Mated To The Devil's Son

Mated To The Devil's Son

By:  Deb Oguare  Completed
Language: English
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The most dreadful wolf, the name Alaric had been heard by a lot but seen by few, appeared only when he would strike and was every wolf's nightmare. Different wolves would constantly pray to never cross paths with the ferocious son of a devil. Lenora Hunter was marked the weakest wolf in the Serene pack but never let it get to her until she was rejected by her only hope. The cruel Alaric made an appearance to the Serene pack in order to take over the pack but what could be his true intentions? Will Lenora being the weakest wolf be able to survive in the hands of the most ferocious wolf? or will she be an exemption to his malevolent ways?

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73 chapters
Chapter 1
"Are you okay?" Ariel's voice interrupted me as I quickly nodded my head. I had been lost in my thoughts and didn't even realize I had arrived at school yet. Today is my birthday and the day I will get to meet my mate, but I was feeling nervous about it. "You're thinking about Asher, aren't you?" She asked with a cocked brow as her grey eyes stared deeply into my soul. It mostly amuses me how quickly she could read my emotions, but then she's my oldest friend after all, and also the sister of Asher, who happens to be my boyfriend. "Maybe," I answered, almost sottovoce. If he happens to be your mate, great; if not, you're one lucky girl." She waved her arms dramatically. I really couldn't put down the fact that she hated Asher, even though he was her biological brother, and she claims he's a jerk. She got upset the moment she found out I loved him and almost killed me when she found out that I confessed my feelings to him and proposed a
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Chapter 2
Everyone soon entered the long coaster bus that was going to take us to school. I found the only empty seat in the front of the bus, so I sat down there. I tried to scan through the whole bus for the boy and maybe show my gratitude to him, but he was at the other end of the bus. There was no way I would be able to walk past all of these rogues to the end of the bus. I was too shy for that. I hadn't realized I was staring at him until his face caught mine and I adjusted myself in embarrassment. Something about his eyes was weird and strange, but I decided to shove the thoughts away. After the long ride back to school comes to an end, I would probably thank him. After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived at school with two heavily loaded wolf guards waiting outside the bus and examining every rogue before they came down from the bus. "Lenora?" A guard's voice called, and I immediately recognized him. He used to be really close to our fam
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Chapter 3
"Aren't you two supposed to be in your classes?" A familiar thick voice growled in a tone that came out as a command rather than a question. We both turned to see Alaric standing straight beside the door with his hands tucked in his jeans pocket. He wasn't wearing the blood stained cloth he was putting on earlier; rather, he changed into another shirt even though they were both white. "We were just leaving. I'm sorry," Ariel stuttered as she stood up in an attempt to balance herself. I kept on staring in awe because I couldn't put into words why everyone was like this around him. I have known Ariel to be fearless, but she's literally scared of this big thug in front of us. "Let's go, Nora," she said as she dragged me out of the room, her hands shaky and feeble beneath mine, and I felt terrible about it. I could feel the hatred and anger growing in me because of the pain he was inflicting on the people I loved. For the first time, my eyes did n
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Chapter 4
I could sense the tension among everyone as soon as the son of the devil walked into the hall with his head raised high. I couldn't hate him more for the fact that he thinks no one can match up to him. My eyes widened in awe the moment I saw Asher walking slowly behind the beast with his body covered in blood. So were Tala and some of their closest friends. I didn't like the way he was covered in blood, and my wolf and I wanted to do something, but there was literally nothing we could do other than gawk in awe. Ariel held my hand as she gave it a light squeeze. I assumed she must have sensed the tension in me, but the look on her face clearly told me to drop whatever was on my mind. I know she wasn't okay with the fact that I still loved Asher after everything he had done to be, but I still believe he had a reason for doing it since he has a really manipulative personality. "There was a simple rule that wasn't meant to be broken!" Alaric's voice roare
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Chapter 5
We arrived at the enormous gate to the mansion as the bus slowly entered. It was hard to not be scared because I didn't know what might happen to me once I got into the main mansion, but hell being in front of the gates alone looked like the gates of hell. The pack house used to be a lively place with the friendly Alpha and Luna. They would constantly throw parties in the house and invite all of the wolves in the Serene pack, but I don't think there would be anything like a party here anymore. Ariel and I both entered the house and were shocked to see our mistress there already. We had left her behind in the school and it was creepy that she was here first. She said, "I'll give you your room numbers and you're all to share a room with two other students," and some of her workers brought a heavy box, probably containing keys. I silently prayed that Ariel and I would happen to be in the same room because I don't think I would keep my sanity if I was awa
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Chapter 6
    "Get in!" He commanded as soon as we arrived in front of a car.   "Where the fuck are we going to?" Lora whimpered, but at this point, I wished I knew the answer.   I sat in the back seat with him beside me, but his face wasn't turned to me; rather, he was staring at the road while his driver drove us past different places.   "Where are you taking me to?" I finally decided to speak up after contemplating whether I would die if I said those words or not.   "You'll know when we get there," he answered. I wouldn't count it as an answer because it didn't satisfy my curiosity, but now all I had to do was to fervently pray that I wouldn't end up in a bad state.   I noticed his driver pulled over at a huge, fancy store. I immediately recognized the store because I would always pass by sometimes and wish I could shop there. Most of my rich classmates did the
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Chapter 7
  We were having a normal class today, which meant I didn't need to train, and I was glad about it. I really didn't want to embarrass myself in front of other wolves and show that I was a weak person. I strolled down the hallway in the big mansion to where my class would be, but the thought of us all having the same class together made my tummy churn. I didn't want to be in the same class as Asher because whenever I saw him together with Tala, it made my wolf unable to breathe, and I could sometimes feel a sharp sting in my heart. I wasn't over the rejection yet. In fact, no wolf would get over a rejection that easily. Then, he used to be my boyfriend, but now he's my sister's, and it made me hurt more. On reaching the door to our new classroom, I heaved a deep breath, trying to contain as much oxygen as I could so I wouldn't suffocate myself to death when I got to see Tala and Asher together. "What the fuck are you doing?" Ariel'
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Chapter 8
 "don't forget your assignments" the teacher said before packing up his huge textbooks and walking out of the class. I looked around the classroom wondering if he left in annoyance or we were through with the class for today. I hadn't been paying attention to him since he got into the class but it seemed like the class was over. Ariel didn't return to the class because her seat beside me was still empty, neither did Tala or Asher, perhaps they're still in the Mistress's office. I also packed my books to leave the class and walked down the hallway in an attempt to reach my room and sulk the rest of my day on the bed. "Ouch, can't you watch where you're going...." My voiced trailed halfway as I lifted my head up to see who had bumped into me. "I'm sorry" he apologized while I stood still like a statue. I didn't know what to say to him because anyti
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Chapter 9
 "Did he hurt you?" She asked and I debated on whether to respond to her or not but then I just couldn't stay away from the asshole.  "No, he didn't" I replied with cringed brows but immediately turned them into a smile so she wouldn't be worried.  "I'll help you with the door" she offered and I watched how she miraculously fixed the door back and I wondered why I couldn't do it right.  After she fixed the door and entered the room, I made sure to lock it behind before I started to pour my mind out. "Why is he always like that to me?" I asked and Ariel looked at me for some seconds before shrugging. "I have no idea either," she said but underneath those eyes I could tell she was lying and didn't want to say anything because earlier on she had said something like she doesn't want to talk In order to not get herself into trouble.<
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Chapter 10
  "What do you mean?" He asked, trying to reverse my question. "I can smell her all over you and it's really strong that it hurts my nose and...." I trailed off, I didn't want to tell him that the stench of Tala on him made my chest hurt because I was trying to be a strong wolf. "And what?" He asked but I shook my head. "Nothing, just that" I replied and he sighed loudly. "Well I'll tell you why you can perceive her smell around me" he said and I lifted my eyes to look at him because I was really interested in it and wanted to know why. "Why's that?"  "Because, on my way here I bumped into her. I would have been here on time but she was the reason I was late." He said and I was becoming more confused as to why she made him late. "So?" I begged for him to continue. "Well, she stopped me b
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