The Dawn of the King

The Dawn of the King

By:  Soseki Lim  Ongoing
Language: English
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Set on a medieval-inspired world, Navi who was taken by the sudden death, will embark his new adventure and life on the other world. Watch him as he uncover mysteries, and build power and dominance into this world.

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1: Childish Prank...?
Looking around, Navi was, to be frank, really pissed off and confused at what he was seeing.  Around him was a beautiful field of green grass, scattered with nice flowers of different varying colors. A few hundred yards off behind him was the start of a forest that kept going as far as his vision could go, and far off in the distance ahead, he could see the edge of what was probably a mountain or hill. Above him was plentiful of birds flying into the skies.  The entire scenery was lovely, just the kind of place he would love to travel to relax. I mean who wouldn’t want to be in such place right? But the thing is, despite the beautiful scenery his eyes had been feasting. The reason for his anger was quite simple, at least in his mind. He expected to wake up in his own room! Not some random field! There wasn't scenery like this for hundreds of miles! "Where am I?" He whispered to himself, doing yet another slow spin to try and find some landmark he mi
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Chapter 2: New Companion
When I woke up, I see the sky. The clouds moving slowly and I could hear the birds chirping from the trees. I stood up and thankfully, I felt no pain in my body. In fact, I felt refreshed and energized! I then started to walk. Walking in no direction. I don't even know where to go! Today marks my second day here on Beaume. Yesterday was a roller coaster of events. I’ve been drinking myself with my friends not until I unexpectedly died and was sent to an unknown world to live the rest of my life. Heck! I’m only twenty-five years old and death already took me! I’m just hoping that everything is well for my friends I left from my world.After walking on no outlook for some quite time, I began realizing that this is a pretty bad situation.First of all, there’s no food. No water either. Even if I managed to find a town, what’s the use? I have no money. All I have is a sword, a small mirror worth 1 dollar and
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Chapter 3: The Serpent
“Whoaaaa!” A sharp pain shot through my head. I pressed my hands against my throbbing temples trying to push the pain away.“Be careful with that thing!” One of the frightened Villagers told me “At least some of you could help me right?” I shouted as I continued my battle against the serpent.No one answered my request. I can only see them with their legs shaking with their obvious fear and trepidation. Obviously, no one is going to help me beat this mythical creature. “Great. Now I’m dead” I whispered to myselfHow did this even happen?  Few hours earlier… I woke up earlier than the usual. The sun was yet to rise and I estimate the time to be around 5 am in the morning. The first thing I did was to check on Liza. She was still sleeping soundly, so let us not disturb her
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Chapter 4: Job offer
The battle lasted for roughly two and a half hours. I ended the fierce duel using one, final slash with all the strength left in my body. I managed to cut the Serpent’s head into half as green liquid that seems to be the its blood spurted all throughout the town. Finally, the battle is over. The monster has been annihilated.I sighed as I let my body lay down on the ground. My entire body aches, particularly my shoulders, legs and all the muscles and bones in my body. Meanwhile, I could hear those people rejoicing by my victory but won’t even bother to go and help me. Talk about ungrateful folks, smh.I was about to close eyes when I heard someone scream my name. The voice.. it was familiar.. It was Liza! “Brother! Can you hear me?” she asked worriedlyI opened my eyes and answered her“I do. And why are you here little Princess?” I asked“Well, they won’t help you so I wi
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Chapter 5: Moving out
Liza led them the way inside the hut. The man who seemed to be rich surprisingly entered our simple hut. It was unexpected for an elegant man to be seen in such place. The worst thing is, we have completely nothing to offer to them. There were ten people inside, including me and Liza. Not even the food we bought from the town will be enough for them so I instructed Liza to make Tea out of the wild ginger I saw from the backyard earlier and make loaves of bread from the wheat we bought.After some preparations, latent smell of freshly baked bread spread into the air, meaning, the food was done and it was devoured by the guests. Thankfully, they seemed to have liked the Ginger tea and the bread Liza made. After the Guests have eaten the snack, Liza went outside to pick more ginger and to make another set of tea as we proceed to talk about the job offer he presented to me earlier“Well, you could handle a serpent on which fifty trained men could hard
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