Taming Alpha Rhye

Taming Alpha Rhye

By:  C.ELLICA  Completed
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Book 1- Completed Book 2- Completed Finding her boyfriend on the bed with a man was beyond heartbreaking, especially in the midst of their out-of-this-world-nasty bed scene. It was unnerving, insulting, and degrading. And the next day, to make matters worse, the same guy gave her a ticket for driving so fast and denied that he was having a relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. The nerve! Okay, so it was the guy's twin, and Lily ended up ranting on social media and making the man lose his police job, and now to compensate for the damage she had done, knowing that he was not a real officer but a billionaire philanthropist and the owner of her rival company. For some reason unknown to her, Rhye Gosling demanded she marry him after their accidental nerve-wracking one nightstand. Little did she know, he was the most powerful Alpha in the werewolf community, a world she thought only existed in the book. How hard could it be? Yet, the handsome and demanding Alpha would change her life to the full extent, bringing her laughter and tears, hatred, love, and into the chaotic world of magic and wonders where werewolves and demons existed and would do everything to bring the Alpha to his knees.

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204 Chapters
Chapter 1- Lily
Finding her boyfriend on the bed with a man was beyond heartbreaking, especially in the midst of their out-of-world-nasty bed scene, with all the props and all. It was unnerving, insulting, and degrading. Oh, yes, it was a disaster... because her boyfriend's boyfriend was way hotter and bigger? Probably yes. With eyes so blue and those abs to die for? Yes again. No wonder his boyfriend just came out of the closet. However, Lily Walter was not exaggerating, and yes, she waited at the door and broke up with Gabriel immediately. No questions asked. There was nothing to ask anyway. Done! She was done! And yes, it happened just yesterday, and now her eyes were dry, her throat sore from crying, her hair uncombed, resembling a bird's nest, and she was now alone. So lonely and miserable. But could she just murder her ex-boyfriend over the non-stop ringing of her phone now? ‘If so, she certainly had got to start working on her alibi. ' "Lily, please, ... come on-" Her ex-boyfriend, Dr. Ga
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Chapter 2- Rhye
At the age of 30, Alpha Rhye Gosling became the CEO of Gosling Hotels, Inc. He was a wealthy billionaire and owned dozens of hotel chains and five luxurious pubs in the city. He was a brilliant bachelor, handsome, tall, magnificent, and had a wonderful figure, making him every woman's fantasy. However, he was not just a gifted businessman who was also perceptive and optimistic. He was the Alpha of the Moonlight Pack, the most powerful werewolf pack in Europe. Known to his kind as the most demanding, serious, possessive, fearsome, and badass Alpha on the continent. He was a goal-oriented billionaire and an Alpha at the same time, who single-handedly rescued his father's corporation and pack from the brink of bankruptcy and extinction, guiding it to become the country's largest five-star hotel chain with branches in practically every region and his pack to be the most powerful and influential among the three werewolf packs in Europe; Moonlight in the north and west, Sunlight in the eas
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Chapter 3- I'm serious here
Six hours later, upon arriving at her destination, Lily went inside her best friend's room with irritation thrumming through her veins. "Cassandra, guess what happened to me on the way here?" "I don't care what happened to you, girl, but we need to get dressed now, s*x and the boys are waving and we are getting late." "Are you not going to even ask why?" She asked her one and only friend and sat in the bed, watching her rampage through her closet and make-up. "Lily, I already knew about your gay ex-boyfriend. We talked for hours on the phone, remember? What is worse than that?" "What's worse? The um-policeman, and he's got the nerve to give me a ticket," Lily took the ticket from her purse and waved it in Casandra's face. "See this?" "OMG! Really?... Is he hot?" "Cassy, I'm serious here. I'm already planning my revenge scheme... and you are telling me…" "Okay, who is this officer, you say?" Casandra sighed and took her hairbrush as she sat on her pink-colored vanity. "The one
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Chapter 4- Why Mr. Officer?
She thought he was Leon? How crazy? Oh right, he borrowed his police uniform earlier with a nameplate. However, all was lost when he got nearer, and he thought, fuck, she had kissable fine lips, so luscious and pink and glossy. Rhye thought to himself. When their gazes locked, it was as if everyone else in the pub disappeared. There was something so familiar and so unbelievably extraordinary about her spirit, it was like calling him. Just looking at this beauty, even his wolf wanted to claim her right here and right now. And though Alpha Rhye couldn't discern her significant scent, there was something very unique about it. It was more than scentless, yet he could feel the pull of a life-mate, and he was more than surprised. Her deep blue-green eyes were gorgeous and vivid, so fresh and innocent, and right now they were expressing a sweet longing that quickened his pulse. Yes, the woman was rude and thought of him as Leon, but he still couldn't help but stare at her lips, as her sweet
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Chapter 5- Rated SPG
He took her hand and pulled her off the stool. He was still hard as a rock and in need of relief. Judging by her shallow breathing, she was as aroused as he was. "So what do you say?" Rhye asked, rubbing the inside of her palm with his thumb gently. Lily stood on the tips of her high-heeled shoes and pressed her lips to his ear. "Hurry Mr. Whoever you are, sir, I need to cum." He swallowed a desperate laugh as he held her hand toward the rear balcony. Before they passed the doorway, he tossed a final glance over his shoulder. The stockbrokers were gaping at him as if he was a ghost from another realm. He gestured to the money on the bar and offered a gracious nod, as if to say, "I won, keep it all." Five minutes later, Rhye nodded to his personal guard, who kept a watch on whatever he was doing and now opened the suite entrance, knowing the Alpha had found a girl for tonight. "Thanks, Jasper." Lily pressed her own palm to the center of his chest, giggling sweetly and pushing him f
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Chapter 6- The letter
The next morning, the loud news report from the massive 65-inch television in the elegant room awakened Lily. She groaned from the light in the glass windows. The etching noise that lightly strolled across the bed was enough to send her back straight up like a bolt in pitch twilight as a raw sweat washed over her face and a hard knot constricted her throat, making her hard to breathe with the addition of her hammering headache. She despised hangovers and being so foolish, yet her palms grabbed her chest as it pounded quicker than anticipated when she realized something: she was partially naked! Then her thoughts were racing through her mind, recalling the most incredible sex encounter of her life, with the most beautiful stranger with... Holy crap! Naked! She was completely naked! She then panicked and glanced everywhere, examining her surroundings. She was nowhere near her apartment or Cassy's home. Oh my God! Last Night! The man! Sgt. Leon Anderson! No! She had sex with Jaso
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Chapter 7- Moonlight Pack
Lily arrived at her flat, still perplexed by the thought of being so completely ridiculous and dumb. The note on Rhye Gosling's nightstand serves as a reminder of how stupid she was. It was no longer necessary to stare and read it a hundred times. But she did anyway. The difficulty was that she have to confront the man who had made her wanton in bed again. Those moans that still rang in her head? It was amazing. No doubt. Those glamorous, amazing, and extraordinary displays of intimacy? Mind-blowing sex? It was perfect. She might be able to call it the best sex she'd ever had. It was a crazy thought because she never wanted to forget it. Her memories of his lips were still vivid. His kisses. But who would have guessed she'd wreck someone else's life by being so enraged that it became the topic and conversation of the online community? It was not like there weren't any homosexual policemen in the world... Sgt. Anderson, on the other hand, was the wrong man, and she wanted to kick herse
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Chapter 8- My human
Lily Walters arrived at the three-story mansion at three in the afternoon, she gawked at the grandiose state of Rhye Gosling. She was led into the impressive modern-style living room. Then, she saw a spiral staircase against the wood-paneled wall. She was ushered by a middle-aged couple, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, a butler and the chef. "Fancy a tea and a biscuit, Miss Walter?" The silver-haired Mr. Evans asked as Mrs. Evan murmured something about their boss, who was waiting for her in his private office. Lily shook her head. "Follow me, Miss Walters. You will have your tea in the Alph- I-I mean, in the boss's office." The smiling woman added and motioned for her to follow while the man went in the opposite direction. As they approached the stairs, Lily was surrounded by four columns, leading to the most elegant doors she had ever seen. They were made of mahogany and have a stained glass window in the center. The handles and the frame were made of brass and silver. As they continue aroun
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Chapter 9- Those howls
Five minutes into the snowy path, Lily began to regret her life choices when she heard a long series of wolves' howls that made her shiver. "What the hell was that?" Rhye furrowed his brow, knowing exactly what the human had been asking as he adjusted their flashlight. His five guardians had been howling half a mile behind them. So he told them to stop. "What are you talking about?" "Those howls... those are fucking wolves, right? Jesus, I don't want to be eaten alive." "They are not harmless, Lily, they are the guardians of this mountain." "Guardian? Are you kidding me? That only happened in the fucking movie, and trust me, they aren't like Jacob, who had a great, amazing body and eyes to die for. I'm not going to risk being a fresh meal for those wolves." Rhye wondered and asked his five guardians if they knew anything about the Jacob she was talking about and all of them didn't have any idea. "Who is this Jacob?" Rhye halted on his walk and asked. "What? You believe those w
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Chapter 10- Shortcut?
Lily couldn’t help but notice the impatience in Rhye’s jaw as he ground his back teeth and his shoulder blades tightened. She hoped she wasn’t reading something into his reaction that wasn’t there, because facing that dense mountain, going in willingly, had her doubting her own senses. The mountain seemed to be calling for her; it was like some primitive urges made her skin crawl. Something deep inside her was slithering like it wanted out. Her pulse was battered. A cold sequence of fear scraped around her heart. She’d traveled so far outside her own solace, away from her comfort zone, that her strengths were already fried. It was too much, too soon. "Wait... Are we going to the s-shortcut to your elders' manor now?" "Yes, it won't take time." He replied and stepped further, leaving her five steps behind. "Rhye? I-I'm scared… I heard wolves and it's too dark now." "Don't be scared, I'm here, Lily." He waited and took her hand and clasped it right around his. "Oh, are we going the
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