Chained To The Cursed Alpha

Chained To The Cursed Alpha

By:  Midnight Shines  Completed
Language: English
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As soon as I opened the door, my eyes saw the sight I wish I hadn’t seen. "What is going on here?” I asked through a shaky tone, tears burning my eyes and thankfully, blurring my vision. "Conrad!” the tears in my eyes spilled down when Selene got off him and laid beside him, completely bare. There was no shame or guilt on Conrad’s face even when I have seen him in bed with Selene. "Why? You were the one who told me that I am your mate, you told me th---at you---,” my throat went dry as I tried to finish speaking my heart. "That I love you?” he raised his brow, gently caressing her bare shoulder and running his finger down her chest, “I lied, okay?” the way his lips formed a smirk, I felt a used toy that he tossed aside once he was done with me. "Wh---y. I betrayed my coven for you an---d you betrayed me for her?” my voice broke, my eyes watching the girl pressing her lips against his neck and getting closer to him. "Cordelia! Close the door when you leave,” the tiredness in his voice when talking to me broke me piece by piece. -------------- Magic is forbidden in their world, but to get her blessed powers Cordelia has to perform a ritual for her ancestors’ blessings to come true. Left behind by her coven, she is prisoned and sentenced to death, but is saved by Alpha Prince at the price of her freedom. She is forever bound and chained to Alpha Prince Conrad. Betrayed by her coven and loved ones, will Cordelia be able to fight and survive? .

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52 Chapters
Stolen By The Alpha
My name is Cordelia Gabriel, and I’m a witch. It’s my 18th birthday. At the Bar Mitzvah, each witch goes through a ceremony to become a full member of our witch coven. Tonight, I’m going through this ritual.The ceremony took place in a hidden forest. Witches once flourished, but now they are in decline. Ten years ago, Alpha King, from the Dark Shine Pack, united this country, and no one was allowed to use magic in this land. The coven has been reduced to untouchables, oppressed.But we didn’t give up hope. Ancient prophecies have been told for thousands of years that in the time of the tribe’s survival, a chosen one will rise up, the hope of the tribe of witches, and allow all witches to use magic freely again. And I am that hope. But I’m so afraid that I’m going to fuck up.“Mom, what if I screw up? What if I’m not the Chosen One?”I paced nervously around the room. The ceremony starts in less than an
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A Virgin Witch
I was getting dragged by the guards in front of everyone like I was trash. I was then left in a dungeon for starvation and cold for an undefined time until the coronation."Why?" I asked myself as I sat against the wall curling into a ball by lifting my knees to my chest. I couldn’t stop the sobs that left my lips as the betrayal of my mother, my best friend, and my coven flashed through my eyes. The people I was ready to sacrifice myself for, the people I've promised to fight for.What's sad was that they had left me tied up between those vicious werewolves, knowing well I wouldn't even be able to defend myself. My heart was trembling at the thought of the punishment they had chosen for me. It was the same for everyone: burning at the stake in front of their pack.I was shivering beyond control, my mind was engulfed by all these questions, one being, why? Why did my mother leave me? My entire body was aching with starvation as my coven had starved me for
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Stolen Panties And Bra
I was still in the dungeon, cold and bruised. My throat had been dying for a drop of water and my stomach had rats chewing upon whatever was leftover."You have to perform this act of how apologetic you are in front of Kruz before you even open your mouth in front of Prince Conrad." The lady was known for teaching and educating the prisoners. Her stern look and straight posture was enough to fill anyone's viens with fright. She has been the one helping me to recite the apology I was supposed to say."And make sure you don't delay in responding to Kruz, he might think you are showing him attitude and he does not play with attitudes." She had been repeating the same thing about Kruz for hours now. Every time my eyes demanded to shut close, I would pinch myself into waking up.Soon Kruz entered the dungeon and the woman left, leaving the cell to give us some privacy. He walked straight in front of me and postured straight to listen to what I've prepared as an apolo
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Fifty Shades Of Blue
I was trembling while following his orders. I had a bad experience by defying Kruz, I was not going to repeat my mistake. I walked all the way in front of the bed and stood with my body touched down due to the pain in my stomach.The TV was playing behind my back when he lifted his arm to switch it off with the remote controller.Now that he was busy taking the food tray to the side, I noticed he was in black jeans and a black buttoned shirt, whose upper buttons were all left open."Take out the tray," I heard him talking to his maid on the phone and then hanging up. In a matter of a few seconds, a maid joined us and grabbed the tray out of the room."Cornelia?" He was still not looking at me, Conrad got up from his bed and went inside his bathroom to wash his hands."Cordelia Gabriel!" I mumbled, slowly raising my face to see if he could even listen to me from that far. The moment he got out of the bathroom and appeared in my sight again, I hurriedly lowere
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The Game Of Life
"I will give you head start of 3 minutes, run as far as you can in these 3 minutes, and if you are able to win this game, the freedom is yours." Conrad and Kruz drove me to the woods to start the game that they knew they would win. We were standing with the car when they were stating the same thing to me. My legs that were uncovered were numb due to the cold. It worried me into thinking how was I going to make a run for my life when my legs are not even ready to move a muscle. I looked around in the darkness and the fear consumed me. Not only was it cold and the only thing I was wearing was a jacket, but my body was numb by all the beatings from earlier."And imagine if you are able to outrun us, you'll be a free person," Kruz repeated what Conrad had said as he stood behind Conrad in black jeans and a white shirt. The prince was in the same attire as earlier, he had just worn a jacket over his shirt.My eyes and mind were more focused on my surroundings than t
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Tied By His Tie
Once Kruz had left me on Conrad's door, I heard his loud grunt to let me know that I was invited in. I entered the room and was quickly mortified to see him in his boxers only. He didn't flinch but I was scared for my life. I had already seen his abs even when I had shut my eyes down the instant I realized he was shirtless.I hurriedly turned my face down and gulped. What were his intentions?"Lock the door." He ordered very calmly. My body had begun to feel numb in terror. I had been sheltered from the outside world since I was a child, they always told me that I was supposed to be protected because I was their last hope. Now that I was in a room with an Alpha, whose mood swings had no limits, I felt like being betrayed by the entire world. I did what he said and soon we were alone in a locked room. The only lights were the white led's around the roof."You blew up such a big chance." He stated, it didn't seem like he aimed to wear a shirt anytime soon. He was
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Finding His Secret
I watched him being restless in the bed, he would constantly begin to shift and then go back to his human form while not being able to get out of the nightmare. It seemed painful, only by the looks of his bones twisting and going back to place was enough to cause me fatigue, I could only imagine the tiredness he must be feeling. My sleep had been long gone, he was in so much pain that I could hear his heavy breathing from that far. It took me some time to register but I did start to analyze his condition.And then it began to make sense. He was cursed!He didn't want a seer to hurt them, he wanted to know the prophecy. I then knew why he was so strong yet so miserable, why I could feel a mist around him.It wasn’t a mist; it was a curse that was always with him."Argh!" he broke free from the nightmare and sat up with an accelerated breaths and his eyes changing colors, keeping showing signs of transition to his wolf form.Once he was able to dra
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The New Alpha
"Get up! Your time has come." Brenda woke me up with a slam to the bars. I have fallen asleep after I felt like dying from the lack of food. At this point, I was feeling so miserable that if anybody asks me for my last wish, I would say a drop of water.As I rubbed my eyes to clear my sight, Brenda dropped a white dress in my feet to get ready. Sadly, every time I was asked to wear a new dress, it was because I was being prepared to take one step closer to my ending,"Hurry up! The coronation ceremony is about to start and I don't want to miss out on anything," this woman sounded ignorant to my situation, she didn't want to miss a ceremony while I had to get ready for my execution. I ended up silently changing into that dress, there was anyways no point in having an argument with her.I couldn’t even fight back because I knew they would drag me to the punishment ground by any means possible.Once I was ready, she spun around to stare at me and then a chuckl
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Dirty Intentions
"What is her birth certificate going to do? What use is it for us?" As expected, Uziel didn't know the importance of a witch's birth certificate that was made with magic when they are born. I was even surprised that Conrad had found out about the importance of the birth certificate somehow. Since he was desperate to uncover all important secrets behind the curse he was put under, he was going at limits to find more about it.My body was trembling beyond my control because I denied to ever be enslaved to these werewolves. The sad part was that I didn’t know much about the link thing. It was something I wasn’t taught as most of the magic spells were in the books that had been stolen from us."When a witch's birth certificate is signed by a blood of a person and burned in their presence, the witch is forever linked to the person and she can never leave him or even stay away from him for too long. Betraying him will only cause her pain, and this type of relationship is only painfu
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I was dreading for not only my life but my piece of mind as well. How long can I fight this man off? There will come a day when he will finally be able to get what he wants either by force or not. I had yet not eaten anything and my body had grown weak now. I could not even lift my face up without feeling pain.As Kruz was busy making threats and wandering around like it was his frea*ing bedroom, the door opened and the real owner of the room walked inside."Your highness!" Kruz instantly placed the glass down and bowed a little with his hand on his heart in respect. When was this torture going to end? "The day went well," Conrad mumbled while Kruz helped taking off his long coat. Conrad seemed tired and even exhausted, he must have started to feel the intensity of the curse now. The blue in his eyes looked darker as he lifted his face up to the ceiling and exhaled desultorily. "It indeed was a special day," Kruz repeated after Conrad with a smile formed across
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