The Omegas Stand

The Omegas Stand

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Being an Omega isn't an easy job. In fact it's one of the hardest jobs within a wolf pack and often a role that gets looked down on, constantly. But it is a job that Chloe Patterson cherishes and tries to perfect everyday. No matter what gets thrown at her, Chloe remains strong. She pushes herself to do her best because it's what her mother taught her to do from a young age. And even though Chloe's mother has long since passed, Chloe still remembers everything her mother taught her about pack levels. Chloe knows that even though she is an omega, she plays an important role within the pack. Chloe also knows that high titles don't always equal strength. When Chloe finds out who her mate is on her eighteenth birthday, she is a little hesitant. Chloe knows she will do a good job meeting the requirements for her new title, but her mate disagrees. And when he publically rejects her over her omega status, Chloe stands tall. She let's the secret she has kept for thirteen years out and walks away from the pack she has worked so hard for. Will Chloe's mate regret his decision to reject his omega mate? Will Chloe find her second chance? Will justice come for the wrongdoing done thirteen years ago?

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    I smile and hum as I wipe off the sink in the girl's restroom on the second level in the packhouse.   This is my favorite part of the day. Most of the other pack members are at home, and the communal house we all come and go from is mostly empty besides the Alpha family. It's rather peaceful to be in an almost empty house, and it makes getting my chores done extremely easy.    I finish with the restroom and pick up my blue cleaning bucket. I give myself a quick smile in the mirror before leaving. I need the extra oomph today since the anniversary of my mother's death is tomorrow.   Generally, I am a very happy person, but my mother's death always gets me down, and for a good reason. Her death is partially my fault and a day I will never forget...I mean, how can I? The anniversary of her death is the same day as my birthday.   Tomorrow I turn eighteen, a day that every teenage wolf
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   CHLOE POV    "I'm eighteen, mom. Today might just be the day. I wish you were here to see it, but I know why you aren't, and I'm sorry," I whisper as I look myself over in my long mirror.   Today I took extra care to make myself feel and look beautiful, and since I am off, I don't have to worry about getting dirty.   Everyone gets the day off for their birthday omega or warrior; it doesn't matter. So I don't have to worry about chores today or helping with the party set-up, thank goodness.  I smile at myself happily. I definitely got my mother's looks. I got my father's height since I am 5'10", and my mother topped out at 5'4", but the rest of me is all her. I got her easily tanned skin and her light brown eyes. I also got her dirty blonde hair and small nose. And while I do wish I was thinner, what teenage girl doesn't,
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The truth
  CHLOE POV     I take a deep breath as I make my way into the ballroom housing Logan's celebration. I am so nervous my palms have begun to sweat.  This is the first time all day I have been around other people. And while the chance of finding my mate amongst all the mateless females showing up for Logan is low, it is still possible.  I mean, we have male workers from the pack hanging around trying to catch females' eyes too. And I know a few males are over eighteen in our pack. They are waiting to go to Outcast, so they are definitely around here in hopes of saving themselves a trip. Maybe just maybe, one of them is mine.  I have had crushes throughout the years within our pack. I have even prayed to the Goddess a time or two on who I wanted to be my mate.   As I try to boost my hopes I will find my mate,
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CHLOE POVI let the tears fall as I pack what I can fit in my one tiny suitcase. The dull memory of my pain is still pulsing within my mind, but my tears have nothing to do with Logan or even Luna Kandace.I am honesty sad to leave the pack I was destined to lead. I truly believe I would have done a great job repairing some of the relationships Luna Kandace has destroyed. I could have made our people closer, but Luna Kandace, along with her weak-willed son, ruined that future.I slam shut the suitcase and sit on it to be able to close the latches as a knock sounds on my door."Come in," I grunt out between wiping my face and working with the latch.I don't look up as my door opens. I don't really want to. I know the goodbyes are coming from my closest friends and loved ones, but I am dreading them. I have had enough pain to last me a lifetime after my rejection, and I know
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PLEASE LEAVE REVIEWS IT HELPS MY STORIES!!! I NEED TO KNOW WHERE I CAN IMPROVE OR WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT. THANK YOULOGAN POV"You should focus more while training and do less talking," Mom snaps as she tosses me a small towel to wipe my face with."Mom...I can train and bond with my Beta at the same time. He is my second. The guy I need to be able to trust completely," I explain, sounding just as annoyed as she did.She rolls her eyes and plops down in my office chair that she has unofficially claimed as her own, which gets to me sometimes considering how vital this small space is to me.When I came back from Alpha training, my dad had this office set up for me over the gym. He said it would be a great starting point for me and would help teach me how to organize an office. I had been in shock at how happy he seemed to give it to me. He rarely smiles and talks about me being the future Alpha. It's was also one of the few times he ever hugged me. Now my mom uses it to hold all our priva
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LOGAN POV   "Hi," I say quickly looking over Chloe's depressed state.   She put her hair up and changed into her comfy day off clothes that hide away her beautiful curves. But the thing that sticks out the most is the blatant hate in her eyes. As if I am her enemy and not her mate."Bye," she snaps while trying to move around me."Please wait...The rejection had nothing to do with you, okay. You are gorgeous. My childhood fucking crush, to be perfectly honest...It's just your human body is groomed for being an Omega. Even though mom betrayed my trust, she had that part right. I value my mom's counsel. She has always been closer to me than my dad...I. Look, I get it. The truth hurts. Knowing my mom ran," I explain before she raises her hand.   She stares at me like I am the biggest dumbass in the whole world and the re
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CHLOE POV   I sniffle as my tears fall down my face. I look up at the sky to try and pinpoint what time it is because my phone died hours ago, but clouds block my line of sight.  I wish I could ride the train to Outcast, but I can't. Since I shift tonight for the first time, I can't be on the train with others. Only after I shift can I ride the train. Which means tomorrow I can hitch a ride. But by then, I will probably be in the next pack over. Which that's okay as long as I don't leave the train station.   I wipe my cheeks for the thousandth time and sign.  "This is as good a spot as any," I mutter as I decide to stop for the night.    I move away from the train tracks I have been following for miles and sit down against a big tree.  I take a deep breath and lean my head back. I need to relax before my s
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CHLOE POVChloe- I think I got the hang of this.I proudly say as I run through the same stretch of trees I've been practicing in since falling on my face.Wolf- I think so's getting late, Chloe. Find a pondChloe- And how should I just find a pond? You forget I'm new to all this.Wolf- getting cheeky, are weI smile in my mind at our easy banter. I think I like my wolf. She is funny but at the same time mature. She isn't childish with her humor, which is something I can definitely appreciate.Wolf- okay, well, close our eyes and try to close our ears. Focus your attention on our nose and breathe in. Learn the scents around us. Sniff the grass and the trees. Smell the soil. Log away the smells and keep moving until you smell water....then head in its direction. The water will smell like rain. You know what rain sm
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CHLOE POV   "The train to Outcast arrives at 9 AM," the wolf behind the glass says as she gives me a small, understanding smile.  Her eyes sweep over my appearance discreetly, and I realize I must look like every other rejected wolf that passes through this station. I definitely smell like a depressed mess.   "Thank you, is there a place I can clean up," I ask quietly, and she nods.   "The bathrooms each have a shower. The door is locked for safety reasons, but let me get the key for you," she explains before slowly standing up.   As she stands, her protruding stomach becomes visible, and I smile at the apparent pregnancy belly.   "Congratulations," I say as she opens a draw a few feet behind her desk.   "Thank you. This will be my third. I am almost done; six more wee
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LOGAN POVLogan- Dad.I link out for the first time, and his eyes meet mine. Since he isn't in wolf form, he can't respond back, but he can hear me, and that's all I need.Logan- I'm sorry. I'm sorry for it all. I was trying to be extra cool and act stronger than what I am. Mom said strong Alphas act tough and don't show compassion for weak members...I can't believe I listened to her, dad. I don't know why I chose fake popularity over actually studying to be a great Alpha. I'm sorry if I ever disappointed you. I didn't like who I was...I enjoyed the attention from all the girls, but I felt stupid. I promise to do better. I will train and read every book you placed in my office. I will find the perfect balance between physical and mental strength...and I will never undervalue a single member of my pack again. Mr. Malone was right, and omegas are strong. You are one of the best Alphas in history, dad. I will
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