Royal Moon

Royal Moon

By:  Rainwater  Ongoing
Language: English
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Carra Reed was investigating a crime scene when she was attacked by a giant black wolf. While trying to get away, the powerful jaw of the big canine got hold of one of her legs. Carra's agonizing scream was muffled by a massive explosion which turned the whole place into an inferno. As her consciousness faded into nothingness, the last thing Carra saw, was the great evil in the grey eyes of the canine. When she woke up, Carra found herself jn a different body and timeline entirely. In this epic fantasy-romance, medieval world, Carra would face arranged marriages with the ruling Lycan clan, troublesome family, supernatural mysteries and the Grey eyed wolf. There are humans, Machans (humans with wolf traits), Lycans (wolf shapeshifters), Vampires (blood spectrals), Lamians (humans with spectral traits). And war. This is a tale like no other.

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I think this is a beautiful novel. it's shaping up to be an epic ride.
2022-12-04 17:06:02
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Thanks for the book. More please.
2022-12-04 16:56:29
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The first chapter is epic. I really enjoyed this novel so far.
2022-11-16 17:34:52
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Keep up the good work, author
2022-11-03 04:58:07
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What a start. It's different from what I thought. Excellent so far.
2022-11-03 04:24:50
user avatar
Author here. Thanks for checking out my work. God bless you all.
2022-10-25 16:00:35
14 Chapters
1: The Beginning Of An End
Carra woke up to the feeling of a burning suffocation. It was as if she was drowning in a sea of smoke while her whole body was being tempered in a fiery furnace. The fiery feeling was completely overwhelming. After some minutes of great difficulties, she opened her eyes and realized the whole area was in flames and the air was filled with smoke.Was she in a sea of ​​fire? What happened? She asked herself apprehensively, but her brain wasn't functioning properly. She needed answers but knew if she stayed where she was, she would definitely be burned or smoked to death. She struggled to get up from the ground, only to find that her clothes were not right, and her shirt and jeans had become complicated long garments. She was stunned, and immediately looked around. Although the fire in this place was big, and she couldn't seem to recall much, it appeared as if something was wrong. However, since the fire was getting bigger and bigger, she decided now wasn't the right time to worry abou
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2: A Bold New Life
"Miss, our lady just woke up. She's still very weak, so she's resting now. It's not convenient for her to see you at this time, please come back tomorrow." Nella voiced out, trying to dissuade the visitor from entering the chamber. "How dare you?" A sharp voice yelled. The question was followed by the sound of a thunderous slap. "A maid, trying to stop me? You really forgot your position." Carra couldn't help frowning. The wave of disgust that rose in her heart was for a good reason. Audrey Copperstone, the second daughter of lord Livingstone Copperstone, and the first daughter of her mother who was from the Cawthorne family, relied on the love of their father, lord Livingstone and the Cawthorne family. With all these, she was arrogant, self-centred, and typically stubborn. Carra sighed deeply. The former owner of her body did not realize how much she suffered during her lifetime, only because of her weak perception and deceptively uncertain temperament. She could only dare to be a
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3: Scar-face
These people were Carra's father and step mother, lord Livingstone and Angela Cawthorne, who happened to be the new wife of lord Livingstone.It seemed that Audrey went home to complain to them about what transpired earlier.Carra was still in the bed, lazily, when they arrived. Seeing the two entering her chamber, she didn't even bother to get up from bed. Since she was seriously injured, no one would blame her if she didn't get up to give them courtesy. "Father, mother." She called bluntly. She was unaccustomed to addressing them with such titles, so her manner was unnatural. But the two did not care. They were used to it by now.In Angela's eyes, this eldest daughter was a completely twisted soul. Every time she saw them, she always stood aside and wouldn't speak. She didn't even dare to look at them, straight in the eyes. She was not at all like the sweet-talking second daughter who was caring and sensible.When her father saw Carra, he naturally thought of her biological mother
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4: Better To Be Ugly, Than Live A Lie
The scar stretched from the area beneath the left ear of the left face to the chin, and it was mottled horizontally. Although the area was small, its color was black and red because of the ointment that was just applied. It was indeed a bit unsightly.Carra did intend to scare Angela. Seeing that she was really scared, she sneered in her heart but put on a sympathetic look. She fastened her veil again, and said. "Please forgive me, mother. I didn't mean to scare you."Angela was quite shocked when she saw Carra's face. She didn't know that Carra was that badly hurt. A young lady who wasn't married yet, and her appearance was already ruined. If the Royal Palace knew about this, could the arranged marriage still go ahead? Seeing Carra lowering her head with a sad look in her eyes, a sense of pity rose in her heart. She might not like this young girl, but the scar had terrifyingly damaged her face, which was something she didn't prepare to see.Noticing the horror expressed on Angela's f
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5: Who Was Behind The Fire?
On the second day, Carra took Nella and Vira to the small burnt courtyard. She had lived in this small circumscribed for more than ten years. She was three years old when her mother died, and was brought up by Angela. Angela never liked Sophia. So naturally, it was impossible for her to like the daughter Sophia left behind. When the great lady, Madame Mildred, was around, the Cawthorne family was still able to restraint themselves. So Carra's life was pretty decent then. But since Madame Mildred was disheartened due to the loss of the old man, and secluded herself in the monastery, Angela had become the mistress of the Copperstone castle. Immediately afterwards, she threw Carra to the remotest part of the castle. Over the years, the deserted courtyard was left on its own. And now, the small courtyard burned by the fire had become more and more dilapidated, with traces of smoke everywhere. Since the small courtyard was originally an unmaintained place, Vira deliberately refused to
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6: A Visit To The Monastery
Madame Mildred was heartbroken after the old man died of illness and her own son also died unexpectedly. She had been living in the monastery for many years now. In the past, Carra had never dared to take the initiative to meet the old lady, for fear of being tortured by the mother and daughter's combination of the Cawthorne family. She just wanted to stay quietly in the small courtyard until she got married. But now, Carra was different. And at this moment, she was determined to withdraw from her arranged marriage to the royal family. A machan woman who had been disfigured, even if she was the eldest daughter of lord Livingstone Copperstone, in the famous Arthurian empire, she wouldn't be able to marry into any good family. And if she did, she would be treated worse than trash. Therefore, from the perspective of her current situation, relying on the big support of Madame Mildred was also the best choice for her. Early the next morning, Carra went to the monastery to see Madame M
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7: Beyond A Reasonable Doubt?
Lord Livingstone was also quite surprised when he heard Carra's words. He always thought that the fire was an accident. So why did someone deliberately committed arson in Carra's Courtyard? He looked at Carra suspiciously and said, "Carra, this is a serious accusations. Do you have anything in support of this?" "Yes, father." Carra nodded and said. "Yesterday, I went to the yard to pack what remains of my things, and found something by accident. Something which proves that the fire was not an accident, but a deliberate one." "Sister Celia, are you representing our old lady?" Lord Livingstone looked at Sister Celia and asked. After receiving confirmation nod, Lord Livingstone continued. "Since the old lady sent Sister Celia over, I have to believe you. With our great lady's support, you can show your evidence. If it is true, then I will act justifiably on your behalf." "Thank you, father." After Carra thanked him, she turned and signaled Nella who called out to the group of people st
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8: Her Name Is Carra
Carra knew that this man could kill himself if he continued knocking his head on the hard floor. She didn't want Lancelot's life, but just wanted to take the opportunity to establish her prestige in the house of Copperstone. She wanted to let the whole castle know that she was the eldest daughter of the family. She would not be easily bullied again.Seeing that her goal had been achieved today, she stopped the proceedings and said to lord Livingstone. "Father, seeing his condition right now, what about keeping him in the holding room and interrogate him another day?"Lord Livingstone was also concerned at seeing the amount of blood. Since Carra said so, he waved his hand and said, "take him and put him in the wood house. I will deal with him later. But make sure to take care of him."After Lancelot was dragged away, Carra said to the people in the yard with different looks. "Everyone has seen it. From now on, I hope everyone will abide by their duties and do thi
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9: This Marriage Is Over
Since the small, burnt, courtyard was in disarray, and Carra decided not to go back there, Angela gave her another courtyard, the Rose courtyard.Carra settled in Rose Courtyard with a peace of mind. Audrey had not come to find her trouble in the past few days, so she was happy. She was reading books, admiring flowers, and listening to the rain in her free time. She was having a happy life, and she had the right to regard this as a vacation. A stress-free vacation.A natural holiday destination.She lay leisurely on the recliner under the grape trellis, dozing off for a while. She was deep in thought in her heart. She await prince Algernon to cancel the arranged marriage, but why hadn't there been any movement on his part or any information from him?Carra was about to ask if someone should be sent to the palace to talk about the annulment, when Nella ran all the way to the grape trellis, breathlessly saying. "Miss, prince Algernon... Royal Palace, they are here. "Was it finally here
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10: A New Marriage Is Arranged
Who the hell was this Wulfgar? Carra was really depressed at the thought. Why did she just managed to get out of one arranged marriage, only to have another one so soon? Couldn't they let her be in peace, even for a moment?Meanwhile, Nella and Vira were very happy to learn that the king gave the marriage arrangement his approval. But when they heard that the groom of the marriage was prince Wulfgar, their facial expressions were like eggplants that were smashed by frost. They had bitter melon faces, as if they had eaten a great deal of bitter leaves."What's the matter? Is there a problem with this prince Wulfgar?" Carra asked puzzledly. She searched the memory of the original owner, but couldn't find anything significant. The two had never met before. There was no information about this prince Wulfgar.It was no wonder that the original owner had been living a life of ignorance of things outside her oak windows, and only wanted to live a stable life, and could not demand her underst
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