in the process. I managed to get the gun from her and my shot killed her instantly. Apparently I was t
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Chapter four
Jessie I was in the middle of my rounds at the hospital, six weeks after Elliott asked me to be her girlfriend. I was starting to feel lightheaded and bring a hand to my forehead, using my free hand to grab for the wall next to me. My mother was walking towards me as I lost my footing and catches me before I collapse. "Jessie," she exclaims with concern. "Sweetheart, are you okay?"I look at her as everything started to spin and collapse in her arms. "Jessie," she calls out, scared for me as everything fades to black.  I woke up in a hospital bed and started to freak out as Elliott takes me in her arms. I instantly calm in her arms as she strokes my hair. "You're okay, I'm here," she says soothingly over and over again as my breaths calm down. "The last thing I remember I was doing my rounds and I was lightheaded," I choke quietly and she kisses the top of my head. "What's wrong with me?"My mother enters
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Chapter five
Elliott I was sitting with Jessie and her family at her Aunt's funeral. I was dressed in a black suit and tie and she was in a black, knee length dress. Her honey brown curls tumbled down her shoulders. I left Macy in her daycare for the day. I didn't want her around this and Jessie agreed with me.Her family were eyeing us, questioning each other who I was. A toddler made her way over to me, climbing in my lap. She curls up in my lap with her head on my chest and goes to sleep. A woman across the aisle motions to the child, wondering if she was a bother and I shake my head. I look around the church and could easily spot undercover cops that I requested to be here. I was informed last night while everyone was asleep that Reese's father had an accomplice to her Aunt's murder. Reese's mother. I scan the people in the crowd and spot her, standing to the far left side.Her eyes meet with mine and a sinister smirk spreads her lips. I lean forward t
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Chapter six
Jessie It's been two weeks since we learned about the pregnancy and my Aunt Alex's murder. It's my first day back to work and it's been chaos. There have been so many patients that it was literally making my head spin.I was sitting at the nurse's station, trying to get my head to stop spinning, but it was no use. Everyone was running around like crazy and it was making my head spin worse. I close my eyes, breaths shaky and lay my head down.I feel someone rub my back in comfort and look to see it was my mother. She lifts me from the chair and I waver on my feet with a hand on my forehead. She slowly guides me to a dark on call room and helps me lay down.She pulls her phone from her pocket and I hear Elliott on the other end. "How soon can you get to the hospital...No, nothing bad. It's been hectic here and Jessie is not fit to continue working...I have her laying down in an on call room. I found her with her head down at the nurse's station when C
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Chapter seven
Elliott Thanksgiving is next week and as usual this time of year, crime goes up. Gary and I were grabbing coffee at a local gas station when three guys walked in shooting everyone in the convenient store. Gary and I retaliate and I took two in the chest and stomach, piercing through my vest. "Elliott," he exclaims as he takes out the last of the shooters.My breaths come in quick pants, almost hyperventilating. "Jessie, I need to see her," I say between rapid breaths, tears rolling down my cheeks."Hang in there Elliott," Gary says in a soothing whisper. "J-Jessie," I say in a gurgled breath and everything fades to black.JessieI'm waiting with my mother for Elliott to come in the emergency room. Gary just called and said she was shot while they were getting coffee. My mother was doing her best to keep me calm for the baby's sake, but until I see Elliott, I don't think I can calm down.She was being wheeled in and it felt
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Chapter eight
Elliott Its Thanksgiving and this year Macy and I are joining Jessie and her family for the holidays. Jessie is making me sit out of helping with anything. She's afraid I'll overdo it after nearly taking a bullet in my heart. She said the bullet was two inches shy of my being dead.I was lounging in our big chair when Nana came out and took pity on me. She asked me to drive her to the store and told me Jessie could take it up with her. She ended up directing me to a jewelry store and I was left confused. "Nana, what are we doing here? I thought you needed something to go with dinner," I ask confused. "We're here to pick something out for you to give Jessie," she says with a smile, giving me a wink.We look around for a few minutes before I found the perfect gift. It was a necklace with a pendant of a mother caressing her pregnant stomach. I show Nana and she smiles. "She's going to love it," she says with a smile as we take it to the clerk.Read more
Chapter nine
Jessie  Its Christmas Eve and thankfully Elliott and I have off from work. Skye adapted to living with us rather quickly. We've had a special bond since day one and I still haven't told Elliott what we talked about. It's not up to me to spill all of Skye's secrets.  She still wakes me every now and again in the middle of the night. We go down and have tea to relax her mind and talk some more. It's mostly small talk, like what she likes and doesn't like. She told me about her mother and what she misses the most about her. She told me that I often remind her of her mother and is why she seems close with me rather than Elliott.  I was sitting with Skye while Elliott and Macy went to pick up my parents and Nana. They were going to be staying the night with us in our new house. Elliott managed to find one a few days after Skye was dropped off at our door on Thanksgiving. We've been fully moved in a few days ago. There are plenty of rooms for Elliott
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Chapter ten
Jessie  Elliott just left with the girls and I was in our room with our mothers while the others were sitting in the living room waiting to see the dress. The dress was beautiful, off the shoulder straps with a heart shaped neckline that showed a lot of breast.  It was a perfect fit and left plenty of room for my stomach in the upcoming weeks. Tears fill my eyes at how beautiful the dress was and how Elliott was going to react to it.  I burst into tears and our mothers took me in their arms. "You don't have to wear it..." "I love it," I choke in laughing sobs.  "Let's go show the others," my mother says with a smile.  We enter the living room and everyone looks at me in awe. "Sweetheart, you look breathtaking," my father chokes with a smile.  "If Elliott is anything like me, she is going to weep when she sees you walk down the aisle," Thomas says with a smile and kisses my cheek. "I brought the tux
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